Into The Light

Chapter 5

Feeling extremely discouraged in the fact that she didn’t want to speak to me, I went to bed, trying to block everything out of my mind. I really thought sure that she would be elated to see me again and especially talk to me considering I’m one of her best friends. Instead, she seemed nervous and wanted to get as far away from me as she possibly could.

I finally drifted off at around one in the morning after cursing Taylor out.

I opened my eyes to my dream world. A place I have found comfort in. This place wasn’t uncommon to me. I normally wrote fan fiction based on a television show with the characters, Duo and Heero from Gundam Wing. (Japanese) if anyone wonders.
I looked around and could see Duo and Heero on a bed about 10 feet away from me. They were talking like normal about something I couldn’t really care about. They didn’t notice me because I made myself invisible. I got up from my spot in the bedroom and decided to leave this scene. I popped into a dining room scene and sat down at one of the chairs at huge table. I stopped suddenly and got up when I could feel a familiar feeling take over my body. I quickly got up from the chair and looked all around.
“What the…”
“MANDA!” I could hear a shriek unlike any other coming from the place I had been previously. I popped back into the bedroom and looked all around. There, I could see Phyllis standing there with wide eyes as Heero stood there, holding a gun to her forehead. He was naked as the day he was born and Duo was lying in the bed, laughing hysterically.
“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” I could hear Heero scream in Phyllis’ face as he clicked off the safety of his gun.
“MANDA!” She screamed again. I could feel myself snicker at her predicament. She had popped into the room, unannounced and now she was paying for it. I made myself visible and called out to Heero.
“Heero. That’s my friend. Let her go.” I said between laughter. He spun around, showing me everything and lowered his gun.
“Why didn’t you warn me she was coming?” He asked as he put the safety back on and put the gun down on the table near the bed.
“Because I had no idea she was coming.” I answered. Phyllis still had a look of horror across her face.
“Come on Phyl.” I smiled as I walked over to her. I put my hand on her shoulder and led her out of the room.
“Nice meeting you!” Duo called from his place on the bed.
“Uh…di-ditto.” She stuttered as we finally left. We popped into the dining room and sat down at the table. Phyllis looked at me from across the table and frowned.
“YOU’RE SICK!” She yelled.
“Wha-what?” I said and smiled.
“You’re just sick!” She said with a look of disgust.
“Well, you shouldn’t have barged in…”
“HOW THE HELL WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THEY WERE GOING TO BE…well…you know…” She said as her face turned beat red.
“Why did you come Phyl?” I asked seriously as I changed the subject.
“I do need to talk with you. I can’t go on living without telling you the reason I left.” She said, frowning again.
“Why did you leave?” I asked.
“I…I love him Man. He means everything to me…”
“How can you love him? I don’t understand?” I asked, feeling anger starting to build.
“Man, it’s something I can’t explain to you. I just do.” She said.
“He’s so gentle and…”
“GENTLE! GENTLE MY ASS! Phyl, he tried killing all three of us!” I said angrily as I jumped from my seat and stared down at her coldly.
“Man, calm down. You have to realize something. I’m not supposed to be here. If he knew I was doing this he…”
“He’d what! He’d come after us?”
“YES! Man, I care too much about all of you to risk any of your safety. I knew I couldn’t stay. Not if I was going to be with him. You hate him. I know you do. You make it quite apparent and frankly, he doesn’t like you either. He feels you would do the same…”
“DAMN RIGHT!” I yelled.
“Man, I’m afraid that…I’m afraid he might try and kill you.” She said in almost a whisper.
“Like he hasn’t already tried that.” I laughed.
“I’m serious. If…if he finds out how to project…he could kill you in your dreams…”
“WHAT!” I said as my eyes widened.
“It is possible to kill someone through their dreams without physically touching them.” She answered.
“He couldn’t…”
“He could and he would. If he thought you were trying to take me away from him. He has no qualms about eliminating you.” Phyllis answered as she looked up at me.
“I read his story. I know Manda, I know.” She added. I just stared at her in disbelief.

