Chapter 22

“Are you feeling any better?” Taylor looked down at Phyllis and asked.
“Yes.” She smiled. Taylor moved a little, to get more comfortable.
“I wonder if we’re ever going to be rescued.” Phyllis said.
“Didn’t you wonder that a while ago?” Taylor smiled.
“I know, its just…” Phyllis started to say.
“You’re getting tired of it.” Taylor finished her thought.
“Exactly.” Phyllis answered.
“I don’t blame you. I miss being around my family and friends and being able to play my keyboard.” Taylor said, looking up at the sky.
“Well, you do have your brothers here.” Phyllis said.
“I know, but after awhile, they get to be annoying.” Taylor looked down at her and smiled.
“I feel sorry for Amanda, she’s had to spend the most time with them.” Taylor added.
“Amanda can handle it.” Phyllis said. She moved slightly and then attempted to sit up.
“Do you want some help?” Taylor asked.
“Uh…hold on let me get situated.” Phyllis said, struggling to get up.
“Here, lean back against me so you have some support.” Taylor said. He helped her to slide back and she rested against him.
“Thanks.” She said.
“This has been a really hectic day, look over at those three.” Phyllis said, turning to look in their direction. Amanda had slid down and rested her head against the log and fell asleep. Ike was sitting with his head hung low and Zac was already in the hut, fast asleep.
“I guess they got worn out.” Taylor said, looking over Phyllis’ head at them.
“Any minute now, we’re going to hear snoring.” Taylor added. Phyllis looked up at the sky and leaned the back of her head against Taylor’s shoulder.
“The sunset is so beautiful.” She commented.
“Yeah.” Taylor said and looked up.
“Yeah.” Taylor said.
“Why did you kiss me?” Phyllis asked, turning to look at him.
“Uh…was it okay that I did?” He asked.
“You didn’t answer my question.” Phyllis said, with no expression.
“Well, you know…” Taylor trailed off.
“C’mon, spill it.” She said.
“I care about you. I was really scared that something was going to happen so I just did it.” He answered.
“All right.” Phyllis said non-challantly.
“Okay, now answer mine.” Taylor said.
“I didn’t mind that you did.” She answered softly. Taylor looked back down at her.
“This is weird.” Taylor said out of the blue.
“Why do you say that?” Phyllis asked.
“Don’t you kind of feel stupid for asking these kind of things?” Taylor asked.
“Cause, I just don’t really see why we have to answer them, why can’t we just be proud of what we did.” Taylor went on.
“It just seems idiotic that people have to make excuses for things that they have done even if they’re good things…”
“I feel a speech coming on.” Phyllis said and put her head back down on his shoulder.
“And…” Taylor kept going.
“Yeah.” Taylor stopped mid sentence and looked back down.
“Shut up.” She smiled.
“Oh. I was rambling. Sorry.” Taylor smiled.
“It’s all right.” Phyllis said and snuggled into his arms.
“Why don’t we do what everyone else is doing…sleep.” She added and closed her eyes.
“Good idea.” Taylor responded and propped himself up better and closed his eyes.

The next morning Taylor woke up with a start. He looked down and noticed Phyllis curled up in his arms. He smiled to himself and attempted to adjust himself carefully so not to wake her. He looked up in the sky and watched the clouds changing shape. He looked back down at her and peered at her leg. Her leg was swollen and looked painful. He wondered how in the world she could have slept in such pain. He looked over at where his brother’s and Amanda were and noticed they too were still asleep.
“I’m hungry.” He thought to himself. He looked around to see if there was anything to eat but of course there wasn’t.
“I think maybe I should try and hunt myself.” He said. He gently moved Phyllis and laid her gently down. He brushed off his pants and turned towards the woods.
“Now how did Amanda say she did it?” Taylor contemplated, remembering how Amanda came out with the rabbit in her hands.

He made his way in the woods. He walked until he heard movement that wasn’t made by him. He stopped and bent down and grabbed a sharp stick.
“Okay, c’mon you little bugger, I’m gonna get you.” Taylor said, scanning the ground. He stopped when he saw a rabbit sitting there, watching him. Taylor dove and looked down. Nothing. It got away.
“DAMN!” He said to himself angrily.
“Now how the hell did she do it?” He asked. He looked in the direction the rabbit had run to.
“Oh yeah, she said something about flushing it out.” Taylor thought. He crept up quietly to the burrow, waiting to attack. He held the stick high in the air and held his breath as the rabbit slowly started to emerge from it’s hiding spot. He raised the stick higher then plunged it down.

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