Put Up Your Kingdom For Sale

Chapter 19 - “ARE YOU HAPPY!”

Phyllis and Taylor got in the car and headed down the road.
“Phyl, I really don’t want to go to this wedding!” Taylor said, gritting his teeth angrily. He was angry enough at the fact that she didn’t even tell him until less then a week before. He didn’t want to have to be there and see Zac throw away his life. He didn’t think that by Zac getting married, he would settle down and Eve would change from being who she was. Taylor totally objected to the whole thing. When Phyllis had finally broke down and told him, he wasn’t shocked. He knew it would happen. He felt that Eve had an alternative motive. She really didn’t love Zac.
“Taylor, are you going to talk to me at all today?” Phyllis questioned as she put her hand on his knee.
“I don’t want to go.” He said, as he looked straight to the road in front of him.
“Tay, I was asked to be a bridesmaid. I just can’t decide not to show up. All your family is going to be there…” Phyllis began.
“You shouldn’t be going in your condition.” Taylor said, interrupting her.
“My condition? Taylor I’m pregnant, not on my death bed. You have to get over this. It was bad enough at our wedding…don’t wreck Zac’s.” Phyllis said angrily.
“I’m sorry Phyl…I just feel that…”
“I know exactly how you feel. You’ve made that quite obvious. You have to stop and think about it this way. Is Zac happy with Eve?”
“Does he love her?”
“Then let him be with her. He’s more mature than you give him credit for. He’s not a little kid anymore and you and Ike can’t watch over him all the time. Ike knows that…why can’t you start to know that?” Phyllis questioned.
“Zac doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into. They’ve only known each other for…”
“They’ve known each other for over a year Taylor. If Eve didn’t want to be with him, she would have left him by now.” Phyllis interrupted.
“I think she’s sticking around for other reasons.” Taylor said under his breath.
“Stop accusing her for everything.” Phyllis said angrily and crossed her arms over her chest.
“Just do me a favor, don’t do anything stupid when we get there!” She added.

Phyllis got out of the car, with out Taylor’s help, and walked angrily to the back entrance of the church. Taylor ran after her.
“Go sit with your brother. I have to help Eve.” Phyllis said angrily as she closed the door in his face. Taylor grimaced and walked to the main entrance of the church and looked around. He saw Ike, standing near the entrance and stood by him.
“YOU’RE HERE!” Ike said in a shocked tone.
“I couldn’t just let Phyl drive down here by herself.” Taylor said, still looking angry.
“I take it your not happy about this.” Ike said, looking carefully at Taylor.
“Oh what a surprise.” Taylor said sarcastically.
“I know you don’t want to hear this Tay…but…Zac really wanted you here.”
“I don’t want to hear it Ike. I really don’t. By the way, where is the bathroom?” Taylor asked, gruffly.
“It’s down the hall over there and to the right.” Ike anwered.

“Eve…you look very nice.” Phyllis said as she walked in the room, holding her hand to her sore back.
“Thank you.” Eve said, not even smiling. She looked in the full length mirror to inspect herself. She was wearing a white gown that was a simple A-line. Instead of a veil, her extremely long black hair was half done up so that the top half was actually woven. She turned around and looked at Phyllis. Phyllis gasped, noticing that as Eve looked up at her, her ice blue eyes still had the heavy black eyeliner lining them. She didn’t go for the traditional soft eyeshadow approach but more a drastic look.
“What?” Eve asked, hardening her expression.
“I…uh…nothing.” Phyllis said, quickly biting her lip. Candy, Amanda and Holly walked in, looking at Phyllis with odd expressions.
“Phyl, I’m surprised that you got Taylor to come. I saw him with Ike earlier.” Candy spoke up.
“Taylor is here.” Eve said, shocking Phyllis a little.
“Uh…yeah.” Phyllis said, smiling a little.
“Oh…that’s nice.” Eve said, attempting to smile. Eve looked away and searched around the room.
“Uh…oh…I think I forgot my gloves back home. Would two of you mind going back there and picking them up for me. They’re on my bed.” Eve said, looking back up at the girls.
“Oh…uh…sure.” Holly said.
“Phyl and I will go.” She added.
“Thanks.” Eve smiled.

