Chapter 5

“The sun’s down.” Ike said, looking up in the sky.
“No duh!” Taylor said angrily as he picked up one last stick.
“What are you doing?” Ike asked.
“Trying to gather fire wood.” Taylor said.
“You COULD help!” He said bitterly.
“Those little twigs aren’t going to be enough.” Ike said, peering at the pile in Taylor’s arms.
“Well then you can go and get some!” Taylor said, dropping the branches at his feet.
“I’ll ATTEMPT to make shelter while you get some wood.” Taylor said.
“Suit yourself.” Ike said and shrugged his shoulders. He turned around and headed in the direction that Zac had gone off to.
“While you’re at it, if you see that little idiot, drag his butt along with you!” Taylor yelled.
“Whatever.” Ike said, waving his hand. Taylor looked around, putting his hands on his hips.
“Damn leather pants. I’m so HOT!” He yelled, smacking himself in the leg. He looked around.
“Shelter, shelter, what the hell am I supposed to do about shelter.” He said. He saw a huge branch and walked over to it. He grabbed it and attempted to drag it to the sand. He couldn’t, it was way too big.
“Crap!” He yelled.
“Now what am I supposed to do?” He said. He then looked over at the suitcase just waiting to be opened. He looked around and grabbed a good-sized rock.
“I’m going open that thing if it’s the last thing I do!” He said.
“C’mon little suitcase, I’m not going to hurt you, I’m just going to hurl a big rock at you!” He said in a cutesy voice. He slammed the rock down on the lock and it didn’t budge.
“Dang it!” He yelled. Taylor was obviously getting very irritated and very hostile. He slammed the rock into it once more. He looked at it and the lock suddenly popped.
“YES!” He said in a fit of triumph. He pried the suitcase open and looked inside.
“WHAT?! WHAT?!” He yelled. He rummaged through it, throwing things all around him.
“This is not my day!” He said under gritted teeth.
“What am I going to do with…with…pads?” He said, holding a package of Always© with wings.
“And skirts! And three pink bras!” He said and flung the items around.
“Jeez! At least say there’s a nice blanket in here or some food, or even some damn toothpaste!” He said, still rummaging. He found the toothpaste, the size of tube of Neosporin© but it was still toothpaste. Frustrated, he pocketed the toothpaste and closed the lid of the suitcase without picking up the things he had strewn about. Later on, Ike came back. Taylor HAD attempted to make shelter but by the looks of it, if either of them had stuck a toe under it, the whole thing would come crashing down on top of them.
“Hello.” Ike said, laying the wood down on the ground.
“I see that you managed to get the suitcase open. Nothing interesting?” He asked, smiling slightly.
“If you call three pink bras interesting?” Taylor said with a frustrated tone.
“Not unless there were three models IN those bras, then no.” Ike said, trying to change Taylor’s mood. Taylor chuckled a little but still tried to remain serious.
“Did you find the little weasel? Taylor asked.
“Oh did I ever.” Ike said and smiled to himself. Taylor immediately looked up and gave a questioning look.
“It seems that out baby brother has found himself some friends. Some FEMALE friends.” Ike said, smiling.
“Girls? Where?” Taylor asked.
“Hold on there Tay.” Ike said.
“I was walking about, getting the wood when I saw a light coming from the other side of the trees. I looked through and what did I see, but Zac with two girls, sitting by a nice fire, laughing it up.”
“THAT LITTLE PUNK!” Taylor said, infuriated.
“Oh and by the way, one of them is that girl that you…” Ike began to say but Taylor was already on his way in the woods.
“C’mon Ike!” He yelled.

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