Because The Night

Chapter 5

I waited patiently out the window and watched as the girls left the room. I figured they were leaving. Phyllis had a look of shock on her face that just wasn’t going to go away. I had totally forgotten my mask in the room but at that point I didn’t care. I wanted to follow. I jumped down from the tree branch with ease and sneaked around the other side of the building. I stood close to the wall near the entrance and watched as I saw them emerge from the doorway. I looked and held my breath as I could see the one girl in the green, Amanda, turn in my direction and peer through the darkness. I hid myself as best I could and waited until she turned her head and looked away from me. I slowly came out from my hiding spot as they began to walk ahead of me. I acted as casually as possible, pretending that I was just a passerby and didn’t know who they were. I followed them all the way to their hotel and walked in, as if I was someone staying there. Amanda kept looking behind towards my direction but every time I saw her look my way, I would hide myself. They made their way to the elevator and I knew I couldn’t go up there. I couldn’t just walk into the room. I headed outside again and walked around the perimeter of the hotel. I walked past the pool and noticed a line of trees that were directly looking into some of the hotel rooms. With any luck, one of the hotel rooms would be hers. I stopped just before reaching the trees and thought to myself. Why was I following he? Why was I persisting on getting one last glimpse at her? I shook my head and kept on. I had to. My hunger was so strong at that point that at any second, I would have taken any able-bodied human down in a second. I decided I had to feed before I climbed the trees for fear I might have the urge to drink from her. I didn’t want to resort to what seemed to be such a cannibalistic practice. How utterly stupid. I have fed on so many other humans before. How could this be considered cannibalistic? I looked all around and stopped, sniffing in the air for any sign of a potential victim. My teeth had already taken shape and were ready to bite into warm flesh. I breathed hard, taking in the scent as I finally smelled what seemed to be an appetizing meal. Sitting beside the pool was an older woman, reading a book by the moonlight. I crept back to the pool area, as quietly as possible and climbed over the fence. I hid besides the building, pressing my body flat against the wall. I quieted my breathing and stalked over to the chair in which she sat. From behind, I quickly wrapped my hands over her mouth, moving her head to the side and bit down, right on the jugular. She made a slight moan that was muffled behind my hands and slumped in the chair as I drank greedily from her wound. I finished my meal and propped her head back, making it look like she had just fallen asleep. I hopped the fence and quickly scrambled up the nearest tree.

