Into The Light

Chapter 2

I remembered how to get to his hotel and Holly and I took a cab over. I searched outside the hotel for any signs of them. Of course they weren’t there. Holly would have to be the one to tell me if it was them or not.
“We have to get in the hotel.” I whispered to her.
“Man, that’s not going to be that easy.” Holly said and bit her lip.
“Why?” I questioned.
“Well, they’re sort of famous and have bodyguards and everything. There’s no way in hell we’re going to get in there.” She answered.
“WATCH ME!” I announced and took off into the hotel with her soon after.

I ran over to the desk and rang the bell for the receptionist’s attention.
“Yes.” She said and smiled a she stood up.
“What room is…” I couldn’t think of the names. All I knew was his name was Taylor.
“What room are the Hanson’s in?” Holly spoke up.
“Hanson?” I asked and looked at her.
“I’m sorry, we can’t give out that information.” The receptionist said.
“Oh, thank you anyhow.” Holly smiled and began to drag me away.
“HANSON! I can’t believe you didn’t tell me he was one of those damn Hanson brothers! JESUS!” I yelled.
“Would you shut up!” Holly said as she gritted her teeth. We walked back outside and she looked at me in the eye.
“I told you we wouldn’t be able to get in there.” She said angrily.
“We have to find a way Hol. This is important.” I answered. I walked passed her and went back in. I walked right by the desk and made my way up to the rooms. Holly attempted to follow but she was so hesitant I wouldn’t have been surprised if she was caught.

I figured they wouldn’t be on the first floor so we made our way to the elevator and went up. We got out and crept around the floor.
“Man, we have no idea which room…” Holly began.
“SHUT UP!” I said angrily. I stopped suddenly and ducked around the corner when I could see a room service cart coming our way. We watched silently as it rolled over to a near by door. The hotel employee knocked on the door.
“Room service.” The man smiled. We watched intently as the door opened and someone let the man in. I looked closely to try and tell who the person was.
“Man, that’s the younger one, Zac I think his name is.” Holly whispered.
“We have to get in there.” I answered as I looked back over at Holly.
“Shhh.” She said and pointed. We watched as the man left the hotel room. I noticed that the door wasn’t closed all the way. Our one chance.

I crept out from my hiding space and headed towards the door.
“Man…” Holly said.
“We can’t…”
“Shut up and get over here!” I said angrily. She sighed and followed behind. I opened the door, making sure not to make much noise and crept in. I could hear a television on in the living area of the hotel room.
“Be quiet, we can’t get caught.” I whispered to Holly. She nodded and we made our way in. I looked around, hoping no big bad bodyguards were waiting to take us away.
“Go lock the door.” I said to my friend. Holly did as I said and closed and locked the door. I walked into the living room and could see two bodies, sitting on the couch in front of the television.
“Ehem.” The two people sitting there turned around fast and looked at me.
“Who…who are you? How did you get in our room!” The eldest one, I presumed Ike, said with wide eyes.
“I need to ask you two some questions.” I said angrily. Holly came behind me and smiled at the two.
“Who…who are you!” Zac said angrily.
“My name is Holly.” Holly smiled.
“HOLLY!” I said angrily as I turned around to look at her. I didn’t want them to know our names just in case.
“Why are you here?” Ike said as he stood up.
“We’re looking for our friend…” Holly answered and made a seat on the couch next to Zac.
“HOLLY!” I yelled again.
“Oh shut up Man.” She said and narrowed her eyes at me.
“What does that have to do with us?” Ike asked as he looked down at her.
“She’s with YOUR brother!” I yelled.
“Excuse me…” Ike said with wide eyes.
“Our brother?” Zac questioned as he looked at me.
“Her name is…” I began.
“Oh god, it’s that Phyllis girl he was following around. No wonder we couldn’t find him this morning.” Zac said, putting his hand to his forehead.
“How do you know her name!” I yelled.
“Taylor was talking about her. He really likes her…”
“Well, apparently he likes her so much that he’s flown the both of them to Paris!” I yelled.
“PARIS!” Ike yelled.
“I don’t understand…” Zac said and stood up.
“How do you know this…” Ike asked and looked at me.
“Phyllis left a note for us telling us she had to leave and she couldn’t tell us why. Then Amanda went down to the airport thinking that he had taken her there and someone said that they had seen them leaving for Paris.” Holly answered.
“Yeah and that bastard of a brother of yours tried to kill all three of us!” I yelled.
“Taylor would never…” Ike said, trying to defend him.
“Uh…I don’t know about that Ike. Remember, he did try to smother me.” Zac said, correcting him.
“ZAC!” Ike yelled.
“Well, all I know is we have to find them!” I said angrily.
“Did he leave a note or anything?” Holly asked.
“We don’t know.” Zac answered. Holly got up from the couch and walked over to the table.
“What’s this?” She asked and handed it over to one of the brothers.
“It just says that he loves us…oh god…” Ike said, putting his hand to his face.

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