Chapter 15

Phyllis came back with Taylor close behind, holding her shirt in her hand. Ike first looked up and gasped to himself with wide eyes. He tapped Zac on the shoulder.
“Ike, I’m playing a game!” Zac said angrily.
“I think your game can wait.” Ike said.
“What’s so interesting that it can’t…” Zac stopped when he looked up.
“Oh God.” He quietly whispered. Phyllis walked past and put her shirt down on a near by rock to dry. She sat down by the guys while they were playing their game with Amanda.
“Who’s winning?” She asked. Amanda looked up and was about to say something and just gave Phyllis a look.
“Uh…Phyl, did you forget your shirt?” Amanda laughed.
“It’s drying over there.” Phyllis said.
“Hey Zac!” Taylor said to his little brother as he sat down.
“Uh…yeah.” Zac said, not paying attention.
“Put your eyeballs back in your head. She’s not interested.” Taylor laughed. Ike started laughing.
“HEY!” Zac said, laughing even though it was meant for him. Phyllis just rolled her eyes.
“By the way you three, you’re going to have to go out again and catch something for tonight." Amanda said, looking at them.
“Zac can do it.” Taylor smiled.
“Uh uh.” Zac said, shaking his head.
“You two are coming with me.” He said.
“Oh yeah, forgot about that bunny rabbit.” Ike laughed.
“In the meanwhile, what are you two going to do?” Taylor asked, raising his eyebrows as he looked at the girls.
“Oh, we’re going to pretty ourselves up for your return.” Amanda said, fluttering her eyelashes.
“Should we worry?” Ike said.
“Now we’ll really have to worry about some natives.” Zac started laughing.
“We’ll figure something out. Like trying to get our sorry asses off this god forsaken island.” Phyllis butted in.
“How are you going to do that, take off your bra and flash anything that flies over the island?” Amanda started laughing.
“Hey Manda, I don’t see you doing anything. Hell, you don’t even dress in the same vicinity as any of us, not even me.” Phyllis smirked.
“I’m just a very modest person, that’s all.” Amanda smiled.
“You mean that there just isn’t any guys here that you find attractive.” Phyllis laughed.
“Hey, what about us?” Ike said, feeling a little insulted.
“You guys don’t count.” Amanda smiled.
“Thanks. We really appreciate that.” Zac jumped in.
“Well, let’s see, you’re to young Zac, you’re too old Ike and Taylor, well, I’m just not interested.” Amanda said, glancing over at Phyllis and smiling.
“Shut the hell up Manda!” Phyllis said gritting her teeth and blushing like crazy.
“With that, you can go with the guys and make sure they don’t get anything else.” Phyllis said.
“Fine.” Said Amanda.
“Uh…okay.” Taylor said, looking at his brothers. The guys all kind of felt like little kids, being told they needed a chaperone in the woods. The worst part was she wasn’t that much older than Taylor himself. Taylor thought.
“Wait, when were you born Amanda?” Taylor asked out of the blue.
“January. Why?” She asked.
“Damn, you’re older than me.” He said.
“What about you Phyl?” He asked her.
“I was born on April 12th.” She said.
“Well, I’m at least a full month older than you.” Taylor said, and sat up a little more straight.
“Feel proud or something?” Phyllis asked.
“Hey Tay, just because you’re a month older doesn’t mean you’re more mature.” Zac said, making a goofy face.
“Look whose talking.” Taylor said, glaring at Zac.

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