Into The Light

Chapter 12

We all got out and headed up to the school. Taylor was walking next to Phyllis and every once in awhile, would touch her hand with his. She would just look at him and whisper for him to wait.
We got in and Taylor ended up paying for all of us. I couldn’t stand it. Every time I went to move, Phyllis and Holly would have to remind me that we had to act like a couple. We would both grit our teeth and do as they said. We sat down at one of the tables and watched our fellow classmates dance and have fun.
“You know, this really bites!” I said angrily and crossed my arms over my chest.
“Manda, you just have to deal with it.” Phyllis said and sighed. I watched under the table and could see Taylor rubbing Phyllis’ knee. I laughed to myself, thinking how ridiculous this whole thing was.

“Jordan…” We all looked up when we could see Vanessa and a couple other girls come over to the table.
“Uh…yeah.” He answered. I glanced over at Phyllis and could see her clench her hands into fists at the sight of them. Especially Vanessa.
“I was wondering if you would like to dance…”
“He’s here with his girlfriend!” Phyllis spoke up. Holly, Taylor and I both spun our heads in her direction and looked at her with wide eyes. She was acting so cool. I couldn’t believe it.
“Oh…okay…sorry.” Vanessa said and gave a snotty look to Phyllis. Phyllis bit her lip and clenched her fists tighter. The girls and Vanessa walked away and we were once again left to ourselves. Phyllis sat back in her seat and sighed.
“Hon, I know this is hard for you. Why don’t we just go home…” Taylor said as he leaned in and whispered in Phyllis’ ear.
“No…you two are going to dance!” Phyllis announced and looked at both of us.
“But…” I began to stammer.
“Phyl…” Taylor started to protest.
“Next song…you two have to go up there and dance…together.” Phyllis announced and sat back in her seat and continued to look at the other couples out on the dance floor.

The next song came up and of course it had to be a damn slow song.
“Go.” Phyllis said and began to push Taylor up.
“But…but…” He began to stammer.
“Come on…let’s get this over with!” I said and grabbed him by the wrist violently. We walked out to the dance floor where it seemed, EVERYONE was looking at us.
“Shit!” I said outloud. We couldn’t manage to figure out where to put our hands or anything.
“Guys, you have to listen to me…” We could both hear Phyllis saying through our minds.
“What?” I asked.
“Taylor, put your hands on her hips…”
“Do I have to…” He began to protest.
“YES!” Phyllis said angrily. Taylor did as she said and put his hands on my hips. This was getting way to creepy.
“Now Man, put your arms around his neck and don’t forget to smile.” Phyllis instructed me. I did as she said.
“You have to move in closer. You could fit an elephant between you two.”
“But Phyl…” Taylor began to protest again.
“Would you just do it!” She said angrily. Taylor sighed and moved in.
“I hate this.” I whispered.
“So do I.” He said and looked up at the ceiling. We danced, awkwardly, until the song was almost half over. I was so tensed up that every muscle in my body was just waiting for me to give the cue to flee.
“Okay guys…you have to kiss each other now…” We both could hear Phyllis’ voice ring through our heads.
“NO!” We both said symotaniously.
“SHUT UP! Listen, Manda, just move your head so it’s leaning on his shoulder. It will look the same.” She instructed.
“This is the last time I ever do anything like this AGAIN!” I said angrily.
“Just do it!” She said, reprimanding me. I did as she said and leaned my head on his shoulder.
“I hate you.” I whispered, gritting my teeth.
“It’s mutual.” Taylor said.
“Okay…you can get off the dance floor now.” We both could hear Phyllis say.
“With pleasure.” Taylor said outloud as we practically ran to the table. I felt so…so creeped out.

“Okay…now, you promised me a dance Phyl.” Taylor whispered.
“I don’t know…” Phyllis began. Before she could say another word, he grabbed her by the hand and dragged her out to the dance floor. I looked over at Holly and could see her trying to hide her laughter.
“WHAT!” I said in an annoyed voice.
“Nothing.” She said and giggled.
“I’m going to murder you later!” I said, gritting my teeth.
“No you won’t.” She smiled.
“Shut up.” I looked back over to where Taylor and Phyllis were. They were meant to be together like that. Taylor had his arms around her tightly, dancing with her to the music. Everyone looked at them strangely. I would too but in their case…it just seemed right. I could tell that he was attempting to get closer but she would push him away slightly to give him warning.
They finished their dance and headed back to the table where as soon as they sat down, Taylor had Phyllis’ hand in his.

“Uh…excuse me…Felicia…” A voice broke us from our thoughts. Phyllis looked up to see Cody standing there.
“What?” Phyllis asked, a little harshly.
“Would you mind dancing with me?” He smiled. Taylor gave him an evil look but Cody seemed to ignore him.
“Uh…” Phyllis stammered. She looked at Taylor and waited for him to say or do something. I held my breath, waiting for the worst.
“We have to make it believable…” I could hear Taylor’s voice say to Phyllis through thoughts.
“All right.” Phyllis said and smiled hesitantly. She gave Taylor’s hand a squeeze and released. She walked out to the dance floor with Cody and began to dance. Taylor looked at them sadly.
“Taylor, are you all right?” I asked, leaning in.
“I’m fine.” He said and sighed.
“This will all be over soon…all right…” I said and put my hand on his shoulder.
“I know…I know…” He said and continued to watch. I could see Phyllis look out from the dance floor at him. I watched and saw her mouth something at him.
“I love you…”

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