Put Up Your Kingdom For Sale

Chapter 18 - “Zac, this is Taylor…”

Phyllis got up off the couch in her living room. She clicked off the television and looked towards the stairs. Taylor was still not awake. She didn’t want to wake him considering that the night before, he had been out all night, promoting the new album. She attempted to get up as best as she could considering her condition. She looked at the clock and noticed that it was around eleven and she had totally forgotten about getting the mail the day before. She headed to the door and put on her slippers, barely being able to see her feet. She walked to the end of the driveway and opened the mailbox.
“Junk, fan mail, fan mail…DAMN IT!” She yelled as she dropped one of the envelopes on the driveway. She looked down, still not being able to see her feet and looked for it. She finally saw it and attempted to bend down to get it. She sat on the ground and finally got it in her hands. She looked at the envelope carefully and noticed that it was addressed to her. She opened the envelope carefully and pulled out what looked like a card.
“Oh, must be another baby card.” She said out loud. She turned the card over and looked at it carefully. On the outside looked like pressed flowers and two embossed rings. She opened it up and looked at what the card read.
“Phyllis, you are invited as a bridesmaid for Zac Hanson and Eve Fae’s wedding. To be held on May 9th.” Phyllis’ eyes went wide.
“Oh my god, they’re getting married!” She said to herself.

“Phyl? What are you doing sitting on the ground?” Taylor’s voice shocked Phyllis and she quickly put the card away.
“Just…Just getting the mail.” She smiled and looked up at him.
“Phyl, your seven months pregnant, I don’t think you should be sitting on the driveway, getting the mail.” Taylor smiled as he helped her up.
“Did we get anything good?” He asked.
“We got some junk mail, two fan letters for you and…” Phyllis bit her lip as she glanced at the envelope.
“And…and something for me.” She said, and handed him the rest of it for the exception of the invitation.
“What did you get?” Taylor asked.
“It’s…uh…a baby card.” She smiled.
“Can I see?” He asked.
“Uh…I haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet, I’ll let you see it later.” She smiled. She followed him inside and closed the door.
Phyllis sat down on the couch again and attempted to hide the envelope in the cushion while Taylor went in the kitchen to get a glass of water.
“Hey Phyl, do you want something?” Taylor called from the kitchen.
“Uh…no thanks honey.” She called back. Taylor walked back in the room and sat down on the couch.
“So, we should talk about names again. I still like the name Caitlin for a girl…” Taylor began.
“Oh not that Caitlin thing again. What happens if it’s a boy?” Phyllis said as she put her hand on her belly and started to rub it gently.
“Well, I don’t know. What do you think?” He smiled and put his hand on hers.
“For a girl I want Cat Isis…” Phyllis began.
“Isis?” Taylor questioned.
“Yeah, Isis, do I have to explain this again…”
“I know, I know, something about an Egyptian goddess or something…” Taylor said rolling his eyes.
“I like Cat, it’s like Caitlin. Is it going to be short for Catherine or something?” Taylor questioned.
“No, just Cat.” Phyllis smiled.
“And like you said, if it’s a boy…”
“Well of course it would be Jordan Taylor jr. You know that.” Phyllis smiled as she looked down at her belly again.
“Phyl, you don’t have to name the baby after me.” Taylor said, smiling at the thought.
“Tay, I love your name. I want our son, if it is a boy, to be strong, like you and I think it’s appropriate to name him after you.” Phyllis said as she leaned her head on his shoulder.
“Well, then, I think if it’s a girl we should name it after you.” He said.
“Uh uh. Frankly, I don’t like my name and I wouldn’t call the baby that.” Phyllis said, looking up at him.
“Oh, don’t forget, our appointment for the sonogram is today at 2. I know you and Ike have to meet and talk about the new lyrics to that song you two were working on…” Phyllis said, moving her head from his shoulder and looking in his face.
“Oh, I forgot, he can’t meet today. Candy and him have to go to their doctors to. They want to see if the new methods are working and she might be pregnant.” Taylor answered.
“That would be great if she finally got pregnant. They’ve been trying so hard to have a baby.” Phyllis said. Taylor got up off the couch and stood up.
“I’m going to go downstairs and work on a song.” He said.
“All right sweetie.” Phyllis called.

