Chapter 11

Taylor’s face went beat red. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He slowly peeked through the branches of the shrub. His eyes were wide with shock. He could feel his jaw drop.
“Stop gawking Tay!” He reprimanded himself. He decided that he had to leave before he was found out. He quietly made his way all the way back to the hut. Ike and Zac were up already. Zac was sitting by the suitcase, rummaging through it while Ike was watching. Taylor ran right past them and stood there, panting.
“What the heck is going on with you?” Ike asked, looking at him.
“I…uh…” Taylor stammered, trying to catch his breath.
“Spit it out!” Zac said, standing up.
“I saw something I was NOT meant to see!” Taylor said.
“What?” Ike asked. Taylor opened his eyes wide.
“C’mon Tay!” Zac yelled, getting impatient.
“Shower!” He blurted.
“Huh?” Ike asked, looking at Zac. Zac shrugged his shoulders.
“Shower?” Zac said.
“Uh…nevermind.” He quickly said.
“C’mon Ike, we’re going to see what’s bugging him out.” Zac said and grabbed Ike by the arm.
“NO! DON’T!” Taylor yelled. Zac and Ike were already running towards the direction he had previously come from. He chased after his brothers as fast as he could. Ike and Zac stopped and Taylor almost ran right into them, knocking them over.
“Uh…” Ike whispered, with his jaw open.
“Oh my god.” Zac said with the same expression. Taylor gritted his teeth. He grabbed his brothers by the arms and attempted to turn them away. Both of them just kept their faces in the same direction.
“C’mon guys.” He said.
“So this is why you were so speechless.” Zac said, grinning ear from ear.
“Shut up!” Taylor said, looking around, making sure that he wasn’t heard.
“Now get back to camp!” He said.
“And let you stay here, I think not!” Zac said, finally moving his eyes in Taylor’s direction.
“I…” Then he heard movement.
“Duck!” He said and pushed Ike and Zac to the ground.

Just then, Phyllis walked by the bush. She grabbed her clothes from a near by shrub and started to pull them on. Her hair was soaken wet and she was sniffling a little. The boys watched her as she put her clothes on. She then walked past the shrub, without noticing them and made her way back to camp. Taylor stood up to make sure she was gone.
“You two are PERVERTS!” He yelled.
“You can’t tell me that you didn’t look!” Ike smiled.
“That’s not the point! I didn’t gawk at her like you two!” He yelled.
“If we’re pervs than your just as big of a perv too!” yelled Zac.
“Let’s just go back to camp. And not a WORD about this.” Taylor said, narrowing his eyes at his brothers. He just looked at them again and left them. Ike and Zac just sat there.
“First time ever seeing and…” Zac started.
“NOT A WORD ZAC!” Taylor yelled. Ike and Zac got up and followed Taylor back to camp. Taylor was so flushed.
The guys made it back to camp and Taylor was still as red as ever. He stopped, noticing Phyllis squeezing out her hair.
“Hey…uh..Phyl.” Taylor smiled awkwardly.
“Hey, I was wondering where the suitcase came from?” she asked, looking him squarely in the face.
“Oh, uh…actually, I found it when I woke up on shore. I figured you girls could find some use of it.” He smiled.
“Thanks.” She smiled; putting her hand gently on is shoulder.
“Where’s Amanda?” Zac asked her.
“She just took a walk, she’ll be back soon.” Phyllis said.
“Where did she go?” Ike asked.
“Over there.” She said and pointed. She pointed in the exact same place the guys had come back from.
“Uh…” Taylor said with wide eyes. He quickly glanced over at his brothers who had the same expression.
“Did you bring anything back?” She asked, seeming not to notice.
“Uh…I couldn’t really catch anything.” Taylor said.
“Why were the three of you together if you were the only one hunting?” Phyllis asked, eyeing the three suspiciously.
“Uh…he meant WE, yeah, WE thought we could have better odds if all of us went.” Zac jumped in.
“Oh, okay.” Phyllis said, shrugging it off.
“Oh hi Man.” Phyllis said, looking past the guy’s heads.
“Hi Phyl.” Amanda said, staring intently at the guys. Taylor didn’t dare turn around, for fear he would see Amanda and confess to Phyllis that he saw her.
“Did you get anything?” Phyllis asked.
“Yeah, here.” Amanda said, handing her some unknown green plant, still staring at the guys. Taylor started grinding his teeth, praying Amanda wouldn’t say anything if she knew what happened.
“Hey Phyl…” Amanda started, looking at them and smiling wickedly.

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