Chapter 17

They got back to camp and the sun was already setting. Amanda handed the dead rabbit to Phyllis.
“So you caught something?” Phyllis asked, looking up at the guys.
“We didn’t…” Zac was about to say when Amanda stepped in front of him.
“The guys did a great job. They flushed it out and got it no problem.” She said.
“Oh good.” Phyllis said, heading over to the fire.

“Why did you tell her that we caught that when you did?” Taylor whispered to Amanda.
“I thought maybe you would want her to think you could handle it.” She winked. Taylor just looked at her. Amanda walked away before he could get another word in and helped Phyllis. The guys all sat around the fire and waited until it was finally done. Taylor and his brothers could feel their mouths water as the smoke wafted over. The smell was making their stomachs rumble and they couldn’t wait.
“Okay, be careful, it’s…” Phyllis began, but the guys already grabbed pieces and started gnawing away.
“…hot.” She said. She sat down by Taylor and got herself some.
“This tastes so good.” Taylor said, sucking on the meat.
“Well considering what else you could be eating, I would have to agree.” Phyllis smiled, and glanced over at Amanda who was chewing away too.

Everyone finished and was all ready for a good night's of sleep.
“I’m exhausted.” Taylor said, rubbing his eye.
“Why? You didn’t do anything?” Amanda smiled and nudged him in the arm.
“You’re not going to let us live this down, are you?” He asked.
“You can’t catch food, you can’t see that a plants poisonous…no, I’m not gonna.” She smiled, and walked to the hut. Taylor just shook his head. He headed for the tree and made himself comfortable. Phyllis slowly walked over, yawning.
“Going…*yawn*…to bed?” She asked, stretching.
“Yeah. I’m really tired.” He smiled. She sat down against the tree and positioned herself.
“Night.” She said.
“Night Phyllis.” Taylor said, looking over at her. He stared over at the fire and could see it start to waver. He moved himself a little and he noticed that he was starting to feel a little woozy. He blinked hard and then looked back over at the fire. It wasn’t just wavering a little; it started to take on human qualities. Like it was dancing. He glanced over at Zac and Zac was noticing the fire too.
“Woah…” Taylor said, putting his hand to his head.
“What’s going on?” He asked to himself.
“Maybe I should get up.” He asked himself and stood up. As soon as he was up, he fell right back down. He could feel himself start to giggle. He stared at his hand and it was almost changing shape right before his eyes.
“What the…” He said, smiling uncontrollably. He got down on all fours and crawled over to the fire. Zac was sitting there, rocking back and forth, humming something.
“Yo…he he…uh…dude…what’s your name?” Taylor could feel himself laughing harder, and finding it difficult to remember his brother’s name.
“I AM THE LORD OF THE FAIRIES!” Zac said and jumped up and started swaying.
“Ha Ha dude…ha…you’re…ha…” Taylor didn’t even know what he was saying. Zac started dancing and making funny movements. Taylor got up and started to sway uneasily. He just laughed and smiled and could feel himself start to move all around. Everything was in a whirlwind. The colors of everything started changing into bright, vibrant colors, never found in nature.

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