Chapter 24

They got back to camp and Taylor put Phyllis down so she could hobble her way over to the log to sit down. Phyllis sat down and still had her arms folded with an angry expression on her face.
“What’s Phyl’s problem?” Amanda asked Taylor.
“She was mad because I had to carry her back to camp.” He said and shrugged his shoulders.
“I thought she would be happy about that.” Amanda smiled devilishly.
“She’s very independent and…hey! What’s that supposed to mean?” Taylor questioned.
“Boy it is true, blondes really are dense aren’t they.” Amanda smiled. Taylor pursed his lips together and stared coldly at Amanda.
“Phyl likes you, a lot.” Amanda whispered.
“Don’t tell her that I told you. She’ll get really pissed.” Amanda said.
“Well, guess what, I already know.” Taylor smiled.
“Huh?” Amanda was shocked.
“As a matter of fact, I like her a lot too.” Taylor said and turned his back.
“Say that again.” Amanda said, putting her hand on his shoulder and turning him around.
“We…” Taylor started to say until Zac walked up to them.
“What’s going on?” Zac asked, smiling happily.
“Taylor was about to tell me something.” Amanda turned to look at Zac.
“About last night?” Zac smiled.
“What about last night?” Amanda turned to face Taylor again.
“Oh, they made out.” Zac smiled.
“How did you know, I mean, we weren’t making out!” Taylor started and caught himself.
“Don’t play innocent. I saw you two in a lip lock.” Zac laughed.
“No, how could I miss it when you two were right in front of me.” Zac retorted.
“We thought you were asleep.”
“Surprise, Surprise.” Zac smiled.
“You’re a creep!” Tay shouted.
“Well you’re a…” Zac started.
“SHUT UP!” Amanda yelled. She walked over to Phyllis and sat down on the log next to her.
“So how’s your leg?”
“What do you think?” Phyllis snapped.
“Don’t be a pain in the ass Phyl. You have perfect opportunity to have Taylor carry your but around and you won’t let him since you’re so damn independent.” Amanda snapped back.
“I thought you liked him anyway?” Amanda added.
“That’s not the point. I don’t want to be carried around everywhere.” Phyllis looked at her.
“You won’t be for long. Some day, someone will rescue us.” Amanda said.
“Uh…let’s see Man, it’s been how long and I don’t see a plane, do you!” Phyllis yelled.
“TAYLOR!” Amanda turned and yelled over to him.
“Would you tell her that someone’s going to rescue us soon.”
“Well…I…uh.” Taylor stammered, not really knowing whether that statement was true.
“See, he doesn’t even think we’re going to be rescued!” Phyllis said loudly.
“People have to know we’re missing. Your parents aren’t just going to forget about you.” Amanda said. Phyllis just pursed her lips together.
“Hey, don’t you want to devote all your time to me?” Taylor joked as he sat down and put his head on Phyllis’ shoulder.
“Your cute and everything, but don’t get weird okay.” Phyllis laughed and pushed him away.

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