Into The Light

Chapter 3

It had been a couple days since we had met with his brothers. We had to go home. The whole time, I had tried desperately to get any information on what part of Paris they had gone to. I couldn’t stand the thought that she was gone and he had finally gotten what he wanted and taken her away. How could she just go with him like that? Was she nuts? According to Holly, she was in love. I didn’t believe a word of it. How could she fall in love with a killer like that? That’s truly all he was, a killer who had no remorse for the victims he took or their families. Phyllis was our family. She was apart of us. I had known her since fourth grade. We did everything together.

I grabbed my folded pair of jeans from off my bed and stuffed them violently into my bag. I sighed to myself and zipped it up and slung it on my shoulder.
“Are we ready!” I yelled. Holly was in the bathroom, what a surprise. I banged on the door with my fist to get her attention.
“YES! Just hold on!” She said in a very annoyed voice. I leaned against the wall and waited patiently. I had already packed my car with our stuff. I had noticed that there was nothing left of Phyllis. All her bags were gone. I gritted my teeth as I looked around the room. Holly finally got out of the bathroom and smiled at me.
“Let’s go.” I said angrily. She nodded and grabbed her last bag. I headed out of the door with her behind and we headed to the elevator.
We stood in the elevator silently. I didn’t want to talk. I just wanted to get home and not think about this place ever again. The doors opened and I took a gasp.

There stood both Hanson brothers. Zac had his hands in his pockets with his head hung low. Ike was looking down the hallway.
“What are you two doing here?” I asked as I pushed my way out of the elevator.
“We…we just wanted to say we were sorry for what has happened to your friend.” Zac answered as he finally looked up.
“Nothing to be sorry about. You couldn’t have done anything about it.” Holly smiled.
“Whatever!” I said angrily and walked passed them. I didn’t want to be reminded of it. I just wanted to go home. Holly ran after me and grabbed me by the arm.
“What the hell is your problem!” She yelled.
“I just want to get out of here!” I said angrily.
“They’re trying to be nice…”
“I don’t want to be around anything that is any way related to HIM!” I yelled and walked away from her.
“Now, I suggest if you want to get home, you’d get your ass in gear!” I yelled as I made my way down the hallway.
“NOW!” I yelled.

I got to my car and threw my bag in the back violently. I got in the driver’s seat and put on my seatbelt. I turned on the engine and waited for her to finally arrive. She finally did, about two minutes later. She threw her stuff in the back and looked at me as she climbed in.
“I don’t want to talk.” I said and turned on the radio. She closed the door and I pulled away from the hotel.

“Man, I’m going over to the comic book section.” Holly said as I reached for a book. It had been two weeks since we had been in New Orleans. We decided to go to Barnes and Noble that afternoon, to get our minds off of Phyllis. When we explained to her parents, they were so upset. I felt like I let them down. Like it was my responsibility to make sure she came back.
I grabbed the book and looked at the cover. “Astral Projection” was the simple title. I had studied this before but never really got into it. This was the only way for me to keep myself busy. I sat right down on the floor in front of the bookshelf in the “New Age” section and looked in the book.
“Astral Projection is the experience of traveling out of body. You can travel to different places through your dreams…” I read.
“WAIT!” I said to myself.
“Travel…travel…” I repeated. I could travel to Paris without even leaving my bed. I could finally contact her. I continued to read and studied the book. I had to have this book and anything else that had astral projection in it or as a subject. I scanned the bookshelf again and grabbed as many books as I could carry. I got up and went to the nearest cashier. I let the books fall on the counter and grabbed my wallet out of my pocket.
“All of these?” The cashier said with wide eyes.
“Ring me up.” I said and opened my wallet.

I almost forgot Holly was with me. She came running out when she saw me beginning to leave the store.
“WHAT THE HELL…YOU WERE GOING TO LEAVE ME HERE!” She yelled angrily as I opened the door to my car.
“Just get in!” I said sternly.
“What the hell is wrong with you!”
“I’m on a mission Hol…I’m going to contact Phyl.” I smiled.
“Are you nuts? How the hell are you going to contact her?” She said as she climbed in the passenger seat.
“Astral projection.” I answered as I started the car.
“Astral what?”
“Astral projection. Out of body travel.” I explained.
“Man…I know your into that witch stuff and whatever but…you…”
“Hol, I know I can do it and damn it I will!” I said and pulled out of the parking spot at top speed. She just stared at me with wide eyes.
“Do you really believe you can contact her…”
“Yes. I think I can. And HE won’t even know about it.” I smiled.
“Man, your obsessing…”
“No I’m not. We will get Phyl back!”

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