Chapter 12

“Uh…” Amanda started. The guys were all getting nervous. Taylor’s palms were sweating and he quickly wiped them on his shirt.
“What Man?” Phyllis asked.
“Can you wash this?” Amanda asked, handing her the plant and smiled again at them.
“Oh, sure.” Phyllis said and went off in the other direction. All three guys let out a sigh of relief.
“Hello gentlemen.” She said with a grin on her face and her arms folded.
“Uh…” Ike started.
“Have fun?” She asked as if mocking them.
“Amanda, what do you know?” Taylor didn’t even hesitate as he turned around quickly.
“I know the three of you were spying on Phyllis while she was getting dressed.” Amanda said.
“Manda, pleaseeee don’t tell Phyllis.” Taylor pleaded, getting down on his knees.
“You know I wouldn’t tell. I’m tempted but I’m not that cruel. Just don’t let me catch you doing it again, to either one of us.” Amanda said.
“Thank you!” Ike said.
“I see that you found a suitcase, what’s in it?” Amanda asked, looking at it on the ground.
”Take a look for yourself.” Said Taylor, getting up and brushing the dirt off his pants. Amanda walked over and opened the lid, examining the contents.
“I see a couple things I won’t need.” Amanda said. She held up a pink mini skirt for them to see.
“You wouldn’t wear that?” Zac asked.
“HELL NO! I’m strictly pants.” Amanda said, looking at the three of them.
“Are you a tomboy or something?” Ike asked.
“No, just have no use for ugly pink skirts…although it would look lovely on Zac…” Amanda said, holding it up to Zac.
“NO WAY!” Zac yelled, pushing it away. Amanda, Ike and Tay all laughed.
“There’s some bras in there too.” Taylor said. Amanda looked up at him and gave him a funny look. She grabbed one and held it in the air.
“Sooo…” Zac said.
“Are you waiting on my approval or something?” Amanda asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Uh…sorta…yeah.” Zac said.
“For who? Me or Phyl?” She asked.
“Either.” Taylor said.
“Sorry…too small.” She said and threw it at Ike.
“TOO SMALL?” the three all said shocked.
“Yeah, its and A cup, neither Phyl or I are an A cup. Hell, why am I explaining this to three teenage guys.” She said.
“Hey, you know, the three of you could wear ‘em.” Amanda smiled.
“Ha Ha, funny.” Said Ike. Throwing it back in the suitcase.
“Well, you know, in case the Hanson boys just decide to become the Hanson girls.” Amanda laughed.
Soon Phyllis was back. She put the plant she had washed down and joined the rest of them.
“Hey, so what’s in the luggage?” She smiled.
“Some ugly skirts, three bras that would cut off out circulation and some…uh…” Amanda started but stopped. She leaned over and whispered in her ear.
“We’ll need those.” Phyllis whispered back.
“Well, since you guys couldn’t catch anything, we’ll just have to eat that.” Phyllis said, pointing over to the green plant she just washed.
“What is it?” Zac asked, scrunching up his eyebrows in distaste.
“Just eat it.” Amanda said, getting a little angry.
“Are you sure it’s not poisonous?” Ike asked.
“I’m positive.” Amanda said. They all sat down and attempted to eat whatever it was they were served.
“This tastes like crap.” Zac leaned over and whispered to Taylor.
“Don’t be rude, eat it.” Taylor said.
“Man?” Phyllis said, turning her head and spitting the food onto the ground.
“What the hell is this shit?!” Phyllis yelled.
“Don’t you like it?” Amanda asked, a little shocked.
“NO! It’s gross!” Phyllis said.
“If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. I don’t find anything wrong with it.” Amanda said, chewing on another piece of it. The guys and Phyllis just stared at Amanda in shock.
“How can you eat that?” Ike asked.
“It’s good.” Amanda said.
“Ewww.” Zac said, cringing as he watched her eat it. Zac stopped and scratched his arm.
“Dang, I’m really itchy.” He said, starting to scratch his other arm.
“I am too.” Ike said, scratching his leg.
“So am I.” Taylor said and started scratching his neck.
“Jeez, it won’t stop itching!” Zac said, standing up and scratching his shoulder.
“Uh oh guys, I think maybe you…” Phyllis started to say.

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