Into The Light


Well, as you can tell, our little sharade had finally come to an end and thank god for that. Any longer and I would have thought I was going to go nuts. Even though it was ‘over’, people still asked if we were still going out. Didn’t they get it? I suppose not. I think the weirdest part of the situation was the fact that the period after lunch, I was asked out. Talk about going for a rebound. I didn’t go out with anyone because I was suppose to act like I was still upset over the break up. How heart wrenching.

After getting ready to leave my last class, I distinctly remembered that the four of us were supposed to meet after school at my house. I was supposed to give them all a ride that afternoon.
I waited patiently outside the school in the parking lot. I looked over and could see both Holly and Phyllis coming towards my car.
“Hey.” I smiled.
“Did you manage to get the paint out of your shirt?” Holly smiled at me.
“Unfortunately, no. This one is going in the trash.” I answered.
“Too bad. Taylor’s pants and shirt are wrecked too.” Phyllis said.
“Speaking of which, where is he?” I asked.
“He said that he had to used the rest room and he would be right out.” Phyllis said as she opened the passenger door.
“I hate waiting for him…” I began to complain.
“SHUT UP!” Phyllis said angrily as she got in the backseat of my little red Daytona. I just rolled my eyes.
“Hol, sit in the front seat so he can’t sit up here.” I said, shoving Holly along.
“Oh, still hard feelings between you two?” Holly said and laughed.
“Just get in!” I said and smacked her on the arm. I got in the driver seat and looked out the review mirror to see if he was coming out yet.
“DAMN! He’s as bad as you are in the bathroom Hol!” I said.
“I RESENT THAT!” Holly said angrily.

It had been over ten minutes and still there was no sight of Taylor.
“Where is he?” Phyllis said in a very worried tone.
“Who knows…” I began to say. I stopped suddenly when I could hear a scream come out of Phyllis that would have woken the dead. Holly and I both turned around fast in our seats.
“PHYL!” I yelled and grabbed her by the shoulders. She seamed to be in some sort of trance like state. Tears streamed down her face and her lips were trembling.
“PHYL!” I yelled again and shook her slightly.
“TAYLOR!” She screamed. I looked at Holly in confusion.
“Phyl, what’s wrong!” Holly said loudly.
“Someone…someone’s hurting Taylor. TAYLOR!” Phyllis screamed. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Phyllis slammed her fist against the window, shattering it into millions of pieces. She scrambled out of it, wiggling her body out so she was outside the car.
“PHYL!” I screamed and opened my door. Before I could even get up, Phyllis was running as fast as she possibly could to the school. Holly and I ran after her and into the school. Suddenly, I could see something run through my mind. I was connecting to what Phyllis was seeing.

There stood Taylor, washing his hands in the boy’s bathroom. Nothing out of the norm. I watched when I could see a darkness appear behind him.

“Taylor…” A voice said as a form finally took shape. Taylor turned around fast.
“Huh? Oh my god…” Taylor’s eyes went wide with fright. There stood a very tall man with long, jet-black hair. It was so dark, I could have sworn that it had shades of blue to it. His hair covered his face. He had on a long black leather coat along with black leather pants and a black shirt.
“Who…who are you…” Taylor stuttered.
“You needn’t know that, but I will tell you. I am Leviathan. Father of all the creatures of the night…”
“Leviathan?” Taylor questioned.
“You are my destruction. You are our race's destruction…”
“WHAT? I don’t even know you…” Taylor stammered.
“You are not a vampire? I think not child. You were foretold as the destruction of our race. You are what is known as fate’s child…”
“Fate’s child?” Taylor said with wide eyes as he back up, bumping into a nearby sink.
“You must be destroyed!” Then, the sound of maniacal laughter began to resonate of the walls. I watched and could see this dark figure's eyes glow an extremely eerie red. I gasped. Suddenly, the figure’s hands rose fast and a blast was sent towards Taylor at blinding speed, sending him to sail through the air and plow into the wall, knocking him out. The figure scooped him up and he was gone.
I snapped back to reality when I found myself and Holly standing in the doorway of the boy’s bathroom. Phyllis was on the floor, sobbing into her hands.
“TAYLOR!” She screamed. We ran in and I embraced my friend as she cried on my shoulder.
Finally, after all the time that I had known Taylor, he had finally stepped into the light and become a good person but fate’s child had a destiny that seemed to cause his destruction.


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