Chapter 4

Zac stopped running when he finally realized that Tay wasn’t chasing him. He looked around and all he saw were massive trees and plants.
“Woah.” Was all he could say as he looked up at the canopy of tree branches and leaves.
“Jeez.” He said and sucked in a breath. As he scanned the area, he noticed how beautiful it was. So untouched. So undisturbed. Everything just existed without man interfering. He looked up through the ceiling of leaves and noticed that it was slowly starting to get dark.
“I didn’t know the sun had gone down already. I better get out of here before I get lost.” He thought to himself. He stopped and looked around once more.
“Oh CRAP! What way did I come from?!” He yelled. He hit himself in the head.
“Well let’s see, if north is that way, wait a minute that can’t be right, maybe that’s east, no it can’t be east. I’M LOST!” He yelled. Rustling. Leaves being pressed to the ground. Heavy breathing. Zac could feel his heart jump into his throat and he slowly swallowed and looked around with his eyes with out swiveling his body.
“Uh…” He started. He could feel it start to come closer. An unfamiliar presence.
“Tay? Ike? Uh…” He quietly let out. He held his breath and shut his eyes as tight as he could. He could feel the adrenaline pumping and he let out the breath. He couldn’t just stand there and let whatever it was come after him. He slowly picked up his right foot and then his left. Then without hesitation, he took off running. Past trees, past bushes, jumping over stones and limbs. He didn’t know where he was running too. He just knew he had to keep running. He could feel the blood coursing through his veins as he picked up speed. He couldn’t stop. He can’t stop. He has to run. Keep running he told himself. Keep running. He could feel himself start to breathe hard and the droplets of sweat slowly went down his face. He could see a glint of light and had to go all the way to that light. As he came to the edge of the trees, the light became bigger, and bigger and bigger until he emerged and was free. But he couldn’t stop. His legs wouldn’t obey. He didn’t realize that after emerging from the trees, he had closed
his eyes and didn’t know where he was running. Then he heard a scream and he opened his eyes to see, to see…
That he had just ploughed into somebody and they were now toppled over. He stopped himself mid flight and looked down. The person had their face away from him and was in a pool of water, sitting there, drenched. He looked at the hair and could tell who it was.
“Tay, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean too…I…” He apologized profusely until Tay looked up.
“OH MY GOD!” He yelled and stepped back, stumbling and falling to the ground. It wasn’t Tay at all. It was even anybody he knew. It was a GIRL.
“My name isn’t Tay!” She said, pushing her drenched hair out of her face and slowly got up.
“Excuse me, I’m so sorry…I uh…” Zac apologized and went to help her out of the water.
“You just looked so much like my brother.” He said.
“That’s nice to know considering I’m a GIRL.” She said a little peeved.
“No, I mean…uh…not like that…He has the same length hair and same color as yours.” He said.
“Oh.” She said. She looked away and he looked in the same direction.
“Man, we have a visitor.” She yelled. Another girl emerged from where she was sitting. She had long brown hair that was in a loose braid. She had glasses on and was wearing a white tank top and a pair of wide leg jeans with a pair of sneakers.
“Oh, hi.” She smiled and shook Zac’s hand.
“Uh… hi.” He said.
“I didn’t mean to plough into you like that. I thought I was being chased by some animal in the woods.” He said.
“Why were you in the woods?” The girl he hit asked.
“I uh…was…uh…looking for food, yeah.” He smiled.
“By the way, my name’s Phyllis and this is Amanda.” The girl said.
“Oh…uh…Zac.” He grinned.
“Are you alone?” the girl with the brown hair, Amanda asked.
“Uh…” He stopped and thought. Now wouldn’t it peeve Tay and Ike if they found I was alone with two girls. This is too good to be true.
“Uh…yes.” He grinned a toothy smile.
“Well, you can stay with us if you want. There’s no point in the one of us being all alone.” Phyllis said and squeezed the excess water out of her hair.
“Sure…cool.” He said.
“Uh…what were you doing anyway?” He asked.
“Oh, I was washing out Amanda’s over shirt.” She said and pulled it off a near by rock.
“Oh…okay.” He said. Amanda came over and took the shirt away from her and spread it out onto a dry rock for it to dry.
“Did you finish with that thing you were making?” Phyllis asked Amanda.
“My hut?” She asked.
“Your hut, your piece of crap, whatever, yeah, did you finish?” Phyllis asked rolling her eyes.
“It’s not a piece of crap. It’s a masterpiece!” Amanda said and stuck her nose in the air.
“Uh huh. Yeah. Now answer my damn question!” Phyllis said angrily.
“Yes it’s finished. So whose Tay?” Amanda asked Zac.
“Oh…uh…like I said, he’s my brother.” Zac answered.
“Was he on the plane with you?” Phyllis asked looking on the ground.
“Phyl, what are you looking for?” Amanda asked.
“My glasses.” She said.
“Oh…here they are.” Zac said, spying them down near his feet. He picked them up and with his shirttail, wiped them clean from dirt. He handed them to her.
“Thanks.” She said, putting them on. Zac stopped and looked at her. He stared at her again.
“What? What’s wrong?” She asked.
“I saw you on the plane, you were looking for the stewardess and you came up to first class.” He said.
“I don’t remember seeing you.” She said.
“I was there.” He smiled.

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