Put Up Your Kingdom For Sale

Chapter 17 - Midnight Margaritas

Amanda and Kodiak left Phyllis to get her stuff out of her car while they got dressed. Phyllis couldn’t believe that after all the time Amanda was going out with Kodiak, she had never said a word to Phyllis nor anyone else about it for that matter. Phyllis reached her car and took out her keys. She unlocked the back door and hauled out her suitcase.
“Here.” Kodiak said, startling her, as he came up to her. He was barefoot and only had on a pair of blue jeans. He grabbed Phyllis’ suitcase from her.
“I’ll take this upstairs for you.” He smiled.
“Thanks.” Phyllis said. She reached back in the back seat and grabbed her small bag that had stuff like her toothbrush and makeup in it. She looked up in the sky, not realizing how late it had gotten. She had been at Amanda’s for hours. She went in her pocket book and looked at her watch that she always kept in it.
“Damn, it’s 10:30 at night already.” She said in a shocked tone. She grabbed the last of her things and locked her car door. She headed back to the building and went back in the elevator, up to Amanda’s apartment. Phyllis put her pocket book and her other bag down as she walked in the door. She hadn’t even thought of getting out of her wedding dress.
“Hey Man, I’m going to get changed.” Phyllis yelled into Amanda’s bedroom.
“You can use the bathroom.” Amanda yelled back.

Kodiak sat on the bed, putting his socks on.
“Hon, would you mind going out. Phyllis needs a little time to vent, you know, just girls.” Amanda asked as she bent down on the floor and looked up into Kodiak’s golden eyes.
“Sure. I could call up Ike and me and him could catch up on old times.” Kodiak smiled.
“Hey, that would be a great idea. I can call Holly, Candy and Nicole and they could come over to cheer her up.” Amanda said. She got up and kissed Kodiak on the cheek. She walked over to her side of the bed and grabbed the phone.
“Hey Hol!” Amanda said into the phone.
“Is Nicole with you…good.” She added as she looked over at Kodiak who was putting on his tee shirt.
“Why don’t you two come over. Phyl’s here…no…no…don’t call Taylor. I don’t think she really wants to see him right now. Great, I’ll see you in a bit. Bye.” Amanda hung up the phone and smiled to Kodiak.
“I’ll call Ike and Candy.” She said.
“All right.” He smiled as he walked over to her and caressed her cheek with his hand.
“Hello, Candy?” She said.
“Would you like to come over, Phyl’s here…no…don’t call Taylor…oh and tell Ike that Kodiak wants him to go out with him tonight to catch up…I’ll hold on.” Amanda waited patiently as Candy got Ike and talked to him. Candy got back on the line.
“Great, see you.” Amanda said and hung up the phone.
“All right.” She smiled.

Phyllis came out of the bathroom in her comfortable blue pajama bottom pants and a white tank top that came above her belly button. Amanda came out of the bedroom and smiled.
“What’s with the look Man?’ Phyllis asked suspiciously.
“Nothing.” Amanda smiled mischeiviously.
“I don’t trust you.” Phyllis said, narrowing her eyes. Amanda flopped down on the couch next to her.
“We’re going to have some fun tonight.”
“Man, I’m not really in the mood for fun…”
“Nonsense. Kodiak and Ike are going to leave us and the girls are coming over. We’re going to have fun damn it.” Amanda said confidently and stood up. Kodiak walked in the room.
“See ya hon.” He said, wrapping his arm around her waist and kissing her lightly.
“Could you do me another favor honey…pick up some ice cream.” Amanda smiled.
“Don’t we have ice cream?” Kodiak questioned.
“Yeah, but we need some more.” She smiled.
“No problem. Have a good time and don’t get into trouble.” He said just as he left the apartment.
“Manda, what do you have planned.” Phyllis asked.
“Well, we never gave you a bachelorette party…”
“Oh come on Phyl, time to live it up!” Amanda smiled.
“Did you bring your cd’s?” Amanda asked.
“uh….yeah…” Phyllis said.
“Where are they?”
“They’re in my suitcase, why?” Phyllis questioned.
“I’m getting them.”

