Because The Night


I suppose I must start my story. And what a story it is. The problem I face though is that really there is no beginning. This is becoming more and more difficult to start. To start something properly…well…then…there should be a beginning to start at. I wouldn’t even know how to go about it because I don’t remember my beginning, at all. All I can really tell you is that…well…I’m not what you’d call a “normal” human. In actuality, you really couldn’t say I am human. My “parents” and “siblings” don’t even know this fact. They live their daily lives in thinking that I’m a normal teen-age boy who lives the privileged life of being in a band with my “brothers”. You will notice as I go on that I use quotations when referring to my “family” because, really, they aren’t. They certainly think I am. I was actually born out of this country, long before even my great grandparents were even thought of. I can’t explain how or why I joined “my family”. I just happened to fall in place. It has worked out for the better on my part I’d guess you’d say. Well, it’s time I began this and tell you about a part of my life that is important to me.

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