Chapter 26

They finished their meal and Phyllis hobbled over to the tree to sit down. Taylor followed her as Amanda, Ike and Zac decided to go out to the shore to see if they saw any planes or anything. Phyllis sat down and Taylor sat down next to her.
“Yeah.” She said, not looking him in the eye.
“I was so incredibly worried about you. I thought I was going to lose you.” He said and gently took her hands in his.
“I always bounce back.” She smiled and met his gaze.
“When we get off this island, I’m going to get to sleep in my nice comfy bed and eat food from a store instead of at the end of a long pointy stick and…” Phyllis started to ramble.
“The thing we should worry about first is getting off the island.” Taylor laughed as she settled back down.
“All in all, in was a good experience, I guess.” Phyllis said, shrugging her shoulders.
“How is that?” Taylor asked.
“Well, let’s see. I’m getting a tan, finally, I learned to cook…”
“And?” Taylor was waiting patiently for those words he wanted to hear so desperately. Phyllis stopped and looked at him.
“I met you. You’ve been wonderful to me.” She smiled and moved in closer, leaning in a bit. Taylor was finally satisfied. He finally heard the words. He leaned in and kissed her gently and looked back at her.

“TAY! PHYLLIS!” Zac yelled, running full speed up to them. He bent over, putting his hands on his knees and started to pant.
“What?” Taylor asked, searching Zac’s face.
“PLANE!” Zac yelled and pointed in the direction of the shore.
“OH MY GOD!” Taylor yelled and helped Phyllis up. He picked her up and they ran to the shore as fast as they could.

They got there and Taylor put Phyllis down on a near by log. Ike and Amanda were jumping up and down; waving there arms furiously as they looked at the sky above them. Taylor looked up to see the plane. He jumped up and started yelling and waving his arms with them. He could see the plane in clear sight and what a sight it was. It was high in the sky, barely visible, but it was there. All of them yelled and jumped up and down with the strength they had.
“Can they see us?” Zac yelled, not stopping in his jumping.
“I don’t know.” Taylor said, looking at his little brother.
Please see us. Taylor thought to himself. They all stopped there jumping and waited. The plane never turned around. It never stopped. It didn’t see them. Taylor looked over at Phyllis with sad eyes. He made his way to the log and sat down.
“They didn’t see us, did they?” Phyllis said with a sad voice. Taylor looked into her green eyes, which were threatening to cry.
“No.” Taylor sadly said and looked away from her. Phyllis started to sob and Taylor took her in his arms to comfort her.
“They didn’t see us.” She repeated. Amanda came over and rubbed Phyllis’ shoulder.
“They’ll come around again.” Amanda said, trying to reassure both Taylor and Phyllis. Taylor just looked up at her and then looked back down at Phyllis.
“We’re never going to be found.” Phyllis said with a strained voice.
“Yes they will.” Taylor said and brought her in closer.
“No, no they won’t.” Phyllis said and got up, hobbling a little and wiped her face with her hand. She hobbled toward camp and Taylor quickly got up to go after her. Ike, Zac and Amanda followed along with their heads hung low.

They got back to camp and Phyllis sat down by the tree and stayed there the rest of the day. She wouldn’t let anyone near her, not even Taylor. They were all feeling the effects of their disappointment.
“If only we had made a fire.” Said Ike as he sat down by the unlit fire.
“It wouldn’t have done any good, the plane was too far up.” Amanda said, looking over at Ike and Zac. Zac seemed extremely down. His optimism had quickly faded to somberness and actual anger.
“This is ridiculous. How could they not think we wouldn’t be on this island! Are they total idiots!” He said in an angry tone.
“Zac, there’s nothing we can do about it.” Ike said, looking over at Zac.
“This is just a cruel joke. Fate played a real cruel joke.” Zac said, resting his face on his hands and scowled. Amanda looked over at Ike and Ike just shrugged his shoulders. Taylor walked over and sat down on the log besides Amanda.
“How’s she taking it?” Amanda asked him.
“She won’t speak to me. She’s just crying.” Taylor said and looked like he himself was about to burst into tears.
“I’m going to go and talk to her.” Amanda said and got up.
“I wouldn’t even bother. She won’t talk.” Taylor said, not looking up. Amanda ignored him and walked over to the tree.

