Because The Night

Chapter 1

It all started out one fateful day when we were taking a break from recording. It was during the summer, one of my favorite times of the year, and I wanted to go out and about. Because of the long hours at the studio, it was becoming more and more difficult for myself to find time for “eating”. My “parents” of course would get me the normal pizza or burger (rare, the only way other then raw to eat a burger properly in my opinion), but I didn’t want it. I wanted more. During the time on the road, I had no problem finding proper meals. I will explain…

I sat in the studio, looking over some lyrics that Ike had recently worked on. He wanted my opinion on them and the “brother” that I am, I said I would help him out and look them over. This was for a particular song that only Ike was working on. I was intrigued to know that it was a pet project for him and he hadn’t shown anyone else but myself.

“Tay, here.” Ike said as he handed me the lyric sheet. I took it in my hands and looked up at him.
“What’s this?” I asked.
“This is the song.” He smiled warmly. I immediately looked down at the paper in interest.
“I would like you to read it over and tell me any ideas on how to improve it.” He smiled once again. I studied the words as they flowed on the paper. It was such a heartfelt song. Something that made you well up on the inside. I read it and looked back up at him.
“This is wonderful Ike. Don’t change any of it.” I smiled and handed it back to him.
“You think?” He smiled with a sparkle in his eyes.
“Of course.” I replied. I was cut off when Zac appeared in the doorway.
“Mom and dad want to know what we want to eat.” He smiled.
“Did they order anything yet?” Ike asked as he turned and looked at Zac.
“They were saying something about a pizza.” He said as he walked in.
“I don’t feel like pizza. I want my usual.” I said as I thought about my usual, a rare hamburger with sweet blood dripping from it. I licked my lips just thinking about it.
“Okay. We’ll be back.” Zac said, leaving the room. Ike turned back to me and smiled.

I walked outside and put on my sunglasses as the harsh sun invaded my eyes. I hated the sun. It was always way too intense for me. I had to be careful when I walked out alone. There was always some crazed fan nearby that would jump at the chance to run towards me, shoving paper and pens in my face. I ducked my head down and walked to the car that was parked in the back. I wanted to get my journal to begin working on my log. I stopped suddenly as I bent in the car when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around fast and came face to face with a rosy faced young girl, smiling ear to ear at me.
“Uh…hello.” I said nervously. I looked all around to make sure there was no one else. The girl was short with curly brown hair that was to her shoulders. She had on a pair of jean shorts that were way too short and a white tank top with our logo written across the front with a magic marker.
“Are…are…are you Taylor Hanson?” She stuttered with wide brown eyes.
“Uh…” I stammered.
“I would LOVE to have your autograph. I’ve been waiting like all my life to meet you. I love you. I want to marry you!” She squealed. Her voice was so shrill that it hurt my ears.
“Uh…” I stammered once more.
“PLEASE!” She pleaded.
“I don’t give autographs without my brothers.” I said, trying to be polite. I narrowed my eyes at her in distaste. Her face went from a perky smile to a frown
“Just a picture than?” She said, pulling a camera out of her back pocket.
“I…I…” I stuttered. She held it in front of her face and was about to snap my photo.
“Wait!” I said as I covered the lens with my hand.
“How about we…uh…sit and talk. I have a little time.” I smiled.
“REALLY!” She said excitedly.
“Sure, why not.” I smiled and licked my lips. My hunger was starting to build.
“Screw the hamburger.” I thought to myself and smiled. I put my arm over her shoulder and led her to an area that was near the woods. What better place to have a “secret meeting” I thought. She smiled up at me as I wrapped my arm around her tighter.
“Are you alone?” I asked.
“My friend and I came down. She stayed in the hotel while I took a cab. I just had to meet you. You’re my idle.” She rambled as we walked into the woods. We reached a clearing and I found a tree log to sit on. I led her to sit on it and sat next to her.
“So…what else do you like?” I smiled, licking my teeth just thinking about my insatiable hunger.
“Anything you like.” She smiled wide.
“You like what I like.” I said, narrowing my eyes at her. I reached my hand to her hair and started to play with a lock of it.
“Yeah.” She said, staring in my face.
“You like me.” I said, smiling seductively at her.
“Uh…Uh…” She stuttered, swallowing hard.
“So?” I said, leaning in closer.
“Y-yes.” She stammered.
“What do you like about me?” I asked, leaning in and moving her hair away from her ear. I started to blow on it, sending her to tremble. I smiled to myself.
“I…I…everything.” She said, gasping a little.
“Do you like this.” I said as I leaned in and kissed her cheek. I started down her jaw and lightly bit her ear lobe.
“Y-y-yes.” She breathlessly said.
“Do you like this?” I said as I reached her neck. She tilted her head and closed her eyes. I kissed her neck and stopped, allowing my teeth to graze her flesh.
“Y-yes.” She said again.
“AND THIS!” I said as I bit down. I could taste the sweet blood fill my mouth as she let out a shrill scream. I covered her mouth with my hand and wrenched her neck over to the side, allowing myself to have more room. I sucked, letting the blood fill my mouth and wash down my throat. My thirst was quenched. I finished, released my mouth from her wound and let her fall to the ground. I stood up and looked down at her. I smiled to myself and licked my lips free of any remaining delicious droplets. I looked once more and headed out of the woods, wiping my mouth free of any stains.

I made my way back into the studio. It didn’t bother me that the girl was left out there. Why would it matter to me? No one would ever really know that it was I. I came in and saw Zac walk in with a bag in hand. He smiled at me and reached in the bag, handing me a wrapped hamburger. I sat down at a table and unwrapped it. Zac knew better. He left the room. I preferred to eat alone and for obvious reasons. I looked at the burger sitting in its wrapping, dripping with blood and I remembered my last feeding. The girl. How delicious I thought. I picked up the burger and took a bite from it. The blood dripped down my hand and I licked it off my palm. I was interrupted when Ike walked in with Mack.
“What did they get me?” He asked as he observed me devouring my burger.
“I don’t know.” I said, looking away from him. I hated being disturbed. I could feel eyes on me and I looked over and noticed Ike let go of Mack’s hand and leave. Mack stood there and looked at me intensely.
“What?” I asked, narrowing my eyes at my “little brother”.
“Tay, you’re so weird.” He said and looked at the last remaining parts of the hamburger.
“What’s so weird about me eating a hamburger?” I asked defensively.
“It’s gross, with all that blood.” He said and looked at it in distaste.
“Have you ever tried it like that?” I smiled.
“Well…no…” He stammered.
“Then don’t say anything about it unless you’ve actually tasted it.” I took part of it and handed it to him. He looked at my hand as I offered it to him and cringed.
“Go on.” I demanded. He took it from me and took a small bite.
“No thanks.” He said, spitting it out in his hand.
“Whatever.” I said and rolled my eyes as I finished my meal. He stood there again and looked at me.
“Go on, get out of here!” I said angrily. He shrugged his shoulders and left me to finish. I threw my garbage away and went back in the main studio part to start recording again.

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