“AMANDA!” I stopped suddenly and turned around fast as I could hear a loud crashing sound and a scream.
“What was that?” I stammered.
“He’s here!” She yelled as she jumped out of her seat. She ran over to me and grabbed me by the arm and attempted to drag me away.
“NO! I’m not running away!” I yelled.
“HE’LL KILL YOU!” She said, letting tears roll down her face. I looked at my friend and left the dining room in a flash. I made myself invisible as I popped into the bedroom once more. He would never detect me. I looked from the doorway and could see Taylor fall from the ceiling, from out of nowhere, and land right on the bed. Heero stood up and grabbed his gun.
“Oh…I…uh…” Taylor stammered as he looked up at Heero. Taylor stopped looking at him when he could feel something move from underneath him. The blankets moved and there laid Duo, with long hair covering his feminine face.
“Oh my god, I am so sorry…to uh…” Taylor stuttered with wide eyes as he scrambled to get up from the bed. Heero pointed the gun at him angrily.
“WHAT THE HELL…” Heero screamed at he stared at Taylor angrily.
“I didn’t mean to interrupt…you and…uh…your girlfriend…” Taylor stammered as he looked down at Duo and back up at Heero nervously.
“Girlfriend?” Duo replied as he looked up at Taylor and smiled.
“OH MY GOD! YOU’RE A GUY!” Taylor screamed. Duo smiled again and winked at him.
“AGHHH! MANDA! YOU’RE SICK!” Taylor yelled into the air. I could feel myself start to snicker again. Taylor turned around fast and stared at the black void in which I was standing.
“SHOW YOURSELF!” He screamed. I gulped hard as I looked in his eyes that glowed a freakishly bright blue.
“GOD DAMN IT! I KNOW YOU’RE HERE!” He screamed as he came forward. I moved silently away so he wouldn’t know I was there.
“Taylor…” I called from the hallway outside the door. I watched as he walked to the open door and looked but still couldn’t see me.
“Hey…Taylor is it?” I could hear Duo calling. Taylor turned back around and looked back in the bedroom.
“Huh?” He said.
“NICE ASS!” Duo called and started laughing. Taylor turned back and I could see his face was beat red and he was extremely angry.
“Amanda…I know you’re here!” He said, gritting his teeth as he began moving down the hallway. I moved back, practically tripping over myself.

“MAN!” I froze in my place when I could see Phyllis running down the hallway. Taylor spotted her and began to run towards her. I reappeared and blasted him backwards.
“RUN!” I screamed to her. She just looked at me in shock.
“RUN DAMN IT!” I screamed again. Finally she did as I said and began to run in the opposite direction. Just as I turned back, I was tackled and my head hit hard on the floor. Taylor looked down at me, bearing his teeth.
“NOOO!” I screamed as I attempted to push him off. I was so panic- stricken. He put his hand on my throat and I could start to feel him choking me.
“I’LL KILL YOU!” He screamed as he pressed harder. With any ounce of strength, I managed to blast him once more, sending him to fly into a nearby wall. I got up and took off as fast as I could in the direction Phyllis had gone off to. I knew he couldn’t pop in and out of scenes considering he was new at this so it was my only option to get away safely. I closed my eyes and appeared in the Gundam hanger. Phyllis was standing there, looking at me in surprise.
“YOU’RE FUCKING BOYFRIEND IS TRYING TO KILL ME!” I rasped as I attempted to catch my breath.
“I TOLD YOU!” She said, letting the tears roll down her face.
“He won’t stop until he kills you Man! You have to wake up!” She screamed.
“I…I can’t…” I said in desperation.
“YOU HAVE TO BECAUSE HE’S COMING OUR WAY!” She screamed and ran behind one of the Gundam’s. I turned around fast and could see him coming towards me at full speed. I didn’t know what to do. I was frozen in a position of fear.
“NOOO!” I could hear Phyllis scream as she ran from her hiding place and ran right at him.

I woke up and looked all around my room. Sweat was pouring down my face and my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. I glanced at the clock and noticed it was three in the morning. I put my hand to my forehead and laid back down.

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