“Phyl, this trip is going to be awesome! We’ll do some shopping and stuff.” Amanda smiled over at her friend. Phyllis had her head back against the seat and was staring up at the ceiling of the train compartment.
“Uh huh.” She said and sighed deeply.
“Haven’t heard from Taylor in awhile I take it.” Amanda said to her.
“About a month.” Phyllis said and looked at Amanda.
“He’s probably busy.” Amanda said, trying to make Phyllis feel better.
“Yeah.” Phyllis said and sighed again.
“Your not going to be all depressed during our trip are you?” Amanda asked, trying to lighten the situation.
“No.” Phyllis said and smiled a half smile at Amanda to please her.
“Good, because I don’t want to see it. We’re here to have fun and damn it, we’re going to have fun.” Amanda smiled.
“Okay.” Phyllis smiled.

“So where to first?” Amanda asked. They had just gotten off the train to their stop in Albany about half and hour ago and Amanda was desperately trying to cheer Phyllis up the whole time.
“It doesn’t matter to me.” Phyllis said, slump shouldered and looked so down that Amanda was considering whether or not she should hug her to make her feel better.
“How about over there.” Amanda pointed.
“Man, there’s a huge crowd of people over there, why would I want to go over there?” Phyllis said angrily.
“Oh come on.” Amanda said, grabbing Phyllis by the arm and dragging her towards the crowd.
“MAN! I DON’T WANT TO GO OVER THERE!” Phyllis yelled. Amanda stopped abruptly and Phyllis bumped into her, practically pushing her over. Amanda started jumping up and down, screaming loudly.
“MAN! ARE YOU ON DRUGS?!” Phyllis yelled.
“This is ridiculous, I’m out of here!” Phyllis said and turned and started to leave the crowd.

“GUYS, OVER HERE! IT’S ME…” a voice yelled, breaking through the crowd. Taylor immediately looked up and turned to see who it was. Then he spotted her. Amanda was standing there, jumping up and down, screaming like a mad woman.
“Amanda? AMANDA!” Taylor yelled. He grabbed Ike by the sleeve of his shirt and turned him so that he saw her.
“It’s Amanda.” Taylor told him.
“HEY!” Ike yelled.
“PHYL’s here tttt…” Amanda yelled. As soon as Amanda said it, Taylor jumped into the crowd and pushed his way through. He stopped seeing Phyllis walking across the street and ran as fast as he could.
“PHYL!” He yelled. She turned around fast and saw him. Her eyes got huge and she smiled. He grabbed her, swinging her in the air and hugged her.
“Oh god I’ve missed you!” He said, kissing her on the cheek.
“I…I…” Phyllis stammered.
“This is great!” He said, pulling her away from his body then hugging her again.
“Uh…Tay?” Phyllis said. Taylor looked up and Phyllis pointed to the crowd. Amanda was surrounded by Ike and Zac, hugging her and screaming girls swarming.
“Uh oh.” Taylor exclaimed. He took her hand and ran, pushing people and moved Ike, Zac and Amanda from the crowd. They ran into the building that the guys were going to go rehearse at and the guards quickly shut the door, blocking the screaming girls from coming in. Phyllis stopped to catch her breath and looked all around. She looked back up and Taylor had the widest grin on his face. He hugged her again and held onto her.
“This is the best!” He said.
“Uh… you’re crushing me.” Phyllis said trying to regain composure.
“You know how long I’ve been waiting to see you!” He exclaimed.
“I didn’t even know you guys were here.” Phyllis smiled.
“You didn’t?” Taylor questioned.
“No, Amanda and I took the train down to go shopping. She didn’t tell me you were going to be here.” Phyllis said and glanced over at Amanda.
“I’m entitled to my secrets.” Amanda said and smiled wickedly.
“Well, lets go sit and talk.” Taylor said, taking Phyllis’ hand again. Him and his brothers led Amanda and Phyllis to the stage where all their instruments were set up but the building was empty. Taylor, Phyllis and Ike sat on the edge of the stage while Amanda and Zac sat in the first row of seats.
“So, why didn’t you guys call us?” Amanda asked looking straight at Taylor.
“Oh…uh…we…uh…”Taylor stammered. He was caught between a rock and a hard place.
“We’ve been touring and we’re never really home.” Ike jumped in, saving Taylor at the last moment.
“Oh, well…” Amanda said, trying to think of something else to say. Phyllis gave her a dirty look and Amanda just smiled.
“You guys should have called and let us know that you were having a concert so close to us.” Phyllis said, looking at Taylor.
“Sorry.” He apologized.
“It’s all right.” She smiled.
“Okay, enough with the googalee eyes. I know you two haven’t seen each other in awhile but this is ridiculous!” Zac spoke up, seemingly very irritated by the situation.
“Huh?” Taylor questioned, looking at him.
“Well, lets see, you were stuck together for god knows how long, kissed once and that was about it, from what I recall…”
“What’s your point?” Amanda butted in.
“They don’t like kiss in public or anything.” Zac said, looking at Amanda.
“Zac, you’re messed up.” Ike laughed.
“What? It’s the truth, right Tay?” Zac said, looking intently at Taylor.
“I’m not going to do it to prove anything!” Taylor yelled.
“Oh never mind!” Zac yelled and sat back in his seat, crossing his arms.
“Jeez, I can’t take the pressure!” Taylor said jokingly, putting his hands up to his head.
“Hey! By the way, would you like to stay to see the concert tonight?” Ike spoke up.
“Of course!” Amanda yelled and smiled.
“You guys will have to see it from behind stage because all the tickets are sold out.” Taylor said.
“That’s cool.” Amanda and Phyllis both said.

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