Chapter 25

A couple hours later, Taylor decided to go back in the woods to see if he could find where he had dropped their meal. After awhile, he came back, successful in finding the rabbit. Amanda had already started the fire and she just waited till the guys had washed and skinned it. She cooked it while everyone sat around and talked. Taylor sat there, humming softly to himself. Phyllis looked at him strangely for a second and he stopped and looked at her, sitting next to her.
“What?” He asked.
“Do you mind?” She said.
“I’m just humming.” He said.
“That’s not it.” She said and looked down. He caught himself tapping his fingers on her knee.
“Sorry.” He blushed and turned red.
“Hey Phyl, I’ve caught him doing it to me too.” Zac said and then started to laugh.
“Very funny.” Taylor said.
“Actually, one time, we caught him fast asleep in the studio. We were tempted to take a picture too.” Said Ike.
“The studio?” Phyllis questioned. She stared at Taylor and scrunched up her eyebrows.
“Are you guys musicians or something?” Amanda asked, not looking away from what she was doing.
“Uh…” Taylor still stammered.
“You guys actually thought you could hide that? HA!” Amanda said and turned around smiling.
“You two knew?” Zac butted in.
“Well, all we heard that one year was MMMBop. You think we might know who you are don’t you think. Also considering the fact that Phyl has a lot of…” Amanda stopped when Phyllis shot her a cold stare.
“Cats, yeah, that’s it, cats.” Amanda quickly improvised and got flushed.
“What does cats have to do with hearing MMMBop?” Zac questioned.
“Nothing, can we eat now?!” Phyllis said, gritting her teeth.

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