Put Up Your Kingdom For Sale

Chapter 3 - Unhealthy obsession

Everyone filed into the restaurant and sat down. Taylor pulled the chair out for Phyllis like he always did and then sat down himself. They were further in the back away from the rest of the customers and the guys didn’t mind at all. Zac smiled over at Claire as she unfolded the menu.
“What are you having Angel?”
“I was thinking…maybe a hamburger.” She said, scanning the menu.
“Sounds good.” Ike spoke up as he put his arm over Candy’s chair.
“I think I’ll have the same.” Said Phyllis. The waitress came over with pad in hand.
“What would you like?” She asked.
“Hamburger.” Claire said, putting the menu down at the end of the table.
Zac stopped looking at the waitress when he noticed a flash coming from out the window. He looked and could see a black corvette, parked right off the curb from the restaurant. He looked closer and could see someone putting a camera away then back the car away and left the parking lot.
“Sir?” The waitress said louder, trying to get Zac’s attention.
“Uh…oh…sorry.” He said, snapping back and looked at the waitress.
“Uh…turkey club.” He said.
“Thank you.” The waitress left and Zac noticed they were all staring at him.
“Zac, what’s wrong?” Claire asked, concerned.
“Oh…sorry…I’m just a little out of it.”

Eve sped away and got on the road to go home. She got what she wanted and was ready to just relax. She pulled onto a dirt road, surrounded by pine trees and made her way to her house. Her white house sat on a hill. It was big, with numerous windows. It was more than a house…more like a mansion. Eve was content with it. She got out of her corvette and headed to the front door, carrying her bag with her. She unlocked the door and stepped in, setting her bag down along with her shoes. She made her way up the long, spiral stare case up to her room. She sat down on her bed and looked around the room.
“I’m so tired of this.” She said outloud. She stood up and walked to her wardrobe. She pulled off her black miniskirt and black top and searched the wardrobe for something comfortable to wear.
“Here it is.” She said triumphantly as she pulled out a black robe made of valor. It had a plunging neckline and long sleeves. She pulled it on and walked over to her dresser drawers. She pulled out the top drawer and rummaged through it violently. She reached with her hand to the back of the drawer and pulled a key lose from the back. She held it in her slender fingers and examined it. She left her room, slamming the door behind herself and walked down the stairs and into a dark corridor. She walked down the hallway and stopped at a door. She unlocked the door with the key and crept inside. She shut the door behind herself and stood there in the dark. She searched the wall with her right hand and flicked on the lights. The room lit up and all you could see was the biggest collage of faces all along the walls and ceiling. All of Zac Hanson. She walked to a near by drawing table and pulled out a drawer from it. She pulled out a magazine and an exacto knife. She seated herself at the drawing board and flicked o n the light overhead. She turned the pages of the magazine carefully and found what she was looking for. She started to cut around Zac’s face carefully with the exacto knife and placed it to the side of the desk. She examined the ruined picture of the Hanson brothers and smiled to herself. She took the knife and scraped it across Taylor and Ike’s faces then closed it, putting it back in the drawer. She then bent down and pulled a plastic box out from underneath the drawing board and placed the newly cut picture into the box with all the countless others.
“Just wait.” She smiled.

Zac finished his turkey club and put his napkin down on his plate. He looked over at Taylor. Taylor had Phyllis’ hand in his on the table, and was rubbing her knuckles with his thumbs. They seemed so happy. He was happy or so he thought. A great girlfriend, an unbelievable career, a wonderful family but still. He didn’t seem to have the connection with Claire that Taylor had with Phyllis or Ike had with Candy.
“Zac, I think we’re going to be laying the next track down tomorrow so come to the studio around 8 or so.” Said Ike, breaking Zac out of his thoughts.
“Oh…okay.” Zac smiled.
“Do you want to come over to the apartment and see the new lyrics?” Taylor asked him. Zac immediately looked over at Claire.
“Uh…I don’t think so…I should take Claire home anyway.” Zac answered.
“Oh…all right.” Taylor seemed a little hurt. Zac never refused to see Taylor’s lyrics before.
“Bring them tomorrow.” Zac added.
“Sure.” Taylor smiled.
“Well, we’re heading on home…I’m tired and Candy has to study for that final of hers.” Ike said, getting up from the table. He took his wallet out and put out money for his and Candy’s food. He leaned over and kissed Phyllis on the cheek and did the same to Claire.
“Bye.” Ike and Candy left the restaurant.

“We should go too. Your father will kill me if I get you home late.” Zac said, moving Claire a little.
“Oh yeah.” Claire smiled hesitantly as she moved out of the way. Taylor and Phyllis got up as Zac pushed in his chair.
“Bye guys.” Claire said, hugging Phyllis. She hugged Taylor and Taylor kissed her on the cheek.
“Say hello to you parents for us.” Taylor said. Zac came over and Phyllis kissed him on the cheek. Zac kind of hesitated when she did this and started to walk away.
“Hey!” Phyllis called after him.
“Huh?” He asked, turning around.
“Why are you in such a rush. Claire’s father will understand if you’re a little late.”
“Oh…sorry.” He smiled and came over. He kissed Phyllis back and hugged Taylor.
“See you tomorrow.” Taylor called.
“Don’t forget…8 o’clock…don’t be late like you usually are!” Taylor called.
“Yeah, yeah!” Zac yelled back as he left the restaurant.
“Is it me or is Zac acting really strange?” Phyllis asked Taylor as she pulled her pocket book from the floor.
“I don’t know.” Taylor said. He took her hand and left the restaurant.

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