Chapter 3

The sound of water lapping against something was startling. The wave of nausea swept through. Blinking away salty water, a sunny sky lit the waters all around. Spitting away some loose granules of sand, he awkwardly pushed his body up on the sand. He looked all around. Nothing. The side of his face was covered with a layer of scratchy sediment. His hair clung to the back of his neck and he could feel the puddles of water squishing around in his leather boots. He blinked again, letting some of the granules fall down onto the shore he laid on.
“Where…Where am I?” He asked out loud. He turned over and sat, realizing to late that he still felt queasy. His head was swimming and he put his hand against it, hoping to keep his rattled brain in place.
“Jeez. What the heck happened?” He said. He crawled slowly up the sand and sat on a rock. He slowly took his leather boots off and poured the ocean water out of it. He looked to the right of where he found himself and saw a massive suitcase made of brown leather. He made his way slowly to the leather suitcase and attempted to open it. No luck, it was locked and he didn’t have a key. He wasn’t even sure if it belonged to him. He stood up; attempting to balance himself as best he could and looked out to the vast waves. No boat, no plane, nothing, just water.
“Oh my God! Ike! Zac! Where are they? Are they…dead?” He didn’t even want the thought to cross his mind that his siblings were no longer living.
“No…they can’t be. They must just be hiding…playing a trick on me.” He thought. Taylor really didn’t know what to think. He left his boots lying next to the rock to dry out. He staggered along the shore, searching, searching…what he was searching for might not even exist anymore.
“I’ll just look around.” He said. He stopped when he could hear the unmistakable laugh of his little brother.
“Zac? ZAC!” He yelled. He looked behind a boulder and saw not only Zac, but Ike too, sitting there, laughing it up like it was the best prank in the world that they ever had played on him.
“Tay?” Ike said between laughter.
“What the hell happened?” Taylor asked, making his way over to where his brother’s were.
“I haven’t the slightest.” Ike said, still laughing.
“Weren’t we on a plane?” Zac laughed.
“Yes…now what happened to it?” Taylor said seriously.
“Don’t know. I was wondering that myself. Hey, where’s your shoes?” Zac added.
“ Drying over there.” Taylor said.
“You do realize that this is all your fault Tay.” Zac said, putting a serious look on his face.
“MY FAULT! WHAT?!” Taylor yelled.
“If it wasn’t for you being such a jerk, fate wouldn’t have played this on us.”
“Zac, don’t you think that’s a little much?” Ike stepped in.
“No. If Tay hadn’t been so conceded and uptight and pig headed and stuck up and…”
“ENOUGH! I don’t want to hear this from you Zac. You pick the darnest time to be a pain in the butt!” Taylor yelled. Zac just gave him a dirty look.
“Not this again.” Ike said, putting his hand to his forehead.
“You know it’s the truth Tay.” Zac said, scrunching up his eyebrows.
“You know!” Taylor yelled and rolled his eyes.
“Truth hurts.” Zac said under his breath. Taylor could feel the rage building up inside him. He put his hands out and started to move towards his little brother.
“Uh…Tay!” Ike said, getting up.
“I’m gonna kill you!’ Tay screamed and started running after Zac. Zac starting laughing as he ran away from Taylor.
“Taylor!” Ike yelled at him.
“I’m gonna hurt you. Badly!” Taylor yelled as he chased after Zac. Taylor was about 5 feet away from Zac and closing in when his toe hit something and he fell, face first into the sand. Zac was practically on the ground in hysterics. Taylor spit out the sand and growled at Zac who couldn’t contain his laughter. Taylor looked at his foot and could see blood trickling down from his big toe. He bit his lip and then stared coldly at Zac.
“Serves you right for threatening me.” Zac smiled.
“Just wait until your asleep Zac. Just wait.” Taylor snarled. Zac’s smile quickly faded and you could definitely see fear coming over his face. He liked to play around with Taylor but he knew Taylor was bigger than he was and if enraged enough, he could do damage.
“Okay dude, enoughs enough. Quit looking at me like that.” Zac said, looking at the scowl on Taylor’s face. Taylor just stared at Zac even fiercer. Zac looked over at Ike.
“I wouldn’t provoke him Zac. You don’t know what he’s capable of.” Ike smiled. Zac gritted his teeth and attempted to walk at least far enough away that Taylor couldn’t get him from. Zac walked fast over near Ike.
“I’m not protecting you.” Ike said and moved away so Zac didn’t have a shield any longer. Zac looked over and noticed the suitcase. He was staring at it intently when he could feel some presence near him. He looked up and there was Taylor’s penetrating blue eyes staring down at him.
“AGHHH!” He screamed and took off. Taylor smiled to himself, knowing he still had the ability to scare the crap out of Zac. Zac ran so far that neither Ike nor Tay could see him any longer.
“Good going Tay! Now who are we going to eat?” Ike laughed.
“This is already starting to sound like the ‘Lord of the Flies’ isn’t it?” Taylor said and smirked. He looked down at his foot again and could feel the pain start to go up his leg.
“Go sit down on that rock.” Ike advised him.
“You probably have some sand or something in it.”
“Why don’t I just go stick it in the water.” Taylor said looking up at his brother.
“Tay, salt water, open cut, I don’t think so.” Ike said and gritted his teeth just thinking about it.
“Right.” Taylor said and looked back down at his injured toe.

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