Chapter 2

“This is your Captain speaking. If you haven’t already noticed, it has gotten dark already. We have picked up over our radio that we are in the middle of a hurricane…there is no need to panic. We will have to make an emergency landing so don’t be alarmed if we come in contact with some turbulence. Thank you.” The radio turned off and you could definitely hear stirring in the coach area of the plane. Taylor tapped Isaac on the shoulder.
“We’re going to be okay right?” He asked nervously.
“I don’t see why not. They’re used to this kind of thing.” Ike smiled a reassuring smile. Taylor took a deep breath and leaned back in his seat. He put his head back against the seat and closed his eyes. He could feel himself start to grit his teeth. The stewardess came from behind the curtain from the coach area and walked past the guys’ seats. She sighed and pushed a stray hair back. Taylor could see that she was nervous.
“Uh…excuse me, I was wondering what the standard procedure for emergency landings in hurricanes was?” Taylor asked her.
“I…uh…couldn’t tell you that I’m afraid. This is my first day on the job.” She smiled and went on.
“Oh.” Taylor said, sitting back.
“Tay, that was a pretty dumb question don’t you think?” Zac asked, turning around in his seat.
“Shut up!” Taylor yelled.
The curtain moved and he looked behind him. A girl stood there looking around. She had a burgundy shirt on that came to her elbows. It had a pointed collar that had about three buttons going down it. She had on a pair of jean bell-bottoms with black clogs on. Her dirty blonde hair was pulled back in a low messy bun and she had on a pair of eyeglasses. She was looking frantically around.
“Uh…stewardess?” She called.
“Yes?” The stewardess said, turning around.
“My friend and I were wondering how we were going to do an emergency landing when we can’t really see the ground.”
“Oh…this young gentlemen asked me the same thing. I really don’t know…this is my first day on the job.” She smiled. The girl didn’t even look down at Taylor who was seeing this whole thing.
“Oh…thanks anyway.” She smiled and turned around to return to her seat. Taylor just watched her leave the first class area.
“Find something you like?” Ike asked, giggling a little.
“Huh? What?” Taylor said, not turning around from where he was staring.
“Nevermind Tay.” Ike laughed and sat back in his seat.
“Yo Tay! Put your eyeballs back in your head. She didn’t even notice you.” Zac said, peeking his head over the seat again.
“Shut UP!” Taylor yelled and smacked Zac in the head. Zac landed with a thud back in his seat. The “fasten seatbelts” sign came on and the guys buckled up. All of a sudden, the lights in the cabin started to flicker. Ike, Tay and Zac looked all around and Zac started to panic.
“What the heck is going on?” Zac yelled.
“I don’t know!” Ike yelled.
“Oh Shiiiii…..” Taylor started to say as he dug his fingers into the arms of his seat. They all could feel the aircraft start to sway uneasily in the heavy wind. Taylor closed his eyes hard as he felt the plane start to plummet through the atmosphere. It felt like his insides were being pushed up to his throat.
“Oh my Goooodddd!” screamed Zac.
They could hear screams coming from the coach cabin. The blood curdling screams. Taylor tried to close off the sound but nothing would make it go away. He thought sure that his eardrums had exploded and he checked his ears for the presence of blood. He could hear himself let out a scream that was so deafening, he couldn’t believe it was humanly possible to make. Then the lights went out. Nothing. Nothing. No sound. No sound at all. No screams, no voices at all, no breathing. Nothing. Just darkness.

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