A couple minutes later, Holly, Nicole and Candy arrived. Amanda had changed into her pajama bottoms and a tee shirt. The other girls had showed up in jeans and tee shirts too. Phyllis sat on the couch, staring down at the floor, thinking about Taylor.
“Phyl, how you doing?” Nicole said in a concerned voice as she sat down on the couch and put her arm around Phyllis’ shoulder.
“I’m fine.” Phyllis said, trying to smile in spite of the pain.
“Well, we’re having fun tonight, so lets get up and get happy.” Holly said and laughed as she picked Phyllis up off the couch.
“Before we start, I have a little something to livin’ us up a bit.” Amanda smiled. She walked into the kitchen and brought out a tray with shot glasses and a bottle.
“Hol, move the coffee table.” Amanda said. Holly did as she had asked and Amanda put the tray down on the coffee table. She put out the shot glasses and filled each one.
“Phyl, you’re the first.” Amanda smiled.
“Man, I don’t drink…” Phyllis said, looking down at the shot glass Amanda had handed her.
“Who gives a rat’s ass.” Amanda laughed.
“Well…” Phyllis stammered.
“Chug-a-lug!” Holly started to sing.
“Shut up!” Phyllis yelled, turning towards her friend. She downed it.
“That stuff tastes so damn nasty!” She said with a funny look on her face. Amanda poured another one and handed it to her.
“It’ll taste better after you have a few of them.” She smiled. All the rest of the girls grabbed their shot glasses and downed the contents.
“Gross!” Holly yelled.
“More.” She said, handing it to Amanda to pour.
“Wait, wait!” Amanda yelled as she ran over to the cd player.
“What are you playing Man?” Candy asked.
“Just listen.” She smiled. She hit play and turned up the volume. Coming from the speakers was a song that the girls had come accustomed to over the years.
“I AM THE WALRUS!” Holly yelled joyfully as she poured herself another shot and downed it. Candy and Nicole got up and started dancing around with Amanda.
“WOO HOO!” Nicole yelled. Phyllis stared at her friends in disbelief.
“Come on Phyl.” Holly smiled and handed her another shot glass full.
“aww…what the hell.” Phyllis said and drank it.

Zac pulled in the driveway of Eve’s mansion. They got out and went inside.
“Zac, Go upstairs and change your clothes, I’m going to look at that wound.” Eve said as they walked in the door. Zac did as she said and went upstairs while she went to the bathroom to get a wet washcloth and some bandages. Zac got out of his clothes and sat on the bed. He looked down at the floor and thought about what had happened. He couldn’t believe how infuriated he had gotten. He had never been so angry at Taylor in his life. He loved Eve so much that he would risk anything to be with her. He thought about it long and hard. It had been in the back of his mind for the longest time. He wanted to be with her but he didn’t really know how to go about and tell her just the right way. Eve walked in the room and looked at him.
“Lay down on the bed.” She directed him. Zac did as she said and laid down, getting under the covers but leaning against the headboard. Eve put the stuff on the nightstand and sat on the bed next to him.
“This is really going to sting. He got you good with his ring.” She said, leaning in. She took the washcloth and gently washed his wound.
“Don’t talk right now.” She said, concentrating on the wound. Zac stopped, grabbing her wrist lightly. He put her hand in his and stared in her eyes.
“Eve…I need to ask you something…” Zac began. Eve’s eyes went wide. All that she could think of was him telling her he knew what she was up to. That he had figured it out after all this time and she would never get away with it.
“Eve…I love you. I want to be with you…”
“Zac…I…” Eve began.
“Marry me.” He said quietly and looked in her eyes. Eve didn’t know what to do. She felt frozen, trapped, scared as hell.
“I…I…” She stammered.
“I want you to be my wife.” He said. She looked in his eyes and could see that they were threatening to cry.
“Yes.” She said.
“Yes…I’ll marry you.” She smiled. She leaned in and kissed him.

