Into The Light

Chapter 1

I woke up drearily, feeling extremely drained and for obvious reasons. My neck hurt like hell from where he had taken my blood. That bastard!
“Man!” I heard Holly yell from the kitchen area of the hotel room. I got up and staggered out the bedroom door.
“What?” I asked as I put my hand to my wound.
“I found this.” She said and handed me a piece of paper.
“Whose is from?” I asked.
“Phyl.” Holly said. I looked down at the paper and began to read.
“Guys, I had to leave. I can’t explain to you why. I already have a feeling you know. It’s extremely hard to do this to you. You’ve been my best friends for so long. I can’t live a lie. I hope you understand. I love you both. Phyl.” I could feel myself well up as I put the letter down. I looked at Holly and could see tears streaming down her face. All the years I had known her, I had never seen her cry…ever.
“THAT BASTARD!” I screamed.
“Man…” Holly said as she tried to calm me down.
“I’LL KILL HIM!” I screamed. I wanted to go after them right then. He couldn’t take her away from us. I ran into the bedroom and grabbed my shoes, determined to go after them.
“MAN!” What are you doing?!” Holly said frantically as she ran after me.
“I’m going to find them!” I yelled and pushed my way past her, practically knocking her over.
“Man! MAN!” She yelled. I stopped and turned back to look at my friend.
“Man…she’s gone.” She said quietly.
“She’s not gone!”
“SHE’S NOT!” I screamed. I ran past her and out the door. I ran as fast as I could. I didn’t even have any clue where the hell to find them. They could’ve been gone for hours by the time I had woken up. I ran across the street and to a local restaurant. I came in and walked quickly over to one of the waitresses. She looked up at me in surprise as I began to pant for air.
“Where’s the airport!” I said through my heavy breathing.
“The airport?” She said with wide eyes.
“About two miles south.” She blurted.
“Thank you!’ I said and took off again.

I ran the whole two miles, not stopping once for a breather. I had to get there fast before they had the chance to go out on the next flight.

I ran into the airport and looked all around frantically.
“PHYLLIS!” I yelled as I continued to search through the crowds of people. She was no where to be seen. I jogged over to the closest check in and pushed ahead of everyone.
“Excuse me! EXCUSE ME!” I yelled.
“I’m sorry miss, you’ll have to go to the back of the line.” The check in person said.
“I’m sorry. I’m looking for my friend. She went off with this guy and I think he’s kidnapped her. I think they came to this airport.” I said, wringing my hands as I talked.
The check in clerk eyes went wide.
“Describe what she looks like.”
“She’s about five feet tall, shoulder length dirty blonde hair, green eyes…uh…glasses…she…uh…” I stammered.
“Do you remember what she was wearing?”
“Uh…jeans and…uh…a…uh…she has a really long braid that’s longer than the rest of her hair, it’s a dead give away.” I said, remembering.
“Do you know what he looks like?”
“Uh…tall…about the same color hair...about two inches before his shoulders…kind of layered…”
“Miss…do you remember what he was wearing or carrying?”
“I don’t know. Please…can you help me!”
“How old are they?”
“She’s seventeen and I think he’s seventeen or eighteen.” I rambled.
“We’ll keep a look out.” The clerk smiled.
“WHAT! Can’t you get security or something! Block any flights from leaving…” I stammered.
“We can’t do that…”
“ERRR!” I growled. I ran away from the desk and o the center of the airport. Anyone I could find, I would ask if they had seen her.

“Excuse me…did you see a girl with dirty blonde…”
“Sorry, no.”
“Um…excuse me…”
I felt like I was never going to find her. I walked over to the cafeteria and sat down heavily in a seat. I leaned my head on my hands and looked down at the floor.
“Um…excuse me…I heard you were looking for someone…” A voice shocked me, causing me to look up.
“Y-yes.” A young woman with a baby stood there.
“I think I saw her.” She said.
“Uh…was there a guy with her?” I said with wide eyes.
“Uh…I think so. He looked familiar.”
“Do you know which flight they were on?” I asked and stood up.
“Uh…I’m not sure but I think they were going to Paris.” She said.
“PARIS!” I yelled.
“As I remember, he was very nice looking.”
“Was…was she struggling?” I stammered, hoping to get as much information out of the woman as I could.
“No…as a matter of fact…they were kissing before…” She answered. I could feel myself become enraged. With out another word, I ran to the nearest check in.

“Excuse me, when did the last flight to Paris leave?” I asked desperately
“About and hour and a half ago.” The clerk said.

I went back to the hotel and looked all around for Holly. She wasn’t in the room so I figured she had gone to the hotel restaurant for dinner. I found her, sitting at a table by herself, eating a hamburger. I walked over to the table calmly and sat down.
“Hey man.” She smiled and took another bite of her burger.
“I couldn’t find her.” I said and sighed.
“I’m not surprised.” She answered.
“What happened when I was brought back to the hotel room?” I asked.
“I was walking around near the cemetery when I heard noises. I raced over there and I saw her…on the ground…”
“Was…was she all right?” I asked, swallowing hard.
“She…she…she was dead.” Holly answered.
“WHAT!” I screamed. Everyone in the restaurant turned to look at me.
“She…she was dead?” I said, letting my voice crack.
“Yes. I went to go and take her to the hospital when he threw me into a gravestone.” Holly answered, blinking hard.
“How…how could she have gone to the airport…if…if she wad dead?” I stammered as I let a tear fall down my face.
“ I…I don’t know. I just know that when I got to her…she was dead.” Holly whispered.
“I don’t understand.” I said and looked all around.
“We…we need to find anyone that knows him.” I added.
“He has brothers.” Holly answered and took a sip of her soda.
“Huh? He has brothers! Why didn’t you tell me!” I said angrily.
“I didn’t think it was important.” She stammered nervously.
“Let’s go!” I yelled and got up out of my seat.
“Let me finish my…”
“NO TIME!” I yelled. I grabbed her by the arm and made her stand. I pulled out some money and threw it on the table. I had to find these brothers of his. They should know where he is at least.

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