Chapter 14

“Taylor, might as well give me your shirt to wash.” Phyllis said, getting up.
“I thought you said that we had to do our own wash?” Taylor said, looking up at her.
“You just have your shirt, it won’t take me long.” Phyllis smiled.
“Does anyone else have anything they need done?” Phyllis asked, looking around.
“No, I think I would like to sit in my stench a little longer, thanks anyway.” Zac laughed.
“No wonder why Amanda has that screwed up look on her face.” Phyllis said, laughing at Amanda.
“Phyl…” Amanda started to say.
“Sorry, can’t talk right now.” Phyllis smiled and went off.
“So, what do you want to do?” Amanda asked the guys.
“Anyone have a stick?” Zac asked.
“Uh…yeah…here.” Taylor said, bending down and handing Zac a stick.
“What are you doing?” Ike asked.
“Playing tic tack to. I’ll be X.” Zac said, drawing in the dirt.
“I’ll be O.” Said Amanda.
“I’m taking a walk.” Taylor said, getting disgusted from his boredom.
“Now don’t you go spying on any half naked girls again Tay, not unless you invite us along.” Zac said, not looking up from the game. Amanda hit him in the head.
“Ouch!” He said. Taylor just laughed. Taylor took off in the direction Phyllis was headed.
“HEY! PHYL!” He yelled, running to catch up.
“Huh?” She said, turning around.
“Let me help.” He said, walking next to her.

“And they call it puppy looovvvveee.” Zac started singing. Ike and Amanda started laughing.

“Do you do this to your mom when she does laundry?” Phyllis laughed.
“No. I just thought it would be a nice gesture.” Taylor said.
“Okay then.” She smiled. They headed through the woods to the waterfall.

“Hey, by the way…” She started to say as they almost were at the edge of the trees.
“What?” He asked.
“Watch out for that bush.” She pointed.
“Uh…okay.” Taylor said, feeling kind of embarrassed. He definitely made sure to steer clear of that particular shrub as they walked up the rocks to a pool of water. Phyllis took the shirt in her hands that belonged to Taylor, and plunged it in the water.
“Is that all you’re going to wash?” He asked.
“Well, actually I was going to wash what I had on but since your standing there…” Phyllis started to say.
“Oh…” Taylor began.
“Agh Hell. You kind of seem like a brother to me. Who cares.” She said and peeled off her shirt. Taylor’s eyes practically bugged out of his head.
“I…uh…” He stammered.
“What? I’m not naked.” She said. Which was true, she still had a bra on. She took her shirt and put it in the water.
“Since you’re here…” She said, she flung him his wet shirt.
“You can DO your own laundry.” She smiled. As it hit him in the face. She started laughing.
“So you think of me like a brother?’ Taylor said with a strange tone.
“Did you want me to say like a father?” She asked.
“No…no…it’s just…” Taylor stammered.
“Hey, I consider you a friend. I don’t really know what’s it’s like to have siblings…so…friends are the next best thing.” She smiled.
“Oh.” He said, a little disappointed.
“Now to change the subject. I wonder how long were going to be here for?” Phyllis said, raising her sopping wet shirt in the air for inspection.
“I don’t really mind it.” He said.
“Even in those leather pants?” She laughed.
“I have to admit, they are a little uncomfortable.” He said, looking at them.
“Well none of that ‘walking around butt naked’” She laughed.
“I’m WAY to modest for that.” Taylor blushed.
“I don’t even walk around in my underwear in front of my brother’s much less naked.” He added.
“Good thing to know.” Phyllis said.
“Why is that?”
“Just so I know that you won’t decide to do a strip tease in the middle of the night. There are some people that do that in their sleep.” She said.
“Know any?” He asked.
“Thankfully, no.” She smiled.
“Well, watch out for Zac. If he gets wild and wooly enough, he’ll do ANYTHING!” he laughed.
“Should I warn Amanda?” She asked, looking up.
“Zac said something about her having a little brother, does he do it?” Taylor asked her, squeezing out his shirt.
“Yes but she certainly doesn’t tolerate it. She has been known to kick him in the butt a couple times for doing that.” She said.
“How violent is she when it comes to her brother?” He asked, really wanting to know, just for future reference.
“Ah…you know, kicking, biting, punching…probably the same things you did with your siblings.’ She said.
“Yeah, but he’s a lot younger than her, hasn’t she done damage?”
“He’s not as sweet and innocent as you think. He came after me with a stick and hit me in the head with it the first day I met him. Oh…and how could I forget when my friend Nicole was over, he threw a screw driver at her head.” She said.
“Oh.” Taylor said.
“Violent little bugger ain’t he.” Taylor smiled.
“Well, my shirts washed. I can’t wear it now but it will soon be dry.” She said, standing up.
“I’ll go ahead and tell the guys that you don’t have a shirt on and…”
“Why? I kind of think of them as brothers too. Not that big of a deal.” She said and walked ahead.
“Uh…okay.” Taylor shrugged and got up to follow her.
Just wait till the guys see her walking around without a shirt on. Their jaws are going to be down to their knees. Taylor thought to himself.

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