Into The Light

Chapter 7

We finally arrived in Paris. We were both extremely exhausted and hadn’t had time to eat anything the whole time. We grabbed our things from baggage claim and headed outside where we were going to hail a cab. I had to figure out where in the hell they were so I could get to them. I couldn’t logically go after both of them at the same time so Holly and I had to split up. I had to go after Taylor…myself.
We exchanged our money for the local currency and I gave Holly enough money to last her the day.
“Hol, you have to go and find Phyllis. This is important…”
“But Man, where are you going?” she asked as we stood outside and waited for the cabs.
“I’m going after him.” I answered and looked out to the street and the passing people.
“But Man…you can’t…” she started to protest.
“Hol, just find her and bring her home. That’s all I ask.” I said bluntly.
“Don’t do anything stupid Manda.” She said as finally a cab pulled up and she climbed in.
“Just find her and don’t worry about me.” I said and with that, I slammed the car door shut and sent her on her way.
I waited patiently for another cab to pull up and I got in. I had the feeling that he wasn’t to far away.
“Excuse me…where are there any music clubs around?” I asked the driver.
“Eh…music clubs?” He asked as he turned around in his seat and looked at me.
“Yes, local ones?” I asked.
“Oh, I take you to one you love.” He smiled.
“Thanks.” I said and leaned back in my seat as he pulled away from the entrance of the airport.

We pulled up to the entrance of this unbelievable club. I couldn’t read the name of it but all I knew was that I would find him here.
“Thank you.” I answered and handed the cabby money for the ride.
“Thank you.” He smiled as I closed the door. I headed to the entrance and made my way in. I certainly wasn’t dressed for this type of place but it didn’t really matter to me at this point in time. I got in and looked all around at the crowds of people that were taking up all the space of the small club. I stopped suddenly when I could smell that familiar smell. It wasn’t smoke or alcohol even though that definitely permeated the air. It was cologne. Taylor’s cologne. I scrunched up my nose in distaste as I searched the area with my eyes. I looked up towards the small stage where I could see four young men, playing music to aid to the crowds sporadic movements. I scanned the four to see if I could find any of them to be familiar. The lead guitarist was a very scraggily looking guy with unwashed, dyed blue hair and a black goatee. He definitely couldn’t have been Taylor. The bass guitarist didn’t look much better. He was bald headed for the exception of thick dyed red side burns coming down the sides of his face. I cringed thinking that if Taylor ever decided looking like that…how unfortunate it really was. I looked in the back towards the drummer but his extremely long dark hair covered his face so I couldn’t make out any real definition to his features. Then I looked at the keyboardist. He had raven colored hair that was about to his shoulders and layered, sort of like Taylor’s. He had dark rimmed glasses that hid his eyes and a very kept mustache. He had a black leather jacket on that came down like a riding jacket along with a pair of form fitting, black pants and a white shirt on underneath it. He also had a bunch of necklaces on including what else, Phyllis’ pentacle. No mistaking, it was Taylor. He looked up, right at me and I could see him start to grit his teeth. I glared at him from across the dance floor and through what seemed and unspoken agreement, we both moved from our spots and headed towards the middle of the room. I met him and he glared at me once more.
“Outside!” I said angrily. He nodded and followed me out.
We kept walking until we came to an overpass. I looked at him from across the way and took stance.
“You know…I just have to tell you one thing before I kill you Taylor…” I began. He looked at me and took off his glasses, revealing the same eyes I had seen in my dream. Glowing blue eyes.
“I hate you. You took her away from us and I will never forgive you for it!” I said.
“THE FEELINGS MUTUAL!” He yelled and with that, he threw down his glasses and rushed right towards me. I blasted him with all I could and sent him flying backwards. I could feel myself go off center as I looked over at him slumped against the ground. He looked up at me, with blood trickling down the side of his mouth. He wiped it and looked at his hand.
“I’m…I’m bleeding.” He said in astonishment. He looked back up at me and growled. He got back up and took stance once more.
“You’ll never take her away from me. I love her! DO YOU HEAR ME!” He screamed. He ran at me and slammed me into the cement as hard as he could. I could actually hear my bones breaking as they cracked under the pressure. I screamed out in agony and with the strength I had, blasted at him again. He hit the wall hard and I could see he was having trouble getting up. He was becoming weak. My protection spell had worked. I had made it so he couldn’t heal himself. So he was almost mortal. I crawled my way over, screaming at every inch I took. He lifted his head and I could see his form dissipate into his natural form. The blood came out of his mouth at a heavier flow.
“I WANT YOU DEAD!” I screamed with the energy I had. I got into a position so that I could stand and staggered over to him, gritting my teeth as the pain followed every move I made. I stood over him, taking aim. One final blast. That was all it took and he would be forever out of our lives. I could feel my last bits of energy converge into one as I concentrated. I stared down at him coldly as the wind began to pick up. I could feel my hair blow around my face wildly and I could feel my energy building. I was beginning to let my power be released. He closed his eyes, waiting for me to finally eliminate him.
“DIE!” I screamed.

“NOOOO!” I turned fast and could see Holly screaming. I turned back and let the power release. I looked and I could see Phyllis run right in the direction of the blast.
“PHYLLIS!” I screamed. It hit her and she landed on the ground in front of me. I collapsed on the ground, no longer able to move. My strength was gone and I thought I was dying. I looked and could see her. She seemed fine. She was hovering over Taylor, brushing back his hair and seeing if he was all right. She turned back to me and looked at me with tears streaming down her face…but it wasn’t her. She had a totally different face. Her dirty blonde hair was now short and black and she no longer had her glasses.
“WHY!” She screamed as she threw her head back and sobbed. I could see her form dissipate and she was Phyllis again. She looked down at me and back at Taylor. She closed her eyes tightly and let the tears fall down her face and onto the ground.
“WHY!” She screamed again. Then everything faded to black.

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