Put Up Your Kingdom For Sale

Chapter 1 - At First Sight...

Walking down the cosmetics isle, one could see that this boy stood out. His baseball cap was pulled far down on his forehead, casting a dark shadow over his eyes, which were hidden behind a pair of rather dark sunglasses. He wore a bright blue button down shirt, a pair of kaki pants, and brown hiking boots. All in all, he could blind you if you looked directly at him in the sun. His blonde hair was pulled back in a short pony at the base of his neck, and didn't seem to fall below his shoulders. The girl that walked beside him was dressed in a pair of black flares, a white tank, with a violet button down over shirt over top of it. Her sandals were a tan color, and looked very, excuse the expression, "lived in". She had mid back length black hair, it's natural blond highlights giving it that streaked look. She had it pulled back in a tight French braid, and she wore very little make up, just mascara and a little lip gloss.
"I just need a thing of chap stick, then we can go." she said, smiling up at her companion.
"Sure, no prob. I have to pick up a new thing of hair bands any way." he replied, giving her hand a reassuring squeeze.
They separated and went to their own section of the department, but as he stepped up to the rack, someone bumped into him.
"OH! Excuse me!" a woman said as she stepped back and pushed her sunglasses up.
"Don't worry about it, I wasn't watching where I was going. I'm completely at fault." he replied, picking up the package of butterfly clips and lipstick he had caused her to drop.
"Thank you... uh..."
"Zac. I'm Eve. Nice to meet you."
They shook hands and as Eve walked off, Zac's companion walked over. She looked at Eve and then at Zac, a tad bit confused.
"Who was that?" she asked.
"Her name's Eve. I bumped into her by accident and made her drop her stuff."
"Oh... well, I've got what I came for, let's go."
"Okay, let me grab my hair bands."

Eve walked out to her car, a sporty black corvette, and unlocked the door. Throwing her newly purchased stuff in the back; she got in and shut her door. Starting the engine, she happened to look in the rear view mirror. Zac and his friend were headed out to the navy Sedan parked three spots down from her, and in the row behind her.
"You know, I could almost swear that was Zac Hanson... at first sight..., she thought aloud, backing out of her parking spot and driving out of the parking lot.

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