Put Up Your Kingdom For Sale

Chapter 2 - Familiar Faces

Zac walked into the movie theater, his girlfriend right beside him. She leaned her head against his shoulder as he stopped at the ticket booth to buy their tickets, and smiled as he wrapped a strong arm around her waist.
“Two for Magnolia please.” he said, paying the man behind the counter.
“Here you go.”
”Thanks.” Zac replied, taking the tickets and ushering the two of them towards the snack center. “What do you want Claire?”
”Share a large popcorn with you?”
”Sure. Anything to drink?”
”Med. Dr. Pepper.”
”You got it Angel…”
Zac pulled a twenty-dollar bill out of his pocket and stepped up to the counter. The girl behind it just looked at him funny.
“A large popcorn and one extra large Dr. Pepper please.”
“Sure thing.”
She filled their order and gave Zac back his change.
“Enjoy the movie.”
Zac and Claire walked into their “screening room” and found a good place to sit amidst the countless other people. He took her hand when they sat down, and leaned in to kiss the top of her head. She smiled and leaned her head against his shoulder, enjoying the feeling of his arm around her shoulders.

Zac thought, shifting in his seat.
“Hey, I gotta run to the men’s room, I’ll be right back.” he whispered to Claire.
“Sure. Pick up a pack of twizzlers on your way back, okay?”
He stood up and hurried to the bathroom in order to stay out of the other people’s view. When he reached the hallway, he could’ve sworn that he was being followed. Looking behind him, Zac saw no one, and continued on his way to the men’s room.

“Yeah, can I get a pack of twizzlers please?”
”No prob.”
As he headed back to the movie with his newly purchased twizzlers, Zac saw a familiar head of black hair and long legs. Turning in the direction he believed to see this person, he saw no one. Shrugging his shoulders, Zac made his way back to Claire.

“That was a good movie.” Claire said, pushing a stray hair out of her face and behind her ear.
“Yeah. Wonder if Tay and Ike have seen it yet?”
”Don’t know. Hey, what time do you have to go to that meeting?”
”Huh? Oh, I got… about an hour. I’ll take you home then head over.”

Zac pulled into Claire’s driveway and parked the car. Getting out, he walked around to open her door. When she got out, he took her hand and walked her to the front door. She smiled as he held her close.
“See you tomorrow?” she asked, putting her arms around his neck.
”Of course Angel… Love you.”
”I love you too.”
His lips met hers, and neither noticed the car that was pulled up to the curb. The driver pulled her sunglasses down so she could watch the couple. Her green eyes sparkled mischievously as she put her glasses back up and put the car in drive.

Zac kissed Claire good-bye once again and then turned and ran back to his car, a sporty little thing, navy in color with black leather interior. He put it in reverse, pulled out of the driveway, blew Claire a kiss and took off towards the studio.

“YO! ZAC IS IN THE HOUSE!” he called, walking into the dressing room and pushing his sunglasses up onto the brim of his hat. “Hey, where is everybody!?”
”They’re all in the booth 2.”
Zac turned, only to see his brother’s girlfriend standing in the doorway. She was dressed in a pair of kaki cut off shorts, a black tank, and had a pair of black and white ‘basket ball shoes’ on, no socks. Her short dirty blonde hair was pulled back in a high neat ponytail, her rat tail hanging down her back, just above her ass. Normally she would have wound it around the hair band, but today, she decided not to. She had green eyes that seemed to glow in the fluorescent light and caught the reflection of light on her glasses.
“Hey Phyl. Tay mad at me for being a little late?”
”Nah, they’re waiting for you in the booth, just sorta working out some last minute bugs. Candy took Jess and Avery shopping, so Ike’s sorta left all by himself.”
”And why are you out here?”
”I was told to wait for the little one.”
”Thanks, I feel so loved.”
”And you are Zac, you are…”

“Okay, that’s a wrap guys. We’ll take it from here tomorrow.”
“Right. Hey, Zac, what cha doing tonight? Ike, Phyl, Candy and I are going out for dinner. Wanna invite Claire and join us?”
”I guess. Let me call her.”
Zac got up from his place behind his drums and walked out of the ‘box’ as he called it. He picked up the phone on the desk out in the lobby and dialed Claire’s house.

“Claire? It’s Zac.”
”Hi. What’s up?”
”Tay’s invited us to join him Phyl, Ike and Candy for dinner. Would you like to come?”
”Sure. Let me double check with daddy first. * Pause * Zac? Daddy says it’s fine.”
”Great. I’ll pick you up at… uh… hold on a sec…. * lower tone * hey Tay, what time?”
“Dinner’s at 6, so let’s all meet at 5:30. We can take the van.”
”Kay. * back to Claire * I’ll pick you up around 5:00. We’re going to car pool.”
“No problem. I’ll see you then.”
”Right. Love you.”
”Right back atcha.”
Zac smiled and hung up the phone, turning to walk back to the dressing room and put his sticks away.

Taylor pulled the car into the restaurant parking lot and Phyllis and him got out. They waited until the rest came and of course, Zac was late like he always was. As they were walking inside, Zac could have sworn he saw the same black hair and legs he saw back in the movie theater. Claire looked a bit worried at his confused expression.
“Everything okay?”
”Yeah, everything’s fine. I just keep thinking I see a familiar face, that’s all.”

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