“Phyl?” Amanda said, squatting down to Phyllis’ level. Phyllis just ignored her.
“Phyl, it’s not the end of the world. They will find us. They couldn’t have forgotten about us this soon.” Amanda said and put her hand on Phyllis’ shoulder.
“I’ve given up Amanda. This is it. I finally think my life is getting better, then something slaps me in the face.” Phyllis said and looked up at her.
“That’s not the case Phyl. You’ve gotten something good out of this you know.” Amanda smiled a half smile.
“Like what?” Phyllis said, wiping her face with her hand.
“You met Taylor didn’t you?” Amanda said and looked at Phyllis intensely.
“I know.”
“Yeah, you know. He’s very concerned about you. So am I, so is Ike and Zac. We have to make the best of this situation.” Amanda said.
“Now if you want to be civil and sit with us so we don’t feel so alone, your welcome to join us.” Amanda said, getting up and turned to walk away.
“Fine.” Phyllis said and hoisted herself up, stumbling a little. She followed Amanda and sat down by Taylor. Taylor looked up and smiled at her.
“Feeling better?” He asked.
“Yeah.” She said and took his hand.
“I’m sorry.” She apologized. Taylor squeezed her hand and smiled warmly at her.
“I don’t blame you Phyl. It all seems so hopeless.” Taylor said to her.
“Lets not talk about this, it’s just getting everyone depressed.” Ike spoke up.
“It’s getting dark already.” Zac said, looking up at the sky.
“Well, I think we all should just hang around here for awhile.” Amanda said and got up to stretch out her legs.
“Since you three are so musical, entertain us girls.” Amanda smiled and looked at the guys.
“We’re going to be really out of tune, we haven’t sung in awhile.” Taylor said.
“So, we don’t care.” Amanda said and sat down beside Phyllis. Phyllis looked at Taylor and smiled.
“Go ahead.” She insisted and let go of his hand. Taylor stood up and Ike and Zac did the same.
“What are we singing guys?” Ike asked his brothers.
“No island songs please.” Amanda butted in.
“No, I think we should sing I Will Come to You.” Taylor said, looking over at Phyllis.

When you have no light to guide you
And no one to walk beside you
I will come to you
Oh I will come to you
When the night is dark and stormy
You won’t have to reach out for me
I will come to you
Oh I will come to you

Sometimes when all your dreams may have seen better days
And you don’t know how or why, but you’ve lost your way
Have no fear when your tears are fallen’
I will hear your spirit callin’
And I swear I’ll be there come what may

When you have no light to guide you
And no one to walk beside you
I will come to you
Oh I will come to you
When the night is dark and stormy
You won’t have to reach out for me
I will come to you
Oh I will come to you

‘Cause even if we can’t be together
We’ll be friends now and forever
And I swear that I’ll be there come what may
When the night is dark and stormy
You won’t have to reach out for me
I will come to you
Oh I will come to you
We all need somebody we can turn to
Someone who’ll always understand
So if you feel that your soul dyin’
And you need the strength to keep tryin’
I’ll reach out and take your hand

When you have no light to guide you
And no one to walk beside you
I will come to you
Oh I will come to you
When the night is dark and stormy
You won’t have to reach out for me
I will come to you
Oh I will come to you

They finished the song and sat down. Taylor looked at Phyllis and noticed she had tears in her eyes.
“That was beautiful.” She smiled and wiped her eye with her hand. They both started laughing at each other. Phyllis turned and looked over at Amanda. She had her eyes closed and Phyllis could tell she was asleep. She started giggling and nudged Taylor in the arm.
“You put Amanda to sleep.” She giggled under her breath. Taylor got Ike and Zac’s attention and pointed over to Amanda. Zac started laughing hysterically.
“I’m going to wake her up so she can sleep in the hut.” Phyllis said. She nudged Amanda with her arm.
“Man?” Phyllis whispered.
“What?” Amanda said, opening one eye.
“Go to bed.” Phyllis smiled. Amanda opened her eyes and looked at Ike, Zac and Taylor, staring at her.
“Fine.” She said and shuffled to the hut and laid down.
“I think Amanda has a good idea.” Ike yawned and stretched his arms in the air.
“I think we all should get some sleep.” Taylor said. Ike and Zac went over to the hut and laid down. Taylor followed Phyllis to the tree and sat down besides her.
“Good Night.” Phyllis smiled and leaned in a kissed him on the cheek. Taylor blushed and closed his eyes as Phyllis leaned and rested her head on his shoulder.

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