Taylor helped Phyllis in the car. Since the months were going by, she was finding the easiest things harder to do now that she was pregnant. Taylor walked around to the other side of the car and got in.
“Do we want to know?” He asked as he put on his seatbelt.
“Know what?” Phyllis asked.
“If it’s a boy or girl.” He smiled.
“I think I would like to be surprised.” She answered.

Taylor and Phyllis arrived at the doctor’s office. Taylor helped Phyllis out of the car carefully and they walked to the entrance.
“I hope no one recognizes us.” Phyllis said, looking around cautiously as they made their way in the office.
“With out a doubt, someone will notice us.” He smiled. They walked over to the front desk and waited as the nurse at the station acknowledged them.
“Oh hello, Mr. and Mrs. Hanson!” She said excitedly.
“Shhh.” Taylor said, looking all around as almost every patient in the waiting room looked up at them.
“Sorry. The doctor is waiting for you.” She smiled as she walked out from behind the desk and led them down the corridor to the examination room.
“Just sit over here and make yourself comfortable.” The woman smiled. She left Phyllis and Taylor and Taylor helped Phyllis up onto the table.
“I wonder what she’s going to say.” Phyllis said, looking up at the ceiling.
“I don’t think she’s going to say much…” Taylor began until the door to the room opened. A woman stepped in. She had carrot red hair that she kept back in a braid. She had glasses and of course the doctor’s lab coat with a stethoscope.
“Good afternoon.” She smiled as she closed the door.
“How are we doing?” She asked, looking directly at Phyllis.
“Fine.” Phyllis smiled.
“Are you staying away from caffeine and everything like that?” She asked as she took out a clipboard and a pen.
“Yes.” Phyllis answered.
“Good. Okay, are we ready for the sonogram?” She smiled.
“Yup.” Phyllis smiled. The doctor glanced over at Taylor and he flashed a smile.
“Okay, I need you to lift your shirt over your stomach and lay down on the table.” The doctor said.
“No problem.” Phyllis said. She did as the doctor had told her and looked over at Taylor and smiled.
“Okay, you know the drill. The stuff may be cold.” The doctor smiled.
“I know.” Phyllis answered as the doctor squirted the gel on her stomach. The doctor turned on the machine and the monitor and put the hand controller on Phyllis’ stomach. Taylor and Phyllis immediately looked over at the monitor.
“Well, let’s see…the baby looks pretty good so far. Well, formed head, that’s the face right there…” She said, pointing it out on the screen,
“Uh…” She said, pausing.
“What?!” Phyllis said in a panic.
“What’s wrong?’ Taylor said, grabbing Phyllis’ hand.
“Hold on here for a second.” The doctor said as she moved the controller more over Phyllis’ stomach.
“I think that I see…”
“WHAT!” Taylor yelled.
“Uh…” The doctor said, still looking intently at the screen. She looked back over at Phyllis and Taylor intently.
“Are you prepared for anything?” She asked seriously. Both Phyllis and Taylor gulped. Phyllis tightened her grip on Taylor’s hand.
“Y-Yes.” She stammered.
“You are pregnant…with twins. I couldn’t see the other one before. It was hidden so well during all the other sonograms that we could have never seen it.” She answered and smiled.
“We’re having twins!” Taylor said excitedly with tears in his eyes. He looked in Phyllis’ face and her jaw was practically to her knees.
“Phyl?…Phyl?” He asked concerned.
“Twins?” She questioned and raised an eyebrow.
“Yes, right there, you can see the other head and another set of hands…I can tell you the sexes too if you want.” The doctor smiled.
“Twins?” she questioned again.
“Yes Mrs. Hanson.” The doctor laughed.
“Do you want to know the sexes?” She added.
“Phyl?” Taylor asked, putting his hand on her face and moving it so that it was in his direction.
“Do you want to know sweat heart?” He asked. Phyllis looked at him with tears streaming down her face.
“Y-Yes.” She stammered.
“By the looks of it, your having…a girl and…and…a boy.” The doctor said as she studied the monitor and looked back up at them. Taylor looked at Phyllis and looked back at the monitor. He went into his back pocket and grabbed his cell phone, turning it on immediately.
“Hello, Ike?” Taylor said into the phone as the line picked up.
“Hey Tay, what’s up?” Ike asked on the other line.
“TWINS!” Taylor yelled into the phone.
“What?” Ike asked.
