Chapter 10

“I am SO unbelievably sorry for that.” Taylor said.
“Why? I was expecting it.”
“From me?” Taylor asked with a shocked look on his face.
“No, no, not from you but from nutso over there.” Phyllis pointed.
“Let’s quit this game.” Taylor said, taking a deep breath.
“Found out as much as you wanted?” Phyllis asked.
“It’s enough info for me to last the night.” Taylor said.
“Well, then, I’m going to bed.” Phyllis said, settling back in her position against the tree. Taylor didn’t budge.
“Are you going to bed?” She asked.
“Yeah.” He said.
“Aren’t you going to go over to the hut?” She asked.
“No, you should though.” He smiled.
“I see where he gets it from now.” Phyllis said under her breath.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Taylor asked, raising up to a sitting position.
“Nothing…Good Night.” She smiled and closed her eyes..

The next morning, Taylor woke up from his position against the tree. He looked to his side to see if Phyllis was awake but she wasn’t there. He looked over at the hut and Zac and Ike were still there. Amanda and Phyllis were gone. Taylor got up and stretched. He slowly walked over to where his sleeping brothers were.
“Yo! Zac!” He yelled, nudging him with his foot.
“10 more minutes mom.” Zac murmured.
“Get Up!” Taylor yelled.
“Huh?” Zac said, blinking harshly.
“What the heck do you want?” He said, rubbing his eyes.
“Where are the girls?” Taylor asked, bending down.
“Girls?” Zac asked, bewildered.
“I know I wasn’t hallucinating. Where’s Phyllis and Amanda?” He asked again.
“How am I supposed to know, now let me sleep!” Zac said, slamming his body against the ground again.
“Hey Ike!” Tay called over.
“What?” Ike said.
“Where are the girls?” Taylor asked once more.
“I heard Phyllis saying something about bathing. I wasn’t paying much attention. I think Amanda was going to find food.” He said and laid his head back down.
“Oh. I’m going to see if I can find some food too. I’ll be in the woods. I’ll be back soon.” Taylor said and waited for a response.
“Yeah, food, uh huh…sleep now…leave lone…schaaaaa” Ike was already asleep again. Taylor just waived his hand at them and got up. He headed towards the woods then stopped.
“Maybe I should bring that suitcase I found to the girls.” Taylor thought. He decided it was the best idea. He not only left the suitcase but his boots there too. He walked back from the direction of the shore. It didn’t take him long before he found the strewn luggage along the sand. He gathered it up and stuffed it back in the suitcase. He grabbed his boots and tied the laces together and hung them around his neck. He made it back to the hut and left everything there. He was now ready to search for food. Time to be manly and kill something he thought. Time to kill some helpless little animal that was totally defenseless. What would I kill it with? Heck, what would I kill? I sure can’t catch a rabbit and forget going after anything bigger than that. He thought. Taylor went off in search of food. He started humming to himself some unknown song.
“If only I had my keyboard.” He said. He kept walking, past the trees, deeper into the woods. He stopped when he heard something.
“What’s that sound?” He said, looking around.
“Running water?” He said out loud. He looked around and followed the direction of the sound. Coming closer, he looked through the trees and could see a large cliff with a beautiful waterfall.
“Wow!” He said, astonished. He stopped when he heard something. Not water, not animals, someone. He looked more closely…
“OH MY GOD!” He yelled and quickly ducked down behind a shrub.

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