Into The Light

Chapter 9

It had been about six months since our little encounter. Taylor and I decided that it truly wasn’t worth going after each other and hating each other so much. It wouldn’t get us anywhere. We had to be civil to each other for Phyllis’ sake. Phyllis loved both of us and I knew it wasn’t right to make her choose.
Finally, we had discussed this and they both decided to live back in New York with us. Of course they would live in their own apartment as…well…not Taylor and Phyllis. More like two other people that became exchange students supposedly from Paris that attended our school. Frankly, they looked more like sister and brother with the way they looked. Phyllis had the short black hair that tapered so she had long bangs along with her rat-tail. She still couldn’t manage to make it disappear even when she tried cutting it. She didn’t have her glasses and she certainly didn’t look like herself. She had to opt for a different type of clothing too. More like skirts and dresses instead of her normal jeans and t-shirts.
Taylor on the other hand looked the exact same way from when I had seen him at the club, with the dark hair and mustache. He definitely didn’t look like someone you would meet in our rinky-dink little high school. Because of that, girls were falling all over him. And I mean A LOT of girls. Phyllis didn’t act jealous but I could definitely tell she was. She in turn was getting many admirers. Taylor was extremely jealous and would threaten any guy that came near her. They had to pose as siblings which I imagine didn’t help their relationship.

I sat in my history class and looked at the clock. It was so boring. Mr.Wechsler was droning on about something that I should have been paying attention to but I just couldn’t. I grabbed my notebook and opened it and began working on one of my stories.
“Oh…attention class…we have some new students I should introduce. This is…uh…what was your names again?” I immediately looked up. There stood Phyllis and Taylor, as their new identities.
“I’m Felicia and this is Jordan.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Phyllis had a French accent when she introduced themselves.
“I understand that you two are brother and sister…”
“Yes.” Taylor or Jordan said. I couldn’t help it. I burst into laughter, practically falling on the floor in hysterics. Phyllis or Felicia immediately looked at me and gave me the evil eye.
“Amanda…what do you find so funny?” Mr. Wechsler called, breaking me from my laughing.
“I’m…I’m sorry. I…I…I was thinking about something funny.” I said between laughter.
“Well…why don’t you go and take a seat.” Wechsler smiled. They both nodded and I could see Phyl coming in my direction with Taylor soon after. She turned around fast and looked at him. She looked at him and I knew she was saying something to him mentally.
“Tay, go sit by the guys. We don’t want anyone to get suspicious.” Phyllis thought.
“But…I don’t want…”
I smiled again and Taylor or Jordan as he was being referred to as, sat over on the other side of the classroom near the guys. Phyllis sat by me.
“Hey Man.” She whispered.
“Hey Phyl…I mean, Felicia.” I smiled.
“Better get used to it.” She smiled back.
“As I was saying about World War II…” Wechsler began again.
“Oh, here we go.” Phyllis smiled. She glanced over towards Taylor. He had a hurt puppy look on his face. He definitely didn’t want to sit there. Phyllis just turned her face away from him and began to listen to the endless speech our history teacher was continuing.

We left class and Taylor was walking right next to Phyllis. He attempted to take her hand but she looked at him again.
“Tay…we can’t do this. We have to pretend we’re brother and sister…” Phyllis said and shook his hand loose.
“THIS SUCKS!” He yelled.
“SHHH!” She said angrily. I just began to laugh.
“What’s so damn funny!” He said to me while gritting his teeth.
“You two are never going to pull this off. You’re to infatuated with each other to resist being near one another.” I smiled.
“We will work this out.” Phyllis said matter of factly.
“Remember…I’m supposed to be your sister. Your younger sister at that.” She whispered to him as she walked to her locker.
“Can’t I just kiss you…” He protested.
“On the cheek.” She said, finally giving in. Taylor smiled and leaned in.
“Not now…later…” She said and put her hand on his chest as she looked around nervously.
“Damn it!” He said and huffed.
“Come on Taylor…I mean…Jordan, we have to go to Math.” I smiled and grabbed him by the wrist.
“Fine.” He said as he looked back at her.

