Into The Light

Chapter 8

I woke up to blinding white lights right in my face. I blinked at it as my eyes finally became adjusted. I stopped suddenly when I could hear something. I could hear someone crying. I attempted to adjust my blurred vision when finally I could see what it was.
There sat Phyllis, gripping my hand tightly, crying right out loud. She let the tears stream down her face as her bottom lip quivered. I tried to move my mouth but my throat was so dry that I found it extremely hard to talk.
“Phyllis…” I said in a very raspy voice as I whispered. I looked up at my friend sympathetically. She looked at me suddenly and a smile crept over her lips.
“You’re awake.” She said and smiled again. I looked down and could see all kinds of tubes running from my body. I couldn’t seem to move my right leg and my arm hurt like hell.
“Where…where am I?” I asked.
“The hospital.” She answered.
“But…” I stopped when I looked over past her. I could see another bed and I wondered who was in it.
“Hol! She’s awake!” Phyllis called as she turned to get Holly’s attention. She was asleep but quickly snapped awake from her position in the chair across the room. She rushed over and sat down on the edge of the bed next to me.
“Oh good…you’re awake.” She smiled. I ignored her and attempted once more to look past her. Phyllis looked over at her hesitantly and made a motion for her to move over to hide the other bed better.
“What are you trying to hide…” I began to say angrily.
“Man…just relax…” Holly said as she attempted to make me lay back down as I began to rise up.
“NO!” I yelled.
“Man, lay down!” Phyllis instructed sternly.

“Phyl..” I could hear a voice coming from the bed across from me. Phyllis’ eyes went wide as she turned from looking at me. She got up from the bed carefully and let go of my hand. Holly quickly grabbed it and looked down at me and smiled. I looked past her again and attempted to see what was going on. Finally, I managed to see past Holly and I saw what I really shouldn’t have seen.
There, lying in the bed was Taylor. He had tubes coming out of him and must of felt the same or probably even worse that what I did. Phyllis looked down at him and I could see tears rolling down her face. He opened his eyes and smiled up at her. She leaned in carefully and hugged him closely. He wrapped his arms around her and stroked her hair. She kissed him gently on the lips and looked at him in the eyes.
“Don’t ever do that again. I love you too much to lose you this soon.” She said as she hugged him again. He looked up at her and smiled. I watched as he brought his hand up and moved a stray lock of her hair and placed his hand on her face. Phyllis smiled as he traced her lips with his finger.
“Phyl…I love you…” He whispered and coughed. Phyllis ran her hand along his forehead and bent down and kissed him on the cheek.
“Get some rest.” She whispered.
I could feel myself start to grit my teeth. It wasn’t that I was angry though. I felt ashamed. They truly did love each other. I just couldn’t believe it. I thought that the whole thing was just a way for him to lure her away and do with her what he pleased. But it wasn’t that way at all.
Phyllis suddenly turned and looked at me. I looked past her and directly at Taylor. He turned his face and looked at me.
“Uh…I need…to…uh…” I began to say.
“Come on Hol.” Phyllis smiled. Phyllis quickly kissed Taylor and her and Holly left the room. I turned and looked back over at Taylor. His face was turned in the direction of the open door.
“What?” He said calmly and turned his face to look at me. I attempted to rise up but found I couldn’t move any much further on the bed.
“I need to talk to you.” I said.
“What do you want to talk about?” He asked.
“I need to apologize to you…”
“WHAT?” He said with wide eyes in shock.
“You heard me. I need to apologize to you and Phyllis. I shouldn’t have done what I have done. I realize now that you two truly do love each other. I didn’t understand and frankly, I still don’t understand why she can’t live with us…”
“I should explain.” He said, interrupting me.
“Uh…okay.” I said, choking a little.
“The reason that Phyllis can’t live with you guys any longer is because…well…” He began but bit his lip.
“What?” I asked.
“She’s a vampire.” He whispered. I gulped hard hearing the words flow out of his mouth.
“She’s…she’s…” I began to stutter.
“She’s a vampire Amanda. She’s been one for a very long time.” He answered.
“You…you didn’t make her one?” I asked with a look of shock covering my face.
“No. I helped the process along. It’s what saved her life the night of the fight between her and I.” He answered and began to cough again.
“So…she’s been one since…”
“Since before you ever met her. She was born one. If she lived with you, she wouldn’t be able to survive as a full-fledged vampire. It was safer to be with me and to get far away.” He added.
“I can’t believe this.” I said, putting my head on the pillow and looked up at the ceiling.
“I need to apologize to you too. I shouldn’t have attacked you. I thought you were going to take her away from me. I love her so much…you have to understand. I would die for her…” He stopped suddenly. I looked over and I could see tears streaming down his face. I never saw him like that. The whole time I had known him, I had seen him to be inhuman with no feelings.
“I…uh…yeah.” He said and attempted to wipe his face.
“I understand.” I smiled. He turned and looked at me. Suddenly…he smiled.

“So what were you talking about? You weren’t trying to kill each other were you?” Holly asked seriously as she came in the room.
“Where did Phyl go?” I asked.
“She went to the cafeteria to go and get you guys some food.” Holly smiled and sat down on the edge of my bed.
“So…” She said, looking right at me.
“What?” I asked.
“We both apologized to each other.” Taylor interrupted.
“You did?” Holly said with a shocked look.
“Yes.” I answered.
“So, you two finally realized that you are linked to each other…” Holly smiled.
“What?” Both Taylor and I gasped.
“You didn’t know?” She sighed.
“No?” Taylor said.
“Phyllis is what links the both of you. She loves both of you and therefore links you.” Holly smiled.
“Hol, how in the hell do you know this?” I laughed.
“I just do.” She said and quickly got out of her spot on my bed. I looked over at Taylor with a suspicious look.

“Are you guys ready for some food?” Phyllis called from the doorway.
“Sure. What do we have?” I smiled.
“Jello, jello and more jello.” She said and placed both trays in front of Taylor and I.
“NASTY!” I said and stuck out my tongue.
“Just eat it.” She said in a motherly tone. Taylor and I both looked at each other in disgust and both took a spoonful of the jello and brought it to our mouths.
“On three.” I said. I pinched my nose and started the countdown.
“1…2…3!” I counted and we both ate it.

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