Chapter 13

“…got a rash from a plant.” Phyllis said.
“What plants on this island give rashes?” Ike said, scratching furiously.
“Well, there’s a plant over by this waterfall I found. It’s right on the edge of the woods before you get to it.” Amanda smiled.
“What does it look like?” Taylor asked, opening his eyes wide.
“It looks like an ordinary shrub or bush. Why? You guys weren’t anywhere near the waterfall.” Phyllis said, watching the guys furiously scratching.
“Uh…” Zac started.
“Maybe it was in the woods when we were hunting.” Zac said, quickly trying to cover up.
“I went all along those woods, the only place I saw that plant was at the edge.” Phyllis said, eyeing the guys.
“Who knows.” Taylor said smiling with wide eyes.
“MAKE IT STOP!” Zac yelled, dancing around.
“Quit scratching it. You’ll make it spread.” Amanda yelled.
“You three sit over by that tree, FAR away from us and I’ll go see if I can find something that will lesson the itching.” Amanda said, pointing to a far tree. The guys got up and walked away.
“Why didn’t you tell us that was a poisonous plant Tay?!” Zac yelled.
“How was I supposed to know. What I would like to know is how the girls seem to know what’s poisonous and what’s not?” Tay said.
“I could give a rip about that right now, I just want to stop itching!” Ike said, scratching both his arms at the same time. Taylor stopped and looked at his arm. His skin was slowly starting to turn red with little tiny bumps raising up.
“AGHHH!” Zac yelled.
“Don’t go nuts on us Zac, it’s just a rash.” Taylor said, looking at his brother scratching hard. Phyllis slowly walked over but far enough away so not to get it.
“I’m sorry guys. I should have pointed out what was poisonous and what wasn’t.” She said.
“It’s not your fault.” Taylor smiled helplessly as he scratched his stomach.
“Let me see your arm.” She said, putting her hand out.
“NO! You don’t want to get it.” Taylor yelled.
“I’ll be careful.” She smiled. She sat down and took his hand gently in hers and examined his arm.
“It’s not that bad. It should go away in about a day. Just try and avoid scratching it so much.” She said, looking at the three of them. Taylor just stared into her eyes. He was so impressed with how she risked getting it herself just to see if there was anything she could do.
“When Man, gets back, I’m sure the stuff she gets will help.” She smiled.
“Just hang tight.” She said. She still had Taylor’s hand in hers. He smiled again and Zac and Ike could tell he was in never never land.
“TAY!” Zac yelled in his ear and kicked him.
“Huh?” He said, smiling like a fool.
“Let her hand go you moron!” Zac yelled.
“Oh, sorry.” He said and let her hand go.
“It’s all right.” She said. She walked away and looked around. She found a large, flat rock and a smaller, rounder rock and took them back over by the guys.
“What are you going to do with the rocks?” Ike asked.
“Please say bash my head in to end my misery!” Zac yelled, still scratching.
“No, I’m going to take the plant Amanda finds and crush it to make a paste and put it on your rashes.” She said.
“Oh.” Ike said.

An hour later, Amanda returned with an armful of plants. She ran over and dropped them down by Phyllis then walked away.
“Hey! Where are you going?” Phyllis asked, turning her head.
“I’m not getting it! You think I’m nuts or something?” Amanda yelled and sat down on a log.
“Whatever.” Phyllis yelled back. She took some of the herbs and placed them on the flat rock. With the round rock, she kept crushing the herbs. The guys sat there fascinated with what she was doing. She kept adding things and grinding the mixture until it finally was a pasty consistency.
“All right. Where does it itch?” She asked.
“I have it on my arms and my shoulder.” Zac said, still scratching.
“I have it on my leg, my arms and I even think on hands.” Ike said, looking at his hands.
“I think I have it on my neck, my back, my stomach and my arms.” Taylor said.
“ME FIRST!” Zac yelled.
“Come here.” Phyllis said. Zac sat down with his back facing her. She pushed the side of his shirt down to expose his shoulder and smeared it on. She rubbed it in and replaced the side of his shirt.
“Now let me see your arms.” She said, turning him around.
“Yes mommy.” Zac smiled.
“Don’t act like that!” Taylor reprimanded him. He pulled up his sleeve and Phyllis put the stuff on.
“Are you feeling any better?” She asked.
“Actually, yeah. It’s sorta…tingly.” Zac said, getting up.
“All right, whose next?” She asked.
“Go ahead Ike.” Taylor said. Ike sat down.
“I’ll put it on your arms and you can put it on your leg and your hands. Make sure you rub it in.” She said. She pulled up his sleeves and lathered his arms with the gunk.
“Here’s some for your hands and leg.” She said, giving him some.
“Thanks Phyl.” Ike smiled, and walked over to the hut with Zac.
“Last but not least.” Phyllis smiled.
“I see you have it in some inconvenient places.” She laughed.
“Yes I did.” Taylor smiled.
“Turn around.” She instructed him.
“Lift up the back of your shirt.” She said.
“I have it on my neck too.” He said, still wanting to scratch.
“Oh…then take it off.” She said.
“WOO HOO!” Zac yelled making noises.
“SHUT UP!” Taylor yelled, turning around to stare at his little brother.
“Take it off, take it ALL off!” Zac yelled again.
“Grrrrr.” Taylor growled.
“Don’t pay any attention to him.” Phyllis said. Taylor proceeded on taking off his shirt.
“I see you got it worst of all.” She said. She took some more of the paste on her hand and put it on his back. She rubbed it on and proceeded to put some on his neck.
“That stuff kind of feels weird.” He said, turning his head.
“Don’t turn your head, I’m not done yet.” She said, concentrating hard on what she was doing. Taylor did as she said and turned his head straight again.
“I need to put some more on so hold on a second.” She took her hands off his back and put some more on her hand. She rubbed in more and he could immediately feel some relief.
“Okay, where else did you say you have it?” Phyllis asked. Taylor turned around and faced her.
“My stomach and my arms.” He said.
“I can see you have it on your stomach.” She said, looking at the rash. She took the paste and spread it along the rash on his stomach. Then took his arms and rubbed it in.
“I suggest you wait to put your shirt on. Keep rubbing the stuff in.” She said, getting up. Taylor looked at the rash on his stomach and arms.
“Zac’s right, this stuff does feel strange.” He said and looked up at her.
“Supposed to.” She smiled. She got up and looked down at him. She offered him her hand to help him up.
“Thanks. I was wondering…”
“What?” She asked.
“Why did you help even though you could have gotten it?” He asked, a little puzzled.
“You think I would give it to Zac to put on you two, knowing him, he’d probably EAT it.” Phyllis smiled.
“Heck, it would probably have tasted a lot better then that stuff we were given” Taylor laughed.
“I agree, but don’t tell Amanda.” Phyllis whispered. They both walked back to the hut and sat down. Amanda inched her way away from the guys.
“Man? You’re not going to get it unless you happen to touch them.” Phyllis said.
“I know, I know, I just don’t want to get it.” Amanda said.

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