Phyllis and Holly climbed in Holly’s car and headed down the road towards Eve’s mansion. Phyllis looked down at the directions that Eve had given to her and held onto the keys she had given to her for the house. They found the mansion and stopped the car. They both got out of the car carefully and looked up at the mansion in amazement.
“This place is huge!” Holly said, looking up and down the building.
“Jeez, I wonder what kind of job she has that could pay for this place.” Phyllis said. Phyllis looked down at the keys in her hand and headed to the front door.
“We got to get those gloves.” Phyllis said, breaking Holly’s concentration on the house.
“Oh yeah.” Holly said as she made her way over to the front door. They opened the door and looked inside.
“Wow.” Is all they could both muster to say.
“Where is her room?” Holly asked, looking at Phyllis.
“I don’t know, she didn’t tell me.” Phyllis said, looking back to Holly.
“I’ll search downstairs, you look upstairs.” Holly said. Phyllis nodded and headed upstairs carefully. Holly walked around the lower level, looking carefully for Eve’s room. The layout was confusing and Holly didn’t have any idea where her room might be. She found the living room all right and the kitchen. She walked around until she saw a dark hallway. She thought to herself that maybe that’s where Eve’s room was. She headed down the corridor and stopped when she was faced with a door. She tried the handle but found it to be locked.
“Damn it!” She said angrily. She tried again but it still didn’t open. She started getting curious, wondering what Eve was trying to hide. She walked out of the corridor and to the bottom of the stairs.
“HEY PHYL!” Holly yelled up the stairs.
“Huh?” Phyllis asked as she walked to the edge of the stairs.
“Throw me those keys.” Holly said.
“Why do you want them?” Phyllis asked suspiciously.
“Just give them to me.” Holly said in an annoyed voice.
“I want to see what it is that you want them for!” Phyllis said angrily.
“Fine!” Holly said, rolling her eyes. Phyllis came down the stairs and handed Holly the keys. Holly led her down the corridor and to the door.
“Hol, we shouldn’t go in there…” Phyllis started to protest.
“Oh, be quiet.” Holly said as she stuck the key in the lock. She turned the key and the handle and peaked in. She reached her hand around the wall on her side, noticing that the room was pitch black. She finally found the switch and flicked it on.

“OH MY GOD!” The girls gasped. All round them was the biggest collage of faces. Zac’s face.
“What the hell!” Holly said, looking all around. Phyllis pushed past her, noticing the drawing table on the other end of the room.
“What’s on the desk?” Holly called.
“I don’t kno…” Phyllis began until she flicked on the overhead light. Phyllis gasped and stepped back.
“I…Oh…my…GOD!” Phyllis yelled. She looked down, seeing what seemed to be hundreds of pictures of the guys, with Zac’s face cut out and slash marks all along Ike and Taylor’s faces.
“What the hell is going on!” Holly yelled as she looked down at the disturbing pictures. Phyllis and Holly met eyes and they both didn’t know what to do.
“We got to warn Zac!” Holly yelled, as she rushed over to the door.
“But…but Hol!” Phyllis called.
“LET’S GO!” Holly yelled, pushing her gently along.

Zac looked in the mirror and tied his tie carefully. Ike watched him intently as he did this.
“What?” Zac questioned, looking up at his brother.
“Nothing…I’m just happy that you finally found someone.” Ike smiled.
“Thanks bro…I just wish Taylor felt that way.” Zac said and grimaced.
“Well, you know…” Ike began.
“Ike, would you mind if I had some time alone. I just want to think for a little.” Zac said, interrupting him.
“No problem. See you at the altar.” Ike smiled and left Zac to himself. Zac walked over to the table and looked around for his cuff links.
“Oh yeah, put them in the pocket.” He said, reaching in his pocket. He stopped, noticing something else was in it.
“What the…” He said, looking as he pulled out an envelope.