Phyllis was feeling a little tipsy. She got up with the rest of the girls and were dancing around to all kinds of different cds that she had brought along. She was really having a good time.
“A little more…a little more…stuff.” Amanda smiled sleepily as she attempted to pour some more into a shot glass for Holly.
“Got anything else?” Holly asked.
“Oooooo, I forgot…I got some bailey’s Irish cream or vodka…” Amanda smiled and started to giggle.
“Phyl?” She asked.
“Bailey’s.” Phyllis smiled. Amanda headed towards the kitchen, stumbling a little and got the stuff. The song had stopped and it was switching over to the next cd.
“Hey GUYS!” Phyllis said, feeling herself get louder.
“PUT THE LIME IN THE COCONUT!” She yelled just as the song began.
“Ooooooo, what time is it?” Amanda asked, looking around the corner of the kitchen.
“It’s almost midnight.” Candy said, looking at her watch.
“MIDNIGHT MARGARITAS!” Amanda yelled. She mixed the drinks and handed them to everyone. She took a sip of hers and put it on the coffee table. All the girls stood up and started dancing around to the song and singing obnoxiously.

Taylor decided he had to get out of the house. He had tried his brother’s house, Amanda’s apartment and even Holly’s but no one knew where Phyllis was. He drove to the grocery store and got out of the car. He looked in his review mirror at himself and gasped.
“Damn, I look like hell.” He said to himself as he brushed his hair out of his face. He hadn’t even bothered to change. He walked in the grocery store and headed to the frozen food section. He stopped, noticing a familiar body.
“Ike?” Taylor yelled. Ike turned around along with Kodiak with armfuls of ice cream.
“What are you doing here Tay?” Ike asked.
“I’ve been looking for Phyllis and…”
“Oh…she’s over at my place.” Kodiak spoke up.
“YOUR place!” Taylor said in a shocked tone.
“Well, actually mine and Amanda’s place.” Kodiak said, correcting himself.
“You’re going out with Amanda? You just met?” Taylor said, raising his eyebrow.
“Actually we’ve been together for about a year and a half…it’s a long story.” Kodiak smiled.
“Let’s just pay for this and we’ll take you back to the apartment.” He added.

They paid for everything and Taylor followed the guys to the apartment. He got out of the car as soon as they pulled in the parking lot.
“Which apartment is it?” Taylor asked, running over to the door.
“Just hold your horses bro.” Ike said, unbuckling his seat belt. Kodiak and Ike got out of the car and they made their way upstairs. Taylor couldn’t wait. He wanted to see Phyllis. Kodiak opened the door.
“OH MY GOD!” All three of them yelled.

Taylor ran in, seeing Phyllis dancing around in her underwear with a margarita glass in her hand. Holly was on the floor, sipping a bottle. Amanda was downing some unknown drink and Candy and Nicole were laughing hysterically about something. Taylor rushed over to Phyllis.
“PHYL!” He yelled and grabbed her by the shoulders.
“Who…who you?” She said and started to smile and laugh.
“Oh god.” Kodiak said. He walked over to Amanda and grabbed the glass from her.
“How much did you drink?” He demanded.
“Jut…jut…a little bit.” She said and smiled as she leaped into his arms. Ike just laughed, watching how drunk all the girls were and how stupid they were. Candy and Nicole walked over to Ike and started to take off his clothes.
“HEY!” He yelled, attempting to pull his clothes back on. Taylor quickly looked over at Ike.
“Ike, stop!” Taylor said angrily.
“IT’S NOT LIKE I WANT THEM TO DO THIS!” Ike yelled. Taylor looked back at Phyllis as she continued to dance to the song.
“Phyl, wh…wh…” He began. She stopped, looking at him and grabbed him by the hands, placing them on her hips and started to dance with him.
“Phyl!” He yelled.
“Dance wit me.” She smiled.
“YOU’RE DRUNK!” He yelled.
“Wus you point?” She smiled and started to giggle.
“Get some clothes on!” He demanded, looking all around the room for any trace of her clothing. Phyllis removed his hands from her waist and stood there with her hands on her hips.
“Your no fun.” She said and stuck out her tongue at him. She sat right down on the floor in front of him and crossed her arms over her chest. Meanwhile, Ike was struggling with Candy and Nicole grabbing at his clothes. Kodiak was trying to catch Amanda before she grabbed something more to drink and Holly was still sipping the bottle in her hands. Taylor looked all around at what was happening. He bent down and attempted to get Phyllis to stand up but she wouldn’t cooperate. All the girls stopped what they were doing when the song switched over from “The Lime In The Coconut” to “ Gold Dust Woman” by Fleetwood Mac. Phyllis looked up at Taylor with tears in her eyes and Taylor didn’t know what to do. All the girls listened quietly as the song began.
“What’s going on?” Ike asked as he fixed his shirt and walked over to where the girls had gathered around the stereo.
“SHHHH!” Holly said with her finger to her lips.

