Into The Light

Chapter 6

I didn’t sleep all that well that night for fear he would try again. I couldn’t believe it. If Phyllis hadn’t of stepped in the way…I wouldn’t have been here. Nothing would have stopped him and I know it.
I got out of bed and walked over to my dresser where I had a bunch of my spell books. I had to do something to protect myself. I grabbed my spell book in which I write my own and keep in and opened it up.
“Protection…protection…” I said to myself as I searched through it.
“Man, what do you want for breakfast…” I turned around fast when I could see my mother standing in the doorway.
“Oh…uh…nothing right now.” I smiled hesitantly.
“Well, make sure you have something or your brother will eat everything.” She smiled and closed the door behind herself. I frantically looked through my spell book and found what I was looking for. There, amongst all my spells was a piece of paper that I had no recollection of putting in. I pulled out the piece of paper and opened it. In clear letters at the top it said “protection spell” but this one was special. I smiled to myself and put my spell book down, gripping the paper in my hand. I grabbed my candles and incense and placed them around my altar in various fashions. I sat down and studied the piece of paper until I had it memorized. I locked my door and turned out all the lights and closed all the shades so that it was dark in my room. I lit the candles and the incense and began to recite the spell from memory, making sure to get every word right. I repeated it over and over again until it slowly became a chant. I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote Taylor’s name on it with red ink and folded it. I he ld the paper in the flame of one of my candles and allowed it to catch fire. I put the lit paper in a small bowl and let it burn while I continued my chant.
“SO MOTE IT BE!” I said. I opened my eyes and I knew it was complete. I felt at ease knowing that soon, this would all be over. For some strange reason, I felt I knew exactly where she was. I got up from my spot and blew out the candles but allowed the incense to keep burning. I grabbed my phone from the spot next to my computer and called up Holly.
“Hello.” I could hear her groggy voice say over the other line.
“Hol…I know where she is!” I said in an excited voice.
“Wha-what? You know where she is?” She said in shock.
“Get packed. We’re leaving immediately.” I announced. I hung up the phone and ran to my closet. I grabbed my suitcase and started throwing any clothes I could fit into it. I grabbed my hairbrush and toothbrush along with any other necessities and stuffed it in my bag. I ran back in my room and looked at the ashes in the bowl. I grabbed a small bottle and poured the ashes in it and closed it tightly. I put it in my pocket and headed out the door. By this time, everyone had already left the house for work. My brother was already being taken over to my grandmother’s so I had the place to myself. I ran outside and threw all my stuff in the back of my car. I ran back in the house and grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and left a note on the table for my family to read so they knew that I was gone. I jumped into my car and squealed out my driveway at top speed, destined to Holly’s.

I pulled into Holly’s driveway a couple of minutes later and honked the horn.
“COME ON!” I yelled. I watched as she came running out of the house, heaving a huge bag filled with her stuff. I opened the passenger door and she shoved her stuff in the back and hopped in.
“And how the hell do you know where she is?” She asked as she buckled her seatbelt.
“I just do.” I answered and put the car in reverse and backed out of her driveway.

We arrived at the airport about an hour later. I pulled in and stopped the car and looked at my friend. She had such a look of shock on her face that I didn’t know exactly what to say.
“We’re going to Paris.” I answered.
“PARIS! Manda, we don’t have tickets…” She stammered.
“We’re going to Paris if I have to fly the damn plane myself!” I said and got out of the car. I grabbed my bags and hers and dragged them out.
“Come on.” I said as I closed the door.
“But Man…”
“COME ON!” I yelled. She followed without saying another word.
We got into the airport and I ran over to the nearest ticket booth.
“Excuse me…do you have any seats left for the earliest flight out to Paris?’ I asked.
“Um…let me check…” The clerk said as they looked at the computer. I turned back towards where Holly was standing and could see her pacing back and forth.
“Uh…yes. We have two seats left if that’s what you’re looking for.” The clerk smiled.
“When do they leave?” I asked.
“About two hours…”
“We’ll take them.” I answered and got out my checkbook.
“O-Okay.” The clerk said with wide eyes.
“Holly, go check in our bags!” I said, and turned to her.
“All right.” She said and dragged them over to the check in.
“Have a nice flight.” The clerk smiled.
“Thanks.” I said. Holly finished with the check in and we still had about half and hour to kill. We sat down and watched the clock.
“Our parents are going to kill us.” She answered.
“That’s just a price we’ll have to pay.” I smiled.
“Does she know we’re coming?”
“Does he?” Holly asked seriously.
“No and I’ll make sure he won’t interfere. She’s coming home.” I answered.

We got on the plane and made ourselves comfortable in our seats. Holly leaned back and sighed.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Nothing. I’m just going to be happy when we see her that’s all.” She smiled.
“Me too Hol, me too.” I smiled.

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