Chapter 27

Phyllis woke up when she heard something that sounded like an engine.
“The plane!” She said softly to herself as she opened her eyes wide. She got up and looked towards the sky.
No doubt about it. The plane was coming in for a landing, ON THE ISLAND!
Phyllis bent down in front of Taylor and shook him gently.
“Taylor! The plane!” She said. He opened his eyes and looked at her.
“Huh?” He said and yawned.
“The plane.” She said with wide eyes.
“Plane? PLANE!” Taylor jumped up and ran over to the hut, kicking Ike and Zac awake and bent down and shook Amanda.
“Dude, what’s your problem?” Zac complained, wiping the sleep from his eyes.
“PLANE!” Taylor yelled joyfully. They all started running, except Phyllis. She just stood there. Taylor stopped dead in his tracks and ran back to her. He picked her up and rushed down to the shore of the beach. They all looked up and could see the lights over the low flying plane. They all jumped up and down, yelling and waving their arms wildly in the air. After a couple minutes, the plane finally landed, skimming the water and halted. Taylor picked Phyllis up again and they all ran full speed into the ocean water to the plane.
A large man with a helmet and pilot gear, jumped out of the plane.
“THANK YOU GOD!” Zac said, running over and grabbing onto the man.
“WE FOUND THEM!” The man yelled into his walkie-talkie as he attempted to pry Zac off of him.
“Kids, I’m from the United States armed forces. We’ve been looking for you for awhile now.” The man smiled. Taylor put Phyllis down.
“We’re finally going home.” Taylor said, looking deeply into Phyllis’ eyes. Phyllis started to cry with a wide smile on her face. She threw herself into Taylor’s arms and he hugged her close to his body. Ike and Zac grabbed Amanda and started hugging her so much she was practically turning purple from lack of air.
“Come on kids.” The man said and led them to the plane. He stopped and looked at Zac with a smile on his face.
“Uh, son, what happened to your clothes?” The man said and chuckled.
“Never mind that, get me the hell out of here!” Zac yelled and jumped into the plane. Ike and Amanda got in as the man helped them in. Phyllis stood there and the man came up to her.
“I’ll help you.” He smiled.
“Uh…” Phyllis stammered, looking at her leg.
“You have to be careful of her leg.” Taylor spoke up.
“What happened?” The man asked, narrowing his eyes.
“Snake bite.” She smiled uneasily.
“Then we got to get you some medical attention immediately.” The man said and picked her up. Phyllis looked over the man’s shoulder at Taylor and smiled. The man got her in the plane and Taylor jumped in right after. He sat in the back seat with Phyllis. The man turned around after closing the door and looked at the two of them.
“Lean your body against the wall of the plane and put your leg on the seat.” The man advised her.
“Then he doesn’t have room to…” Phyllis started to protest.
“Just put your leg on my lap.” Taylor interrupted. The man smiled and sat in his seat. Phyllis placed her wounded leg on Taylor’s lap and he took her hand and smiled at her.
“We’re going home.” Taylor said again and kissed her hand. Phyllis smiled back at him.

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