‘Rock on- gold dust woman, take your silver spoon, and dig your grave. Heartless challenge, pick your path and I’ll pray…’

Taylor listened to the haunting song that Stevie Nicks sang and looked back down at Phyllis. Tears streamed down her face and he didn’t know what to do.

‘…Wake up in the morning, See your sunrise-loves-to go down. Lousy lovers-pick their pray but they never cry out loud. Did she make you cry, make your break down, shatter all your illusions of love. Is it over now-do you know how to pick up the pieces and go home…’

All the girls started sobbing uncontrollably. Kodiak, Ike and Taylor all looked at each other in shock.
“WHAT SHOULD WE DO?!” Taylor said with wide eyes as he looked at his brother and Kodiak.
“I…I…” Kodiak stuttered as he looked at Amanda. Taylor bent down and wrapped his arms around Phyllis as she started to weep.

‘Rock on-ancient queen, follow those who pale in your shadow. Rulers make bad lovers, you better put your kingdom up for sale. Did she make you cry, make you break down, shatter all your illusions of love, is it over now- do you know how to pick up the pieces and go home…black widow…she’s a dragon…’

The song ended and Taylor could feel Phyllis stop her sobbing. All the girls left where they were standing and went about what they were doing in the beginning. Phyllis removed Taylor’s arms from her and smiled at him sleepily. The next song came on over the stereo speakers and the girls started dancing around again. Taylor looked up at his brother and Kodiak, totally bewildered.
“What was that all about?” Ike questioned, looking at the girls.
“I have no idea.” Taylor said with a shocked look.
“Hey, do you two want a beer, it’s going to be a long night.” Kodiak said, as he slapped his hand against Ike’s back.
“Sure.” Ike said.
“Nothing for me. I had a bad experience with getting drunk. They’re going to feel it in the morning.” Taylor said as he sat down on the end of the couch. Ike sat down next to him as Kodiak left and went in the kitchen. Kodiak came back out with a beer for Ike and for himself. He sat down on the other end of the couch and opened his beer. He looked over at Amanda who had apparently found his underwear drawer and was throwing his under garments all around the apartment. Taylor looked down from the other end of the couch at him and Kodiak took a long swig. Phyllis staggered over to the couch and looked down at Taylor.
“Are you getting tired out?” He asked.
“Course not silly.” She smiled. With one quick move, she climbed on the couch, over Ike and Kodiak’s lap and laid on her back, looking up at Taylor. Ike just started laughing.
“Ike, shut up!” Taylor said angrily.
“Hey! You!” Phyllis yelled up at Taylor. Taylor looked back down at her and she smiled.
“What?” He said, not very amused by what was happening.
“You’re the cute one.” She smiled and reached up to him. Ike and Kodiak started to laugh.
“I like you, but you…you…you need to live a little.” She smiled. And with that she grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him down. She looked at him, pressing her forehead against his and smiled and then pressed her lips to his. Taylor’s eyes went wide. Ike and Kodiak were practically hanging off the couch in hysterics. Phyllis kissed him passionately and let him go. She looked back up at him, smiled and then proceeded to pass out on his lap. Taylor looked over at Kodiak and Ike and gave them an evil glare.
“SHUT UP!” He yelled angrily. The intense alcohol taste lingered in his mouth and he cringed.
“Can I have a glass of water?” He asked Kodiak.
“Su…Sure.” Kodiak answered as he tried not to laugh. He got up from the couch and Ike moved down. Phyllis turned on her side and curled up on Taylor’s lap. Taylor looked down at her and sighed.
“Why would she do this?” He asked as he let his head fall back and rest on the back of the couch.
“Actually, I don’t think that she did it intentionally Tay. I think she was upset.” Ike answered.
“I know…I know.” Taylor said. Kodiak walked back to the living room and handed Taylor his water.
“You guys might as well just stay the night.” He said.
“I want to get Phyl home…” Taylor said.
“Tay, look around you.” Ike said. All the girls were on the floor, asleep.
“Aww…hell.” Taylor sighed. He put his hand on Phyllis’ waist as she slept.
“Might as well.” He added.

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