“I can’t stand this.” He said as he walked next to me.
“You’re just going to have to get used to it. If you two were going around holding hands and kissing each other all the time, everyone would think that you were some weird incestuous family or something.” I laughed.
“Shut up!” He growled.
We got to class and Taylor sat down next to me. I opened my notebook and began to work on my story again.
“Uh…hello…” I could hear a familiar voice say. I glanced over at Taylor. There stood Vanessa, the biggest…well…I’m not going to get into that. Taylor didn’t even look up.
“I said hello.” She said a little angrier. Taylor finally looked up to see her.
“Uh…hi.” He said and looked back down.
“My names Vanessa.” She said and shoved her hand in his face. Taylor looked back up and reluctantly shook her hand.
“So…I heard you’re from Paris.” She smiled.
“Him and his sister…” I announced. Vanessa looked at me and glared.
“Sister? I didn’t know you had a sister.” She smiled.
“Her name is Felicia.” He answered and looked back down at the table.
“Oh…well…if you would like me to introduce you around…”
“Amanda is taking care of that.” He interrupted her. She bit her lip and looked down at him. Suddenly, she sat down, right next to him and smiled. What a bitch. Taylor narrowed his eyes at her and glanced over at me.
“She’s always like this.” I thought to him.
“Talk about forward.” He answered. She smiled again at him and he ignored her.
“So…are you seeing someone?” She boldly asked.
“Excuse me?” He said.
“Are you dating anyone?”

“Hello class.” Our teacher said.
“I see we have a new student. What’s your name?”
“Jordan.” Taylor answered.
“I hear you’re from Paris.” The teacher said.
“Yes, my sister and I.” He answered.
“That’s nice. Well, we all hope that you have a nice time here in the states.” The teacher smiled. Taylor nodded and looked back over at me.
“Oh and Vanessa…”
“Yes?” She smiled.
“Go back to your seat.” Vanessa glared at the teacher and did what he said.
“Thank god.” Taylor whispered to me.
“Just don’t tell Phyl about her, she hates her.” I whispered back.
“I don’t plan to.” He smiled.

It had been about two weeks since they had come to the school. Taylor had already joined some school activities like chorus, which Phyllis was already in, and football. Phyllis didn’t do much except chorus. She still didn’t particularly feel comfortable back in our school again. She was used it just being her and Taylor.
Taylor and I were going towards our lockers from leaving math when we spotted Phyl at her locker. Just before we could reach her, I noticed someone standing there while she was attempting to open her lock. I could recognize the person as being Brett. A total flirt in our school. He was chatting with her while she attempted to ignore him.
“So, Felicia, are you free on Friday?” Brett smiled.
“No.” Phyllis said bluntly.
“How about Saturday?” he asked.
“I’m busy on Saturday too.” She answered. I stopped Taylor when I could see Brett put his arm around Phyllis’ shoulder and turn her around.
“How about after school today?” He grinned and leaned closer as he wrapped his arm around her tighter.

“WHAT THE HELL!” Taylor said angrily.
“Come on…calm down…” I said, as I grabbed him by the arm. He pulled loose and stormed over there. If he wasn’t careful, those eyes of his were going to give him away.

“So?” Brett smiled. Phyllis looked up and could see Taylor there. He grabbed Brett by the hand and pulled him away from Phyllis.
“What do you think you’re doing?” He said angrily.
“I’m trying to ask your sister out.” Brett smiled.
“Well, don’t!” Taylor fumed.
“Dude, what’s your problem?” Brett said, narrowing his eyes as Taylor.
“I don’t have a problem but you soon will…” Taylor growled and shook his fist at him.
“Jordan…come on…” Phyllis said, slipping her hand into his and giving it a slight squeeze. Taylor looked down at her and she looked at him lovingly.
“He didn’t mean to Brett. He’s just a little over protective. I’m not free because I’m seeing someone back home.” Phyllis smiled.
“Oh…well…I’m sorry to bother you.” Brett answered. He looked at Taylor uneasily and left.

“Taylor!” Phyllis said, gritting her teeth.
“I’m…I’m sorry. This is driving me crazy. I can’t stand having guys fall over you like this.” He answered.
“The only reason they are is because of the image. Before when I came here as me…none of them knew I existed. It’s not me they want…it’s the made up person.” Phyllis said and put her hand on his face.
“I know…I know…” He said and sighed. He took her hand and kissed the palm.
“Let’s go to class.” She said. I just watched as they walked away.

“Manda…” I turned around to see Holly standing there.
“What’s going on?” She asked.
“Nothing.” I smiled.
“Oh, okay. I was wondering if you could give me a ride home.” She asked me.
“No…I have to stay after school. Phyllis and Taylor are too.” I answered.
“Don’t you mean Felicia and Jordan…” She smiled.
“I’m never going to get used to calling them those names.” I smiled.

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