“It’s twins!” Taylor said taking a breath.
“TWINS?” Ike yelled into the phone.
“Yeah, boy and girl.” Taylor said and started crying.
“This is great! Let me get Candy, hold on.” Ike said, putting the phone down. Candy got on the line.
“Taylor, what’s going on? Ike’s babbling something and I don’t understand.” Candy said.
“We’re having twins.” Taylor said, barely being able to choke out the words.
“What? Get Phyl on the phone.” Candy said, not understanding what Taylor had said. Taylor handed her the phone.
“Phyl, what the hell is going on?” Candy asked.
“Candy, we just found its twins! A boy and a girl.” Phyllis said.
“AGHHHH! THAT’S WONDERFUL!” Candy yelled into the phone.
“I have to let you go, there are so many other people we have to call.” Phyllis said.
“Okay, okay, talk to you later.” Candy said. Phyllis hung up and dialed Amanda’s number.
“Hello?” Kodiak’s voice came on.
“Kodiak? Is Amanda around?” Phyllis said, trying to act calm.
“Actually, no, she went out. Do you want to leave me a message?” He asked.
“Just tell her that I’m not having the baby.” Phyllis said.
“WHAT?! What do you mean your not having the baby?” Kodiak yelled into the phone.
“I’m having two babies. A boy and a girl, twins.” Phyllis said.
“Oh, Phyl, that’s great. I’ll tell her…”
“Make sure she doesn’t call me because I’m going to be calling all kinds of people. Have her call Holly because I know Hol is out right now.” Phyllis interrupted him.
“No problem.” He said and Phyllis hung up. She handed the phone back to Taylor.
“Call your parents…and your brother.” Phyllis said, laying back down and looking at him.
“I already called Ike?” Taylor said, looking puzzled.
“I mean call Zac.” Phyllis said as she let her smile fade.
“Uh…” Taylor began.
“Please.” She said.
“Fine.” He said, taking a deep breath. Taylor looked at the phone in his hands and glanced back over at Phyllis. He dialed Zac’s cell phone number and put the phone up to his ear. He waited patiently as the phone rang and rang. The answering machine came on and Taylor waited as the message played all the way through.
“Hello, this is Zac…and this is Eve…we’re not home right now, please leave your name and your number and a brief message.”
“Zac, this is Taylor. I know you probably don’t want to be hearing my voice right now…but…I just called to tell you that Phyl and I are at the doctor’s. She just had the sonogram and we just found out that we’re having twins, a boy and a girl. She just wanted to let you know. Bye.” Taylor hung up the phone and looked down at Phyllis.
“Why did you just say that I wanted to them to know. Don’t you want them to know?” Phyllis questioned.
“Uh…I should take your blood pressure now.” The doctor said, interrupting the discussion between the two. Taylor and Phyllis looked back up at the doctor, totally forgetting she was in the room.
“Oh, sorry.” Taylor said.
“That’s all right. I understand that you’re excited. Many parents want to call as soon as they get the news.” The doctor smiled as she put the cuff on Phyllis’ arm.
“Oh, hon, I forgot to give this to you. You thought it was fan mail for me but actually it was fan mail for both of us.” Taylor smiled as he handed Phyllis a letter. Phyllis opened the envelope carefully and pulled out not only a letter and what looked like a hand made card. Phyllis opened the card and saw that it wished them best wishes on the new edition to their family. On the inside of the card looked like hundreds of names of fans not only on the front and the inside but on the back. Phyllis smiled at the card and handed it to Taylor. She opened the letter and started to read it out loud.
“Phyllis and Taylor, The fans would just like to thank both Taylor and his brothers for both their wonderful music and inspiring words and Phyllis for supporting Taylor but also for the new edition to the Hanson line. We hope that your lives will be filled with as much joy as what you have given to us. The fans.” Followed by the note were yet again hundreds of names. Phyllis smiled and handed Taylor the letter.
“That is so sweet.” She said with a tear in her eye.
“Find the address and I want to write a note back.” Phyllis added.
“No problem hon.”
“I’m going to tell them about the twins.” Phyllis smiled.
“Don’t you want to wait…” Taylor said, narrowing his eyes.
“No, I don’t just want to keep this to ourselves. I want to share it with everyone.” Phyllis smiled.

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