Chapter 20

A little while later, Amanda woke up. She looked around to see if anyone else was awake.
“Phyl?!” She called.
She must be at the waterfall. She thought to herself. She stopped when she could hear loud snoring. She looked over at Ike, who was sprawled out and drooling. She kicked him hard in the side and he just rolled over and snored louder. Amanda was starting to get annoyed. She wanted to get some more sleep. She looked over at him and kicked him in the crotch.
“AGHHHH!” He yelled, holding himself. He looked at her and glared harshly at her.
“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!” He screamed, curling up in a ball in pain.
“You were snoring.” She said, standing up.
“I REALLY hope you don’t get married. I’d feel really sorry for him.” Ike said.
“SCREW YOU!” Amanda yelled.
“Well he can’t do that anymore now can he.” Zac smiled as he walked over to the hut. Ike looked up at him.
“I’d watch it. One smart ass comment and she’ll do the same to you.” Ike said.
“Awww, she can’t do anything to me.” He waved his hand at Ike.
“Oh really.” Amanda said, with her hands on her hips.
“Never mind.” Zac said, and quickly walked away, trying to pull his skirt down so he didn’t show so much leg.

At the top of a cliff some where in the woods, Phyllis and Taylor were enjoying the view.
“Oh wow! This is awesome!” Tay shouted
Phyllis who was dangerously close to the edge started to pear in the rushing intensity of the waterfall.
“You shouldn’t get so close.” Tay noticed her and called out
“I’ll be fine, I’ve got a great sense of balance.” Phyl said He went to walk over to her and started to stumble on his own feet towards the edge. He started to fall when Phyllis grabbed him and helped him on his feet.
“Unlike you on the other hand.” Phyllis said.
”Oops sorry…um…weren’t we supposed to find Zac’s clothes?” Taylor blushed.
“Yeah, but I had to show you this spot…but now that you’ve seen it lets go.” said Phyllis. As they proceeded down the side of the cliff, Phyllis noticed a dark patch on the ground and went over to check it out.
“Its…a…jacket…” said Phyllis.
“It doesn’t look like any of ours.”
As she reached over to pick it up in a flash some thing came out from under it and bit her leg.
“AGHHH! You cock sucking son of a bitchen’ bastard!” She screamed on top of her lungs.
“My virgin ears!” He yelled. He quickly ran over to her. She was down on the ground holding her leg. He knelt down beside her.
“What happened?” He asked and looked at her. Phyllis bit her lip hard. Taylor could see her start to let the tears come down her face.
“Oh my god!” He said as he watched her in pain. She grabbed his hand. She moved her hand away from her leg. Her jeans had two holes cleanly made in them. Blood stained them. Taylor cautiously moved her pant leg up to examine her wound. When he moved the denim up he saw two holes in her leg with blood. Phyllis whinced in pain.
“What bit you?” He asked.
“A snake.” She quietly said. Taylor looked back down at her leg. He had to figure out what to do to save her. He quickly tore off a piece of her pant leg and wrapped it around her leg right above the bite to slow the flow of venom.
“Phyl, I’m gonna try some thing … I don’t know if it will work, but… it worked on t.v.” he clasped his mouth around her wound and started to draw the venom out.
“Ouch!” she smacked him in the head and shouted.
”Who the fuck do ya think you are, fucking Dracula!?” Phyllis screamed.
“Sorry! I have to do this so I can get the venom out!” Taylor said, and looked at her as she clenched her hand in a fist. He proceeded in sucking the venom out. Phyllis bit her lip so hard that she actually tasted blood. He stopped, and looked at it again.
“Please say you’re done, that hurts like you wouldn’t believe.” She said.
“Almost.” He replied. Phyllis moved slightly to get more comfortable although it was practically impossible considering the situation. Taylor stopped and looked at her in the face.
“I think I got most of it. You make the worst patient.” He said.
“I think we should get you back to camp.” He said and got up.
“Just help me up.” Phyllis said, attempting to stand.
“Uh uh…no…I’m carrying you.”
“I don’t think so, you tried that last night…” She started to complain until he picked her up.
“Stop complaining will ya.” He said. Phyllis put her arms around his neck and started to tremble.
“Tay…I…I…feel so cold…” cried Phyllis
“Its okay, you’ll be okay…” He claimed as his tears built up, still unsure of himself if it was true.
“Can you walk?” He asked. But she was too far-gone.
“It shouldn’t be taking effect this quickly.” He panicked as he thought to himself. He took off down the path that they had made. He looked back down at Phyllis and could feel her body start to get cold. She closed her eyes tightly.
“Don’t close your eyes. You gotta stay with me. Wake up.” Taylor loudly said.
“Tired…cold…need to sleep.” Phyllis mumbled.
“C’mon , stay with me!” Taylor demanded. Tears started to flow down his face. Phyllis closed her eyes once more. Her body went limp. Taylor caught his breath and picked up speed through the woods. He could feel himself start to hold tighter on her. Her head hit his chest and Taylor glanced back down again.
Wake up! Please! He thought to himself.

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