Epilogue - Continued

Taylor, Ike and Zac took their places at their instruments and looked out to the crowd of screaming fans. Taylor looked over at Ike and smiled. He placed his fingers on the keyboard and looked out to the crowd.
“IS EVERYONE READY TO ROCK AND ROLL?!” Taylor yelled. A swelling came from the audience.
“1…2…3…4!” Taylor yelled. Music filled the air.
Phyllis stood to the side with Amanda and watched. She was amazed at how talented they were. She turned and looked over at Amanda.
“THEY”RE GREAT!” Amanda yelled over the noise.
“YEAH!” Phyllis yelled back. She looked back at the guys singing and having a great time playing. Taylor was jumping up and down singing his heart out. Phyllis smiled to herself seeing how much he was getting into it. He glanced over at her and smiled wide. She waved at him.

They finished the set and were heading off the stage. Hundreds of people were still in the building, screaming for them to come back. Phyllis stood there and hugged Taylor as he made his way off the stage.
“You were great!” She smiled and kissed him on the cheek.
“Uh…can you come with me for a second?” Taylor asked, smiling.
“I…uh…” Phyllis stammered and looked back at Amanda.
Taylor grabbed her hand and started dragging her on stage. Zac went behind Amanda and pushed her along.
“No!” Phyllis yelled to Taylor. He just turned back and smiled at her. The screaming immediately stopped and a hush fell. The crowd looked at Amanda and Phyllis with wide eyes.
“I would like to introduce everyone to the girls that helped us to survive that awful plane crash.” Taylor said into the mike. Phyllis attempted to hide behind him put he moved out of the way to reveal her. Her face turned beat red as she looked out to the audience. The faces on the crowd send chills down her spine.
“Tay, this was a bad idea.” Phyllis whispered to him. Suddenly, out of the clear blue, the sound of clapping startled Phyllis and Amanda. The clapping got louder and everyone started smiling.
“Okay, I want off this stage!” Amanda said and ran off to the side with Phyllis not too far behind her. The guys left the stage and met back with Phyllis and Amanda.
“DON’T EVER DO THAT TO ME AGAIN!” Amanda yelled.
“Sorry.” Ike apologized. Phyllis’ eyes were still wide.
“You all right?” Taylor giggled.
“I’ve never seen so many people in my life.” Phyllis said quietly.
“A little stage fright?” Taylor asked and rubbed her shoulder.
“Yeah.” She said.
“Well, I think we should go and eat and retreat to the hotel.” Zac spoke up.
“Oh…well…we gotta leave and…” Amanda began.
“Oh…stay overnight, please.” Taylor pleaded.
“I don’t know.” Amanda said hestently. All the guys started pouting out their lips and tried to give their saddest looks.
“All right.” Amanda gave in.

They all left with The Hanson family and went to a small restaurant to eat. Everyone sat down at a table big enough to hold them all and took out the menus.
“What are you having?” Zac said, peaking over Amanda’s shoulder.
“I think I’m going to have a hamburger.” Amanda said and put the menu down.
“Sounds good.” Phyllis said.
The waitress came over, looking down at the pad. She looked up and started to scream.
“YOU’RE HANSON!” She yelled.
“Uh…” Walker immediately was getting up.
“No, no, please, let me take your order. It’s just we never get famous people in here and its so amazing and…” The waitress started to stutter.
“Can we just order?” Zac said in a polite voice.
“Oh! Of course! Sorry.” She smiled. Everyone ordered and the girls came back almost immediately with the food. She stood there looking at them.
“Uh…” She said, looking at Phyllis and Amanda.
“Are you…”
“Huh?” Phyllis said, looking up from her food.
“Never mind.” She said and tried to pass it off.
“Are we who?” Amanda spoke up.
“Aren’t you the girls on the news?” She asked.
“Uh…yeah.” Taylor said, not even looking up.
“Oh.” The waitress said. She walked over to Amanda and Phyllis and leaned down by them.
“You two were lucky.” She whispered then smiled to the two of them. She left everyone to eat.
“That was close. I thought were going to hear screaming and have pens and paper shoved in our faces.” Ike chuckled.
“Good thing.” Zac smiled and shoved a huge forkful of food in his mouth.
They finished their meal and were on their way to the hotel the guys were staying at.
“I don’t think we can stay over night, we didn’t plan on getting a hotel room or anything.” Phyllis said.
“So, you can stay with us.” Taylor smiled.
“Uh…I don’t think so.” Amanda spoke up.
“There’s plenty of room, it’s not like we haven’t slept in the same vicinity as each other.” Taylor smiled.
“I know, but…” Amanda started to protest.
“Hey! Listen, we want to spend some time with you two and this is our only opportunity.” Taylor announced.
“I suppose, but I think…” Amanda began. Until Taylor put his hand up to silence her. They got into the hotel and they all went into the elevators to go up to their rooms. The guys’ parents were staying in their own hotel room with their younger siblings so Taylor, Ike and Zac got there own room. Phyllis followed them right in but Amanda was very hesitant.
“I don’t know about…” Amanda began, waiting outside the door.
“Will we be forced to hug you again?” Zac smiled, peeking his head around the door at her.
“NO WAY!” Amanda yelled and hi-tailed it in the room. Taylor flopped down on the bed and stared up at the ceiling. Ike and Zac made themselves comfortable in front of the television. Phyllis sat down on the bed with Taylor and Amanda just stood there looking totally bewildered.
“Man, sit down.” Phyllis told her.
“Is there anything other then watching television and sleeping to do in here?” Amanda asked, crossing her arms.
“Not really, we could always go swimming.” Ike said, looking over at her.
“That’s all right.” She smiled and sat down on the couch.
“So, how are we supposed to do this. There are only three beds.” Amanda spoke up.
“It’s up to you girls.” Taylor said, sitting up and leaning his head against the headboard.
“Well, I’m not sleeping with any of you.” She said and put her hands on her hips.
“Then what are you going to do then? Huh?” Zac smiled.
“Floor.” Was Amanda’s only reaction.
“You take the fun out of girl, guy sleepovers.” Zac smiled devilishly.
“I’m not saying a word.” Phyllis smiled.

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