Into The Light

Chapter 13

Finally my two weeks of pure hell were over. No longer would I have to suffer, pretending to be Taylor or make that Jordan’s girlfriend. I had the pleasure of getting into a fight with him and ending it. No problem. We would be good at this part.
Phyllis and I were leaving studyhall when she stopped me.
“You guys are going to break up next period.” She said bluntly and looked at me in the face.
“THANK GOD!” I said and smiled.
“You have to be serious about this.” Phyllis said, not changing her expression.
“I’m just so happy that this is finally going to be over with. No more saying ‘I love you’ or holding hands or any of that crap.” I smiled.
“Well…just make sure everyone knows. You have to make yourself seen while your doing this and by the way…”
“What?” I asked, a little bewildered.
“No violence. I know you would just love to knee him in the groin or something but if I catch you doing that…your dead.” She said and smiled.
“Damn, you take all the fun out of break ups now don’t you.” I laughed.

We walked down the hallway. I made my way upstairs to art class and Phyllis was going to go to English. Taylor was in my art class so this was going to be easy. I was actually looking forward to it. I walked in confidently to see my teacher, Mr. Spross, sitting at his desk, like he always did, talking to one of the other students about one of their projects.
“Hello Ms. Friedrich.” Mr. Spross said and smiled up at me.
“Hey Spross.” I said as I walked over to the drawer and grabbed my sketchbook and my pencils. I sat down where I normally sat and waited patiently. Taylor was always late for art class. He couldn’t seem to get out of the hallway on time because he was normally hanging on Phyllis. I tapped my fingers on the desk anxiously as he finally emerged from the hallway and walked in. He sat down across from me and smiled hesitantly.
“Guess what we get to do…” I thought to him.
“What?” He asked.
“We finally get to break up.” I answered.
“THANK GOD!” He said and smiled at me.
“And how are we supposed to go about this?” He asked.
“Say something mean to me about not talking to you or something. I’ll go from there.” I answered. He nodded.
“Manda, why didn’t you come and find me in the hallway!” Taylor said, trying to act angry.
“Because I didn’t want to!” I announced and could almost feel myself snicker.
“So! You’re so inconsiderate. Just last night when I wanted to talk on the phone, you pretended I didn’t even exist!” he said, raising his voice.
“Jordan! Amanda! Please be quiet and work on your projects.” We both turned to hear Mr. Spross reprimand us.
“Yeah Jordan! You should be quiet. You have such a big mouth. You never know when to shut up!” I said, taking lead.
“ME SHUT UP! You’re always going on about something that makes no damn sense!”
“What I talk about makes perfect sense. You’re just an imbecile!”
“AMANDA! JORDAN!” Mr. Spross began again as he looked at the two of us.
“Get up out of your seat and knock it on the floor. I’ll then take your sketch book and throw it on the floor.” I mentally said to him. He nodded slightly.
“I can’t stand you! I don’t know why I ever agreed to go out with you!” Taylor said angrily.
“WHAT!” Taylor yelled and knocked the chair over, letting a crash resound through the room.
“YOU HEARD ME!” I yelled. I grabbed his sketchbook and threw it violently to the ground.
“YOU BITCH!” He yelled.
“I HATE YOU!” I yelled.
“I mean that too.” I added mentally. Taylor sneered at me and walked over to one of the other tables where one of the other students was painting. He grabbed a paintbrush filled with blue paint and came towards me.
“JORDAN!” Mr. Spross yelled as he jumped out of his chair.
“I HATE YOU TOO!” He yelled and flicked the paint at me. It his me right in the face. I walked over to the student who sat there dumbfounded and grabbed the whole container of paint and walked back over. I threw it and it landed all over Taylor’s shirt and pants.
“JORDAN! AMANDA!” Mr. Spross screamed. He ran around the side of his desk and began to pull us apart as we began to attack each other.
“BREAK IT UP!” He yelled. Taylor looked at me and I looked at him, totally out of breath.
“Mission complete.” I said and nodded.
“Can I tell Phyl?” He asked.
“Go right ahead, just as long as you don’t try and sit next to me.” I said.
“Both of you, I want you to clean up this mess and sit at opposite ends of the room. I could write you up for this!” Mr. Spross warned. Taylor and I looked at him and nodded.
We grabbed sponges and began cleaning up the mess that we had made and every once in awhile would give each other an evil glare to add more to the act.

We made our way to lunch, laughing at what had happened. It had worked out so well and no one knew that it was an act.
“We have to walk in separately and I think we’ll have to sit away from each other.” I said.
“I’ll sit with Phyl and you sit with Holly.” He said.
“Okay.” I smiled. We walked in and made it look like we were about to rip each other’s faces off. I still had paint on my shirt and some on glasses. Taylor had a huge blue stain all along his shirt and pants. He walked over to Phyllis and put his hand on her shoulder. I watched and mentally heard what they were saying.
“What the hell happened to you?” Phyllis asked in bewilderment.
“Over dramatization.” Taylor answered.
“Well, it seems it worked out for the better.” Phyllis answered.

“Jeez, what happened to you and Jordan?” Holly asked and winked.
“We broke up, the bastard. He threw paint at me.” I said and smiled slightly.
“Good touch.” Holly whispered.
“We thought so.”

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