Chapter 16

About an hour later, Amanda and the guys went on their way, leaving Phyllis behind. Amanda took lead, tramping through the woods in search. Taylor and Ike were side by side, talking about something with Zac of course, lagging behind, complaining on how he didn’t want to hunt and that he had sore feet.
“Suck it up!” Amanda yelled, turning around and staring at him.
“I want to go back to camp!” He whined.
“C’mon Zac, as soon as we catch something, the sooner we can go back.” Ike said, looking at his little brother and looking on him with a little pity.
“I’m not used to all this.” He complained once more.
“Like the rest of us are?” Taylor said a little angrier than what he intended.
“Why can’t you three go and I’ll just go back.” He suggested, hoping someone would give in.
“NO!” Amanda said fiercely.
“STOP!” Amanda said, abruptly stopping. Ike wasn’t paying much attention and almost walked right into her.
“Shhhh. I hear something.” Amanda said, putting her finger to her lips and looking around.
“I don’t hear anything, let’s go!” Zac complained.
“Shut up!” Taylor said angrily, turning to face Zac.
“Wait here.” Amanda said quietly to them.
“I’ll go with you.” Ike began, getting ready to take a step. Amanda immediately put her arm up to stop him. She walked quickly and quietly away. The guys waited.


“What was that?” Zac said, getting nervous and looking around.
“I don’t know.” Taylor said quietly, swallowing hard.
“Hey, look what I found.” Zac stopped, spying something growing on a shrub. He picked up a red berry and looked at it. Without thinking twice, he threw it in his mouth and started to chew.
“Hey, this is good.” He said, grabbing more off the plant.
“What are you eating?” Taylor asked inquisitively.
“These berries. Their really good, try some.” Zac said, putting his hand up to Taylor.
“Uh…” Taylor began. He hesitated but the rumbling in his stomach led him to take some. He popped them in his mouth.
“Hey, these are good.” Taylor said, enjoying it greatly. Ike stopped and turned to look at what his brothers were doing.
“What are you two eating?” He asked suspiciously.
“These berries. Here, try some.” Zac said, showing him a handful of them.
“I’ll pass. You two should be careful what you eat you know.” Ike said.
“Hey, if it tastes good, there can’t be anything wrong with it.” Zac said, shoving another handful in his mouth. Leaves started rustling and the boys quickly looked up. Amanda was standing there, blood dripping from her hands and arms, holding a dead rabbit in her hand.
“Dinner.” She smiled.
“How did you kill that?!” Ike asked, totally bewildered.
“Flushed it out of its hole and stabbed it.” Amanda said, acting like it was an everyday occurrence.
“How could you stab a rabbit that fast?” Zac asked, just as bewildered as Ike.
“Found a sharp stick and jabbed it.” She said, walking through the leaves and showing it to them. She held it near Taylor.
“GET THAT THING AWAY!” Taylor yelled, pushing her arm away.
“What? You are going to be eating it later.” She sighed.
“I prefer not seeing my dinner unless it’s fully cooked if you don’t mind.” Taylor said, scrunching up his face. Amanda just shrugged her shoulders and took lead back to camp.
“I can’t believe she could just catch and kill that rabbit.” Taylor whispered to Ike as quietly as possible.
“Do you think it’s some phenomenon that I can kill an animal?” Amanda said, turning around and looking at the two of them.
“Uh…” Taylor was startled that she could hear that.
“No…it’s just…its kind of amazing that you did it so quickly.” He said.
“Want to know how I did it?” She smiled.
“Yeah!” Zac said, running up. Amanda just tapped the side of her head.
“Instinct.” She said smiling and went on.
“Too weird.” Ike whispered. His younger brothers nodded.

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