“Uh, Candy, Manda, would you mind if I just had some time to myself. I want to just…you know…think for a little.” Eve said, smiling to the girls.
“No problem.” Candy smiled as both girls left her. Eve looked around carefully as the door closed and she quickly locked it. She quickly got out of her wedding dress and threw it to the floor. She reached into her big pocket book and pulled out a pair of leggings and a huge overshirt and put them on quickly. She walked over to the window that was in the room and opened it. She looked around one last time and grabbed a chair. She climbed on the chair, threw her pocket book out the window and climbed out, making a mad dash to her car.

Zac looked at the enveloped carefully in his hands and opened it. He opened the piece of paper in his hands and started to read it.
“Zac…I love you…I know you might not think that after reading this. I can’t marry you. I can’t be with you. I have to leave. I know it may seem irrational and I know you are angry but I have to be by myself. I’ve always been independent and I want to stay that way. I can’t tell you where I’m going. I’ve very sorry for doing this to you. I never meant to hurt you. I really shouldn’t have let myself love you. I’m sorry…Eve.” Zac tightened his grip on the paper as he started to shake uncontrollably. He let the tears fall down his face and he grit his teeth. He crumpled the paper into a tight ball and stuffed it in his pants pocket. He stood there, clenching his fists as he tried not to cry. He turned to the door and opened it. He ran as fast as he could to the men’s bathroom and closed the door, letting himself slide to the floor, sobbing.
“WHY!” He screamed.
“Zac?” A voice shocked Zac out of his thoughts. He didn’t look up though. He was too humiliated to raise his head.
“Zac, what’s going on?” Zac finally made himself look up and he gulped hard. Taylor was standing there, looking down at him with wide eyes.
“Taylor.” Zac choked out as he tried to contain himself.
“What’s going on Zac?” Taylor asked, noticing that his little brother was crying and shaking.
“This!” Zac yelled as he threw the crumpled piece of paper at Taylor. Taylor caught it and opened it and looked at the contents.
“Oh…Zac…I’m so sorry…” Taylor said, suddenly feeling horrible for Zac. He never wanted Zac to be hurt. Although they hadn’t gotten along for the time that Zac was with Eve, he was doing it to protect him. Taylor walked over cautiously to his brother, holding out his hand.
“Zac, I’m so sorry…” Taylor said again.
“SAVE IT!” Zac yelled angrily and slapped Taylor’s hand away.
“ARE YOU HAPPY! ARE YOU FUCKING SATISFIED! GOOD!” Zac screamed. He looked at Taylor and ran out of the door of the bathroom. Taylor ran out the door and looked all around. He stopped, noticing Phyllis and Holly rushing into the building.
“PHYL!” Taylor yelled.
“Tay, where is Zac?!” Phyllis said, breathing heavily.
“He just left, I need to tell you…” Taylor began.
“We went to the mansion. We found a room in Eve’s house that had pictures of Zac’s all over the room and…” Holly interrupted.
“WHAT?!” Taylor yelled.
“Zac found this!” Taylor said, handing the letter to Phyllis. Phyllis opened up the letter and Holly looked over her shoulder.
“Oh my god.” Phyllis said as she read it.
“We have to get Eve!” Taylor yelled. He ran to the room where Eve was getting dressed and noticed Amanda and Candy standing outside the door.
“We have to get in there!” Taylor yelled. Amanda and Candy looked over at Phyllis and Holly and knew something was wrong. Amanda and Candy moved and Taylor attempted to open the door.
“IT’S LOCKED!” He yelled. He slammed his body against the door and finally it burst open. They all looked all around the room.
“She’s gone…”

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