Put Up Your Kingdom For Sale

Chapter 4 - A Chance Encounter

Eve brushed her long black hair as she stood in front of her full-length mirror. She grabbed her black eye liner off the table and leaned in close to the mirror and lined her ice blue eyes with a thick line of black. She grabbed her shear green top and slid it on. She grabbed her sunglasses and left her room. She went down the stairs to the front door and picked up her car keys and pocket book.
“Today’s the day.” She said to no one as she left the mansion. She walked to her black corvette and climbed in. She looked at the digital clock in her car as she turned on the engine. Eve reached into her glove compartment and grabbed her CD holder and pulled out her Hanson CD and put it in. She cranked up the volume so all you could hear was a booming sound coming from the inside of her car. She put the car in reverse and left her parking spot.

Zac woke up and looked over at the alarm clock.
“DAMN! It’s 9:30! I’m late!” He yelled, swinging his legs out from the bed. He ran into the bathroom and took a quick shower and pulled his wet hair back with an elastic band. He ran back into the bedroom and found some clothes and quickly got dressed. He grabbed his cell phone and car keys and bolted out the door, jumping from the top step to the bottom step of his front porch stairs. He ran to his Sadan and jumped in. He started the car and squealed out of his parking spot at full speed.

He made it finally to the studio and turned off the engine. He ran in, breathing hard and almost ran right into Phyllis as he came in the door.
“Hey! Slow down.” Phyllis yelled as he almost knocked her over.
“Where’s Ike and Tay?” Zac asked breathlessly.
“Tay’s in the booth and Ike is on the phone with Candy. I’m warning you…they’re really pissed off at you.” Phyllis said, putting her hands on his shoulders.
“I woke up late.” Zac said defensively.
“I’d just get your butt in there right now.” Phyllis said, moving him along. They walked in and Zac could see Taylor in the booth, looking over some material. He saw Zac and took off his headphones and rushed out.
“WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU!” He yelled in his face.
“We’ve been waiting for an hour and a half! We told you to get here by 8!” Taylor added. He was so angry that he was turning red. Phyllis came over and took his hand.
“Calm down. He over slept.” Phyllis said and looked over at Zac.
“This is ridiculous! I’m tired of covering for him! Did you know the execs came! They wanted to know what the hell happened. We had to lie and tell them that you had a long night and weren’t feeling good. WE CALLED YOU!” Taylor said, getting angrier and angrier.
“Come on, sweets…leave it be…go back in the booth.” Phyllis said, trying to calm Taylor down. Taylor turned away and went back in the booth. He put the headphones back on violently and glared at Zac through the glass.
“You are SO lucky I’m here.” Phyllis said, not even looking at Zac.
“Thank you Phyl. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to wake up so late…”Zac started to apologize.
“Don’t apologize to me.” Phyllis said, finally looking at him in the face. Zac sat down and looked down at the floor.
“Zac…so I see you finally got out of bed.” Ike said, walking in the room.
“Ike…I’m so sorry.” Zac apologized.
“I must tell you Zac, Taylor is the most angry right now. He was depending on you…you know the execs were here. He was scrambling to give them an excuse for why you weren’t here.” Ike said, sitting down by him. Zac looked up when the door to the booth opened and closed. He looked through the glass and saw Phyllis talking to Taylor. She had her hand on his shoulder. He seemed to be calming down. Zac admired the fact that she could calm Taylor down. She had that affect on him, not saying Taylor was an over emotional person, but when he was hurt, he showed it. Taylor and Phyllis walked back out of the booth and Zac was just waiting for another blow.
“Zac…I’m sorry to yell at you. It’s not your fault that you slept late. Just…please…try not to do it again.” Taylor said, taking a deep breath.
“Thank you Taylor.” Zac said, smiling.
“Okay, now let’s lay down this track. We’ll take a break for lunch in a couple hours.” Taylor said, putting his hand on Zac’s shoulder.

Eve sat outside the studio in her car. She just waited until she saw them get in their cars. She had to see him again. It was of the utmost importance. She stopped the engine when she could see the brothers and a girl walk out to an awaiting van. She waited until she saw Zac get in. They pulled out of the parking lot and she turned her engine back on.

She followed them to a small Chinese restaurant. She waited until they all got in, then she followed. She fixed her hair and eyeliner in a small compact that she had in her pocket book as she walked across the parking lot. She hiked up her skirt and made her way in. She glanced over and noticed them all sitting at a near by booth. She noticed the girl and she started to grit her teeth.

“Phyl, what do you want?” Zac asked.
“Spare ribs.” Phyllis smiled and patted Zac’s hand.
“That sounds good.” Taylor said.

Eve wanted to walk over there so bad. She wanted to wrench the girl’s hand away from Zac. She stopped when she noticed the girl staring at Taylor. She took Taylor’s hand from across the table and smiled.

Eve walked over to the counter and grabbed an order form. She scanned the paper but kept glancing over at the booth. She stopped when she noticed the girl move to let Zac out of the booth. She watched him leave and go to the restrooms.
“Uh…where’s is your bathroom?” Eve asked the woman behind the counter. The girl pointed and Eve followed further behind him. She waited and watched him go into the restroom and she waited near the payphone, picking it up so it seemed like she was on the phone. She waited a couple of minutes until she saw him come out. She went into her pocket book and pulled out her sunglasses and pretended to drop them, and not noticing. Zac stopped and picked them up. He tapped the woman on the shoulder.
“Did you drop these?” He asked. Eve turned around and put her hand on the receiver.
“I recognize you.” Zac smiled.
“I don’t know where I’ve seen you before though?” He said, rubbing his chin.
“Grocery store. You knocked my stuff out of my hands.” She smiled.
“Your names…”
“Eve…Eve Fae.” She smiled.
“And your Zac. Can’t forget a face like that.” She smiled, then hung up the phone. Zac started to hand her the sunglasses when Eve took his hand.
“Would you like to…have lunch with me?” She stated boldly. Zac didn’t quite know what to do. She was so direct. He was extremely attracted to her. With her slender body, long legs that seemed to go on forever and the most piercing, ice blue eyes he had ever seen before. He hadn’t seen them the first time he met her since she had had her sunglasses on. She looked almost Egyptian…exotic…someone you would never expect to see in a Chinese restaurant. More like on a catwalk for a major fashion designer. Eve raised an eyebrow.
“So?” She asked.
“Well…uh…actually I’m having lunch with my family right now. And…” Zac stopped mid sentence. He thought for a little. There was something he had to remember. Someone he had to remember. He had to remember he had a girlfriend. But every time he looked at Eve, Claire wasn’t so clear in his mind.
“Oh…I’m sorry.” Eve said and started to walk away.
“No…wait…how about a rain check.” Zac called.
“Rain check?” Eve repeated, looking over her shoulder at him.
“Yeah.” He smiled.
“I don’t see why not. Hold on, let me give you my phone number.” She said, turning back around. She grabbed a piece of paper from her pocket book and a pen and scribbled her number down. She handed it to him.
“Do you want mine?” He called as she started to walk away.
“You’ll call.” She said back and left, smiling.

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