I looked through the window but saw a man sleeping soundly.
“DAMN!” I said angrily as I licked the last remaining drops of blood from my lips. I jumped to the next tree, quite gracefully I might add, and looked in. The room was pitch black. I couldn’t tell if anyone was inside or not. I adjusted my eyes and peered in again. No one was there. I was just about to leave my spot when I could hear movement outside the room door. I quickly made myself comfortable on the tree branch and waited. I looked through the balcony window of the hotel room. I watched intently as her and the other girls came in the room. She was still struggling to hold her torn dress on although no it was hidden behind a leather jacket. I listened, turning my hearing to the conversation.
“Phyl, why are you holding that mask?” The girl in the blue asked, Holly I presumed.
“I…I just am.” Phyllis said defensively. I looked through the window and noticed in her hand was my mask that I had left in the room.
“Well, I’m going in the bathroom to get my makeup off.” Amanda said, heading towards the door.
“I need to get in there!” Holly protested.
“Hol, you’re in there all the god damn time!” Amanda said angrily.
“Would you two shut up! I want to go to bed. There is another bathroom across the hall!” Phyllis yelled as she glared at the two. They shrugged their shoulders at each other and headed out of the bedroom. Phyllis walked over to the other side of the room and I leaned, half-hazardly on the tree limb to get a better look. She grabbed a white tank top from her suitcase and laid it on the bed. I made myself more comfortable as I watched her. She too off the jacket and threw it on a chair. She took off the remnants of the corset and threw them to the side. She looked at the mask in her hands, stopping for a moment. I knew what she was thinking about. She was thinking about me and how I kissed her and loved her. I felt almost saddened as I watched her throw the mask on her suitcase. She slipped off her shoes and walked more towards the balcony window. I hid myself better amongst the leaves and continued to watch. She turned her back to the window and let the dress slide off her shoulders and onto a pile on the floor. I swallowed hard and licked my lips. She grabbed the tank top off the bed, without turning around and slipped it on. She stood there, her back towards me and let down her hair, allowing the dirty blonde locks to hit just at her shoulders. She ran her fingers through it as she turned around. I could see that look in her eyes. I wanted to reach out to her, but I couldn’t. She walked over to the bed, nearest the window and pulled back the covers and got in. She pulled them up and tucked them under her arms. I waited patiently as the other two girls got in the room and settled in their beds. As soon as everyone was ready, Phyllis turned on her side, looking out the window and flicked off the light. The full moon was out and shown through the window, illuminating her body as she slept peacefully. I waited patiently as time ticked by. I jumped carefully from the limb of the tree to the balcony. I opened the window quietly and made my way in, stalking like a cat after its prey. I stopped at her bed and looked down at her. She was breathing rhythmically and looked so beautiful. I knelt down on one knee in front of the bed and looked at her. I had to touch her again. I took my hand gently and caressed the side of her face. She moved slightly, making me remove my hand, but she reached for it. I smiled to myself and decided I had to do it. I leaned in so close that if I had breathed she would have awoken. I closed my eyes and leaned in, pressing my lips to hers. I kissed her mouth for a long moment, being as silent as possible. Surprisingly, she didn’t open her eyes. She must have still been asleep, thinking she was dreaming. I sat there, on the floor and stared at her.
I stopped suddenly and looked up when the light was flicked on. I quickly got up and with lightening speed, fled to the window. I scurried up the tree and looked through the open window again. I growled to myself. I was angry. I watched and saw Amanda by the light switch on the other side of the room and was blinking hard at the light.
“Phyl! Wake up!” She yelled. Phyllis opened her eyes but didn’t even bother to turn over.
“Man, what the hell do you want!” She said angrily as she yawned. She finally turned over and looked at Amanda. Amanda had a shocked look on her face.
“Phyl, did you open the window?” Amanda asked as she looked towards the balcony. I held my breath.
“No. Maybe Holly did. Now go to bed!” Phyllis yelled.
“I don’t think so. I think someone was in here.” Amanda said nervously.
“What’s going on?” Holly said sleepily as she turned over and looked at her friends.
“Did you open the balcony window?” Amanda asked.
“No. I was sound asleep.” Holly said and rubbed her eyes.
“Wait.” Amanda said, putting her hand in the air. I noticed her sniffing in the air. She walked across the room to Phyllis’ bed. She sniffed again and looked at Phyllis.
“What’s that smell?” She asked.
“What smell?” Holly asked.
“Smell, right by Phyllis’ bed.” Amanda instructed. Holly got out of her bed and walked over to Phyllis’ bed. I listened and watched carefully from outside.
“I don’t smell anything.” Holly said and looked at Amanda.
“Do you Phyl?” Amanda asked.
“I smell…cologne.” Phyllis said, narrowing her eyes.
“Well, I don’t smell anything. I’m going back to sleep.” Holly said angrily and staggered to her bed. Amanda and Phyllis locked eyes and shook their heads at one another. Amanda walked to the window and stopped.
“It smells even stronger over here.” She said and turned back around towards Phyllis. I gritted my teeth as she looked back out the window.
“Don’t worry about it.” Phyllis said. She pulled the covers back up and flicked off the light. Amanda shut the door. I caught my breath when I saw something shining around her neck as the moonlight hit it.
“What the hell is that? It’s not a cross…” I said peering through the window. I choked when I could see it better.
“A PENTACLE! She’s a witch!” I said to myself with wide eyes.

I couldn’t believe it. How could I not know she was one? I never had any problem detecting them before. There was always an air about a witch that would send me to cringe. To give you an idea witches and vampires really don’t get along and for good reason. Its not the fact that they have done anything to us or anything that I know of personally, its just, they are extremely powerful. You know all the old tales talking about crosses killing vampires, well that’s not the case. We just don’t particularly like them or those who wear them. Witches on the other hand, can. They have no problem getting a poor vamp by himself and getting rid of him in the blink of an eye. We also have out own territories. Vamps stay in their territory and witches stay in theirs and never do shall the twain meet. I myself thought the whole idea was kind of stupid. But the thing of it is, I never really met one and I’m kind of apprehensive about what they’re capable of.
I watched Amanda get back in her bed and go to sleep. There would be no way in hell I would be able to go back in there. I reached in my pocket and took out my watch. It was getting late and I didn’t want “my parents” to go postal. I jumped off from my perch and looked all around. I ran out of the area of the hotel and hitched a ride back to my hotel.

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