Chapter 23

“Urrrr.” Phyllis woke up groggy. She looked around.
“Where’s Taylor?” She thought, rubbing her eyes. She attempted to get up then looked down her leg.
“Damn it!” She said loudly. Her leg was so swollen; she couldn’t even tell what the original size of it would have been. She bent down and adjusted the tourniquet so it fit better.
“Hey Man!” Phyllis called to her friend.
“What?” Amanda asked sleepily.
“Where did Taylor go?”
“How the hell should I know where lover boy went. I’m sleeping.” Amanda said without opening her eyes.
“You are going to eventually have to get up.” Phyllis said.
“No I don’t. I can sleep here till a lovely man comes to rescue me and take me away from this horrid island.” Amanda said.
“You must still be dreaming.
“Let me at least have that.” Amanda complained and turned over.
“IKE!” Phyllis yelled.
“Huh?” Ike asked, turning over.
“Where’s Taylor?”
“I have no clue.” Ike said.
“Why do you want to know?” He asked.
“Don’t you? He is your brother.” Phyllis said, shifting to get more comfortable.
“Nah, not really. I see him every day. If you want to see him so badly, go look for him.” Ike added.
“Think about that logically. I can’t walk.” Phyllis said, getting annoyed.
“Oh, sorry. Maybe Zac knows.” Ike said then yawned.
“ZAC!” Phyllis yelled. No answer.
“HEY ZAC!” Phyllis yelled again. Still no answer.
“DAMN IT ZAC, GET UP!” Phyllis yelled and threw a rock over at the hut.
“WHHHAAAATTTT?” Zac asked, really peeved.
“Where did Taylor go?”
“Don’t ask me. He could be in America for all I care.” Zac complained and laid his head back down.
“You all are no help to me.” Phyllis said angrily. She slid her body to a near by rock and hoisted herself on it. Balancing as best she could, she managed to stand on one foot. She stumbled a little and then seemed to get a rhythm to her limping. She headed for the woods.
“What?” Phyllis asked, turning around.
“Bring food back.” Amanda said.
“SCREW YOU!” She yelled and went on her way.

“Ow!” Phyllis stopped to examine her leg. She took another step, determined to go on and fell down.
“DAMN IT!” She yelled, hitting the ground with her fist. She attempted to get up but their wasn’t anything for her to hoist herself on.
“I could die out here and none of them would know it.” She said out loud. She attempted to crawl but she didn’t seem to have enough strength in her legs.
“HELP!” She screamed.
“HELP!” She screamed once more.
“Oh this is just GREAT!” She yelled.

“Help!” Taylor could hear a distant voice.
“Uh oh.” He said, looking up. He picked up the dead rabbit and was on his way through the woods.
“WHERE ARE YOU?” He yelled. He didn’t get any answer. He kept on going. He stopped when he saw Phyllis on the ground.
“PHYLLIS!” He yelled and ran over to her, dropping the rabbit.
“Oh, hi.” She smiled.
“What the hell are you doing out here all alone?” He asked, bending down.
“No one would help me find you.” She said and moved her leg.
“You shouldn’t be out here by yourself. You can’t even walk.” Taylor said.
“I was doing pretty good when I sort of lost my balance.” Phyllis said, looking up at him.
“Just help me up and I can get back to camp by myself.” She said.
“This is ridiculous. I’m carrying you until your leg heals.” He said, starting to pick her up.
“NO! I’m tired of being carried everywhere. I can handle this. Just help me up.” She said, refusing to let him pick her up.
“Do I have to go through this with you again. You are so stubborn.”
“Damn proud of it too.” She said. Taylor stared at her and put his hands on his hips.
“Let me…”
“NO! You’re saying I’m stubborn. Give me a hand would ya?” She said. He put his hand down and she grabbed it, picking herself up. She turned around and took a step and stumbled again. Taylor caught her just before she fell.
“I feel like a toddler.” She said, looking him straight in the eyes.
“Now are you going to listen to me?” He asked, smiling.
“You know…” Phyllis started to complain again until Taylor picked her up. Phyllis crossed her arms.
“Don’t be so pissy.” He said smiling a little.
“Get that smirk off your face.” She said angrily.
“I’m going to be buff by the time your leg heals.” He laughed.
“What are you trying to say?” She asked, scrunching up her eyebrows.
“Nothing.” He smiled.

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