Chapter 6

“So you have a brother?” Amanda asked, putting her dry over shirt on.
“Actually I have two older brothers and a younger brother along with three younger sisters.” He explained.
“Jeez. I only have a little brother. Phyl doesn’t even have any siblings.” Amanda said.
“Oh.” Zac said.
“What’s your brother’s name?” He asked Amanda.
“Grant, he’s seven years younger than me.” She said.
“Oh, he’s about…hey, how old are you two anyway?” He asked.
“How old do you think we are?” Phyllis asked.
“Well, you look about…mmm…14. Around that.” He said. She just started laughing.
“And you, about 15.” He said.
“Wrong.” Phyllis said.
“How old are you then?” He asked, puzzled.
“We’re both 16.” Phyllis answered.
“Could have fooled me.” He said.
“She does sorta look around 16 but you don’t.” He said to Phyllis.
“I’m short.” She said.
“So, were you on the flight with your family?” Amanda butted in.
“Uh…actually…uh…no.” He said, thinking about it.
“You were all by yourself?” Phyllis questioned.
“Uh…yeah…I was visiting relatives.” He smiled.
“Strange.” Phyllis said.

Taylor stopped. He could see Zac sitting there with the two girls. He could hear him saying that he was on the flight, ALONE!
“That little…” He said gritting his teeth.
“Yo Tay, why did you leave me back there?” Ike said, attempting to catch his breath.
“Shhhh.” Taylor said, putting his finger to his lips.
“Sorry.” Ike said, quieting down. Taylor and Ike watched intently as Zac and the girls were in deep conversation. Taylor looked over at the fire, which was inviting but he knew he had to catch Zac at the right time. Just at the right moment, for sheer humiliation. He could feel himself start to smile as he thought wickedly.
“Whatever your thinking Tay, don’t.” Ike said. Must have been his brotherly intuition kicking in.
“What?” Tay asked, trying to seem innocent.
“I know your going to try to get Zac back.” Ike said, eyeing him suspiciously.
“And your point is…” Taylor said, not looking away from where Zac and the girls were.
“Because I want to humiliate him too.” Ike laughed.
“No problem.” Taylor smiled wide. He turned around and started whispering in Ike’s ear.

“So why were you in first class?” Amanda asked him.
“Oh…rich relatives?” he smiled.
“Where are you two from?” He asked.
“New York.” Phyllis answered.
“We had just taken a vacation up to Stone Henge and were coming back home.” Amanda added.
“Cool, I’ve been there.” Zac said.
“So, it was just the two of you, no parents?” He asked.
“Yeah, our parents said it would be a good learning experience for us.” Amanda said.
“Yeah but they also didn’t mention that I would have to share a hotel room with her.” Phyllis whispered to Zac. Zac started laughing.
“It’s not like it was any rosier for me either! You know you kick really hard. I got knocked out a couple of times.” Amanda yelled.
“That was the point, I was aiming for your head.” Phyllis laughed.
“Do you two bicker like this all the time?” Zac asked between laughter.
“If we didn’t bicker than we wouldn’t be us.” Phyllis smiled.

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