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This page is where you can read the wonderful poetry of Hanson's fans, beginning with the first page! If you would like me to add your poetry, just email me your work! Poems do not have to be about Hanson. It can contain any subject matter.


This page is where I will display your Hanson Poetry. Just email me your Hanson Poem with your Name, Title of Poem and addy of your homepage. Thanks!

This poem was written by Lauren!


In the journey of life,
just a few years ago.
I dwelled in a sea of pain and strife,
but soon the light of hope shined into my eyes.
I received a Godsend from above that day,
that turned my life around to stay.
Life seemed like such a tease,
but peace soon gripped in my heart and brought me to my knees.
Life was such a prison of lies and sin,
but just three angels made the heavens grin.
My inspiration in life and in tears.
I'll always keep my hopes and dreams,
in Hanson, the miracle workers of my fears.

by Lauren

This poem was written by Nikki!


Sitting in that hospital room, I thought my life was gone,
I was only twelve, I was still young, and my daddy had past on.
I was scared, I felt so alone, there was nothing I could do,
I needed a hope, I needed a friend, someone I could turn to.
I prayed for a miracle, I longed for a dream
Even God had abandoned me-or so it seemed
Then one day, I found a way to move on, when God answered my prayer.
I bought the CD of a band I'd never heard, but I decided to take a dare.
I'd never heard any of the songs before, and I really don't know why,
but something inside me said to buy the CD, just to give it a try.
I listened to the whole CD, and fell in love with every song.
This band seemed to bring me joy that I'd hoped for for so long.
One special song on this CD has made a change in me,
for the lyrics of this song, where what my father said, you see.
Just before he died, he told me that I mustn't cry.
He said that God had decided that it was his time to die.
The lyrics gave me comfort, and reminded me of what he said.
They also made me look at myself and the life that I have lead.
Now when I think of HANSON, my whole face beams,
for I now realize that my father is With me In my Dreams.

by Nikki Chapman

This poem was written by Katherine!


I stepped on the trail, but it didn't move.
Why,because I felt something was coming easily.
I held my breath and saw something unusual,
Three figures just looking straight at me,
I was scared but this was not just something weird.

I was really terrified about those three figures,
But then I saw their faces, they were amazingly cute.
Still I was scared because I was strangled by this trail.
Then the figures was saying "come with us."
I couldn't answer I can't budge.

They were frightening me so I was furious,
Until they sang somehting about this girl that they have no guts to feel that way.
I felt sorry for them, so I helped them.

I think they were strangled too, like me.
I felt warm wind below my skin.
And I heard that the figures were still singing.
I couldn't speak because they were covering my face with their hair.
When I heard them singing I thought they were evil
then I heard again their singing now I thought they were beautiful voices like angels.

I was really glad that was dream when I was stuck on a strangled railroad.
Still my story is not yet unfold.

by Katherine

This poem was written by Nicole Maronne!


I KEn't stop thinking about buying this album.
I KEn't just steal it, but their so wonderful.
TAYking somebody's CD is not good.
TAYking a CD from a store is a sin too.
ZAC, IKE and TAY are the best.
Who couldn't ignore them?
Their cool, exciting and nice.
But there's no way to find out the truth.
About the career of three awesome people.
Three words I have to say: IKE, TAY and ZAC.
If only they hear my sayings about them.
So they find out that I'm not WEIRD.
Where's the love? that I compared to them?
Oh well, there's only three words I have to say:
IKE, TAY, and ZAC.

by Nicole Maronne

This poem was written by Liv Sandra HernÝ!


Searching my everything,
Looking for your appearance.
Even though I canít stand,
Your continuous interference.
Iím still looking,
For what I have already found,
Baby itís your sound.

Every day I look around,
Seeing if I can find more.
But the truth is,
Iíve already found the door.
Yet I canít enter,
The room of happiness,
Iím settling for less.

Playing with the thought,
Of just you.
You have me caught,
So what can I do?
Looking without seeing,
Dreaming of being,
Without the thought of you

by Liv Sandra HernÝ - May 21, 2000

This poem was written by K.Leigh!


I used to see your light,
through my soul.
I used to think of you every night,
until the feeling grew old.

I used to know what you were feeling,
just by looking in your eyes,
but when your love started spilling,
it was too late for good-byes.

I like him now,
and I don't know how.
I'll never forget your warm eyes,
and your sensitive touch that I only dreamed about.
Your love left cries.
Your love fell out.

I'm scared to love someone,
like i loved you.
I'm scared to love someone,
I don't know what to do.

Just remember this,
and remember this now.
I loved you then,
but I stopped and i don't know when.
And if I love another,
I'll always remember,
how we were supposed to be meant for each other.

by K.Leigh

This poem was written by K.Leigh!


You say I never loved him,
but you're not me,
you don't know what I felt.
I don't care if you think it was puppy love.
It was love,
not true love though,
true love lasts forever.
Why do you say it wasn't love,
so i didn't meet him,
we've never met God and we love him.
I know it was love,
I cared about him,
I still do.
I wanted him right next to me,
but he was so distant,
so I didn't try to get him next to me.
I break into tears sometimes,
I miss the feeling.
When I looked into his eyes,
I knew what he was feeling.
When I saw his lips I could feel his breath.
When I saw his hands,
I could see his hand in mine.
Don't judge what I felt,
that isn't right.
Don't think you know something,
and tell me how I felt,
because I know how I felt.

by K.Leigh

This poem was written by Taylin!


I wish that maybe one day you'll look into my eyes my dear and see what really happened here.
When they killed you, did you even feel the pain they blew.
My heart lies weakend upon the floor, no tears;
no, I cant cry any more.
When I suffer do you see?
Do you see the way your pain hurts me?
Your touch is like fire upon my bones.
Blood touches the rocks like waves riding on a tidal.
Now, I forever can see, you slipping away from me.
Under those covered rocks of that storm we awaited for so long.
Now, I finally know how, how the pain could course through your bones
and begin to build up those waves of the tidal once again.

by Taylin - Copywright (c) 2000 - Hanson Puzzle Pieces

This poem was written by Jessica Brown!


I sometimes feel my heart burst
from wanting you so much
I can't explain in words as how much
I long to feel your touch
There's no way I can convey
this emptiness inside
That seems to tear my soul to
shreds as time goes swiftly by
If I could merely hold you near
for just a little while
If I could simply talk with you
or only see you smile
If I have to wait forever
I guess that's what I'll do
For me, it will be worth it
to finally be with you

by Jessica Brown

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