Chapter 19

“AGHHHH!” Phyllis screamed. Taylor grabbed her by the waist and turned her around. Phyllis’ eyes were as wide as ever. Out of nowhere, he picked her up like a bride over the threshold.
“TAYLOR!” She yelled. He was still swaying uneasily and she felt like he was going to drop her.
“PUT ME DOWN!” She yelled.

“TAYLOR!” Ike’s voice broke in. He was standing there, holding Zac by one arm while Amanda had the other. They had managed to get the skirt on him but he was still fidgeting around. Taylor looked up and smiled.
“Put her down.” Ike said calmly. Taylor just looked at him.
“C’mon Taylor…please.” Phyllis asked as nicely as possible. He looked at her then Ike. Finally, he let her down gently. Phyllis put her hand to her forehead.
“Make ME watch him!” Phyllis grumbled as she walked past Amanda.
“He probably would have done the same thing to me so I figured…” Amanda started.
“Shut up!” Phyllis yelled and sat down in the hut. Ike and Amanda sat Zac down on the log and made Taylor sit too.
“You two sit there.” Ike instructed. It was like talking to two brick walls.
“This is INSANE!” Phyllis announced.
“Why are they like this?” Amanda asked Ike.
“Well, I think they ate some berries that were growing in the woods.
“You three never learn do you!” Amanda yelled in Ike’s face.
“HEY! I didn’t eat them!” Ike said angrily and getting in Amanda’s face.
“HEY! HEY!” Phyllis yelled pushing them apart.
“The only person’s fault it is, is theirs. They were dumb enough to eat them.” Phyllis said.
“We just have to make sure that nothing happens right now.” She added. Amanda and Ike nodded in agreement.
“Now…we should watch them until they start coming down.” Phyllis instructed.
“I’ll watch them for now, since I’m WIDE awake now. You two go to sleep, but keep one eye open in case I need help.” She added.
“All right.” Ike said. Amanda and him walked to the hut and settled in for the rest of the night. Phyllis sat down on the ground across from where Taylor and Zac were sitting. She looked over at the two of them. Slowly, she noticed that both of them were falling asleep.

They must have worn themselves out. Phyllis thought and smiled to herself. No sooner did she thought it, she yawned. She settled in and fell asleep.

“Jeez.” Taylor said, slowly waking up. He put his hand to his head and blinked at the light surrounding him.
“I feel like I got hit by a bus.” He said. He felt something on his left arm and looked over. Zac had his head against his shoulder and was drooling.
“AGHHH! Dude!” Taylor yelled, pushing Zac over. Zac’s face hit the ground and he woke up. Taylor looked again and started laughing hysterically and fell over, holding his stomach.
“Oye! My head hurts…what’s so damn funny.” Zac said, sitting up and looking at Taylor rolling around on the ground in laughter.
“DUDE! HA! YOU’RE WEARING A SKIRT!” Taylor was laughing so hard; he had to wipe the tears away from his eyes. Zac looked down.
“AGHHHHH!” He screamed.
“Dude, I’d close your legs, you’re showing the world everything.” Taylor laughed again and pointed over to a sleeping Phyllis. Zac immediately stood up and blushed.
“Do you feel the way I do?” Zac asked, rubbing his temple.
“I feel ten times worse considering I was laughing…”
“LIKE A DAMN FOOL!” Zac yelled.
“What…” Phyllis was slowly started waking up. She looked at the two of them.
“Good morning.” She smiled, pushing her hair out of face.
“Morning.” Taylor said, standing up and staggering over to her. Phyllis’ face was bright red.
“What’s wrong?” He asked, noticing she wouldn’t look at him.
“I just can’t look at you.” Phyllis said, looking over at the hut. Zac immediately started laughing.
“Huh?” Taylor asked confused.
“Do you guys remember what happened last night?” She asked.
“No.” Zac said, stopping his laughter.
“Let’s see…you two were doped up on phsycodelic berries and decided to strip down and dance around the fire.” She said plainly.
“YOU SAW ME NAKED?!” Taylor yelled.
“Well, how can I put this…I was sleeping soundly and I was awoken to you standing over me, butt naked.” She answered and started to laugh. Taylor immediately turned flame red.
“Well…” Zac began to say something.
“Oh…and you decided to burn your clothes so Amanda and Ike had to hold you down and put the only thing they could find on you.” Phyllis said, glancing over at him. Zac looked back down at his lovely pink skirt and blushed.
“Are you sure that I burned ALL my clothes?” Zac asked.
“I don’t really know. I’ll go and look through the woods later.” Phyllis answered. She got up and brushed off her pants.

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