Chapter 18

Phyllis was sound asleep. Suddenly, she could feel hot air on her face. Still asleep, she waved her hand in front of her face and passed it off. The heat subsided than began again. She was having trouble opening her eyes. She could now hear heavy breathing. Her eyes flew open and she looked up. It took her awhile to focus what was in front of her face.
“OH MY GOD!” She screeched, getting up and backed up against the tree. Taylor was staring at her with a goofy smile on his face.
“You scared me…” She stopped and looked down.
“AGHHHH!” She screamed and covered her eyes. Taylor had NOTHING ON.
“What the HELL!” She screamed and ran over to the hut. She bent down and hit Amanda in the arm.
“AMANDA! GET UP!” She yelled.
“What?” Amanda said drearily.
“JUST GET UP!” Phyllis screamed in her face. Ike opened his eyes and looked over at Phyllis.
“What’s going on?” He asked, rubbing his eyes. Phyllis pointed and Ike and Amanda looked over. Both Taylor and Zac were naked as the day they were born and were dancing around the fire.
“WHAT THE….!” Amanda started to say and scrambled to her feet.
“IKE DO SOMETHING!” Phyllis yelled, trying not to look over in their direction.
“What am I supposed to do?” He asked, frantically looking around for something.
“Get their clothes on!” Amanda shouted.
“Why do I have to…” Ike began then looked at Phyllis and Amanda.
“You guys, go look for their clothes and I’ll…*gulp* see if I can reason with them.” Ike said nervously. Amanda and Phyllis were quickly up and in search of clothes. Ike looked at his brothers, acting unbelievably strange and walked over to them.
“Mmm-a-bop-bop-ba…” Zac chanted, not stopping his ritual dance.
“Guys! Get some clothes on, you’re not really making a good impression here.” Ike said, looking extremely uncomfortable. Taylor stopped, stared at him and went on with what he was doing.
“Jeez.” Ike said, hitting himself in the head.
“It was those damn berries you ate wasn’t it!” Ike demanded, but go no response. Amanda quickly ran over and handed Ike something.
“What’s this?” Ike asked, turning around and looking at her.
“Taylor’s pants.” Amanda said, looking up at the sky.
“I DON’T KNOW!” Amanda retorted.
“Did you find Zac’s clothes?” Ike asked. Amanda didn’t say anything, she just pointed to the fire.
“What?…HE BURNT THEM!” Ike yelled, slapping himself in the face. Amanda just nodded.
“You have to help me get control over them.” Ike pleaded.
“THEIR NAKED!” Amanda yelled.
“I’m well aware of that. Just get their attention so I can…” Ike began until Zac ran up to him and screamed in his face. Amanda started to giggle a little.
“Where’s Phyllis, I need her help too?” Ike asked.
“I don’t know.” Amanda said, looking all around.
“Yell or something to get them to look away from me.” Ike instructed her. Amanda walked away from Ike. She started jumping up and down and waving her arms at them.
“WOO HOO! OVER HERE!” She yelled. Taylor and Zac stopped and looked at her. Ike walked up quietly behind Taylor and grabbed him around the shoulders. Surprisingly, he didn’t struggle. Ike managed to get him to put the pants on. He sat him down on the ground and waited.
“FIND SOMETHING TO PUT ON ZAC!” Ike yelled to Amanda. Amanda nodded and looked all around. She headed for the suitcase and started throwing things. She grabbed a skirt and ran over to Ike.
“Here.” She said, and handed it to him.
“I meant pants.” Ike said.
“Well, he burnt his only pair!” Amanda said.
“We just have to make do.” Amanda added. Ike walked slowly up to Zac, who seemed calm enough to stand in one spot.
“Dude, you have to put this on.” Ike said, holding it up. Zac looked up at him then smiled.
“AGHHHHH EEEEEE!” He screamed and took off into the woods, leaving Ike in the dust.
“STAY HERE AND MAKE SURE TAY DOESN”T DO ANYTHING!” Ike yelled and ran after Zac.
“Like I’m supposed to control him.” Amanda said, glancing over at Taylor. Taylor was sitting there, swaying back and forth, humming to himself. Soon after, Phyllis appeared from her hiding spot.
“Where the hell did you go?” Amanda asked angrily, standing there and guarding Taylor.
“I was looking for their clothes!” Phyllis yelled.
“I have an idea…Ike is chasing after Zac and I have a feeling he’s going to need some help, so you stay here with Taylor and watch him.” Amanda said.
“But…” Phyllis started but Amanda was already running into the woods.
“Uh…” She slowly walked over to the log that Taylor was sitting on. She sat down on it and looked over at him. He looked at her and gave her the goofiest smile. Phyllis nervously sat there.

How in the hell am I supposed to watch him? It’s not like I could stop him; he’s bigger than I am. Phyllis thought to herself. She looked at him again and noticed that he was leaning over, propping himself with his elbows on his knees. He had his head down with his hair covering his face. He put his hands to his head and started to massage his temples.
“Taylor?” Phyllis asked.
“Ugh” he mumbled.
“Taylor…are you going to stay there while I get something?” She asked, moving in a bit closer. He just nodded his head. She cautiously got up and walked over to the suitcase. She knelt down and rummaged through it, looking for something. She stopped and put her head up. She could hear something. She stood up carefully and just as she was about to turn around…

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