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This page is where you can read the wonderful poetry of Hanson's fans, beginning with the first page! If you would like me to add your poetry, just email me your work! Poems do not have to be about Hanson. It can contain any subject matter.


This page is where I will display your Hanson Poetry. Just email me your Hanson Poem with your Name, Title of Poem and addy of your homepage. Thanks!

This poem was written by katie!


Deep in thought you sit
Thinking "That's my life. That's it."
Buried deep in contemplation
Don't you hate this fabrication?

Wondering, will the world still turn?
Stop and let it slowly burn
Slouching down incredibly low
No one ever enjoyed the blow

So is that what they call it now?
Sick of going with the flow...
Figures; knew you never liked it much
You never liked the famous touch

But once again you'll walk away
Smile upon the next arriving day
But you'll still be buried in contemplation
You really do hate this fabrication.

by Katie

This poem was written by katie!


The sound of your voice is mystifying;
Your words ...
Become a thousand angels crying.
They escape your lips;
They pain and ache.
Filter through the air,
Become bleak and opaque.
Shadows cast sadness in your once luminous eyes;
Your life consists of loneliness
And translucent lies --
To empty you and make you weak.
It tries and tries, but your hear cannot speak--
Just hold on a few more moments;
You'll see.
Happiness will come for you,
But it shan't come from me.

by Katie

This poem was written by Tiffany - (Crazy)!


'Does she really love me??'
He thought as he sat, staring out the window
He has heard it before
From many girls
Many strangers' voices
Shouting it over and over
But they were lying
How could they love him??
They were strangers
They didn't know him
So how could they love him??
He wondered if she meant it like they did
That she didn't love him
But his image
Not his thoughts
Not his dreams
Not even his feelings
But the other him
The one everyone else made up
The unreal him
As he sat by the window
Watching the sun set
He thought
'Does she really love me??'

by Tiffany - (Crazy)

This poem was written by Tiffany - (Crazy)!


Here I am
Just staring at you
Don't know why
You're just so fascinating
Your face
Your hair
Your nose
Your mouth
They're all just so amazing
It bugs me that you
Have this affect on me
I have stuff to do
Places to go
Why can't I just stop staring at you??

by Tiffany - (Crazy)

This poem was written by Tiffany - (Crazy)!


There he is
The boy with the
Intense blue eyes
You know the one
Who eyes haunt you
Day and night
Dreams and nightmares
He's standing there
Just staring
Daring you with his eyes
Knowing you'll never
Have the guts
To turn away
He makes you think
Wonder if you're giving enough
And as you pass him by
You feel those
Intense blue eyes
Bore into you

by Tiffany - (Crazy)

This poem was written by Tiffany - (Crazy)!


As I stand among other fans
I stop my jumping and screaming
To stare in wonderment at you
I can tell you love this
All of this, good or bad
It must be amazing
To have hundreds of other people love it too
And as your eyes catch mine for a moment
And you give me a smile
It's then I realize that
I want to do this too
To do something amazing
And love it and have others love it
I want to catch people's eyes
And make them want that feeling too.

by Tiffany - (Crazy)

This poem was written by Tiffany - (Crazy)!


There once was a girl in a tank top
who loved the song mmmbop
but her brother came
who didn't feel the same
and that was the end of mmmbop

by Tiffany - (Crazy)

This poem was written by Emy!


Little brother,
What happened?
Eleven and I saw you cry
Tears that should never have formed

Young brother,
Is it still the same?
Fourteen and I hope it's better
And the tears that will never form

Sweet brother,
I can still see your smile
I can still see your eyes within mine
Just tell me you don't feel the pain anymore

My brother!
Where could I have gone?
I somehow thought I didn't reach you
Tell me why those thoughts were there

Oh, dear brother!
Tell me where you have gone!
If my words ever showed
Because those words were long awaited...

Sweetest brother,
Fathom my lovely smile?
Because I can feel yours
Beating upon my face

Young brother,
There is a time and place
And the pain should not show now
A tuck and a make and I'll keep you safe

My brother,
Tell me if I flew
Because I might still be
Flying up in the air

Dear brother,
The tears may form for me
But don't let them form for you
I won't let the world harm you

See little brother,
The tides wash in and out
But the heart you keep
Will always be safe

Feel little brother,
Time fades in and out
But the time that I will love
Doesn't know how to fade

High little brother,
Look up to the stars
They whisper your name
As I wish a thousand wishes upon them

Sing little brother,
The words can't stay in
Show the world who you are
And don't be scared to be you

Love little brother,
The world does not cry that long
Even when the words
Come tumbling down

Hold little brother,
Hold your sweet breath
Till the last star
Falls from the sky

Smile little brother,
And I will keep you safe
As the world shines over you
Words can't live without your smile

Laugh little brother,
That voice that grows
Cannot grow without you
And I cannot live without that voice

Cry little brother,
Things may fall
But they fall for a reason
Do not shade the tears that fall

Fight little brother,
The looks are cruel
The words are harsh
But there are still smiles upon you

Worry-not little brother,
These things are meant to be
As I shade you don't forget
That there are still a million hearts to touch

Be little brother,
Don't be afraid
To open up to the world
And be the person you always were

Little brother,
Just hold your head up
And I promise you
That I will be holding you the whole way

by Emy - Out My Window

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This poem was written by Rachel!


They write inspiring music
That enlighten me in new ways
They give me the courage to
Face all the new days

Sometimes they make me cry
Or laugh so hard I pee
But no matter what the mood I'm in
It feels they speak to me

It's good to know that someone relates
To all my problems and joys
They even have the same fears as I
And writing these lyrics are boys.

The words are touching to my heart
And are filling to my soul
These boys understand the way I feel
And make me almost whole

It seems they face the same things
That I go through every day
And that helps me see daily things
In a new and enlightened way.

by Rachel

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