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This page is where you can read the wonderful poetry of Hanson's fans, beginning with the first page! If you would like me to add your poetry, just email me your work! Poems do not have to be about Hanson. It can contain any subject matter.


This page is where I will display your Hanson Poetry. Just email me your Hanson Poem with your Name, Title of Poem and addy of your homepage. Thanks!

This poem was written by Brandy!


Hey, hey Tay,
Take me to the Bay!

Your looks, your looks,
I cannot find in books.

Your shy, your shy,
Whatta kewl guy!

Jordan is your name,
So dont play a game.

I'm 14 years old,
And I'm not bold.

Hey, hey me!
Look over there,

Here you come with your bright blonde hair,
Your crystal blue eyes,
I can't disquise.

You draw cartoons, Look, Racoons!

I dream of you like everyday,
A dream of simple work and play,
A dream lasts forever,
Until it comes true,
The way I thought I would see you,
I wanna meet you someday,
I know I will,

by Brandy

This poem was written by Ashlee!


Trippin over Taylor
Taylor, Taylor, you are my life.
Your looks, and voice are out of sight.
You sing with your hottie voice;
to be with me, you have no choice.
Taylor Hanson you are great.
To see you, I'd never be late.
Your luscious lips, your long blond hair,
I'd love to be your teddy bear.
You probably think, "O she's just a fan."
But listen, honey, you will be my man.

by Ashlee Taylor-Marie Fickel

This poem was written by Jennifer!


If you ever need a friend,
to be there
If you ever need someone,
to hold you
If you ever need someone,
to talk to
If you ever need a lap,
to lay in
If you ever need a light,
to guide you
If you ever need a person,
to rely on
If you ever need someone,
who understands you
If you ever need someone,
to encourage you
Just call my name,
I'll be there.

by Jennifer

This poem was written by Jami!


I know some where out there, there is a girl for you
and I know that girl is not me, for the chances of you loving me could never be.
I feel for you to much, so much that I can not bear.
I hate myself for loving you this much.
I try to forget you, but when I hear your voice the feeling’s just come back.
Why?, why must you be you? If you weren’t I wouldn’t feel for you.
As a child dreaming of one man, one man to hold, you.
But no you had to be you.
The guy that every girl wanted and still want’s.
The middle Hanson .
The one with the soulful sound.
The one that could blow a girl’s mind with just one smile.
The one I dreamed of as a child, of loving and knowing…
you look the same,
seem the same,
but you’re famous now. It’s not you and me in just a dream now.
The whole world loves you,
and I’m just another fan who’s dreamed of a guy just like you in every way, looks, personality, everything!
Why must you do this to me?
Why did God deside it to be this way?
You to perfect for me and me just a lonely girl who everyone takes advantage of. Taylor Hanson why did you have to be who you are, couldn’t you have been some guy close to me?
One who wouldn’t have to worry if I really mean what I say.
Why, not a guy who feel’s the same way?
But, no it didn’t happen that way.
My life and my love will never feel the same way.

by Jami Kronauge

This poem was written by Christine!


Swaying as freely,
Dancing wildly in the wind,
Beautiful always.

by Christine

This poem was written by Sonya!


although you are a world away
you are in my heart to stay
forever it will be
and you will never know me
but i will always remember you
and know that your love for music is true

by Sonya - For Hanson written 10/13/99

This poem was written by CK!


Angelic voices sing tonight
Caress the pain, set the world aright.
Lyrics etched upon the heart
Pain and sorrow soon depart.

Melody floating soft and sweet
carry my soul to where we'll meet.
If only then amongst the sound,
A common friendship will be found.

Gentle strumming of a lone guitar
Carries me off to a land afar.
Rythmic beats of powerful drumming
Like the crash of waves
when a storm is comming.
Trickling notes on the keyboard call,
Like the beauty of a cascading waterfall.

The music envelopes me
and answers my plea
For my soul to be captured
Lifted away in angelic rapture.

by CK - Ike Sicle's Homepage

This poem was written by Veronica!

NOT FAIR - this poem is mainly about TAYLOR but was inspired by H.I.T.Z. 2000

You're the last thing on my mind when i go to sleep
and the first thing when i wake up
baby you're so blind to see, you know
you're all that i think of

You flood my mind sometimes i don't know what to do
but then a dream i know just won't come true
it's unreasonable you see, that you and i can't be, and thats

it's not fair, to see and not touch
it's not fair, that you don't know my love
it's not fair, that i can't reach you baby
it's not fair, 'cuz i'll never be your lady

why do you have to be the way that you are?
'cuz i love you and i need you but you're just to far
i know that we'd be perfect if we'd just be given the chance
'cuz in the future all my heart sees.. is friendship and romance
it's driving me crazy that you and i can't be

it's not fair, to see and not touch
it's not fair, that you don't know my love
it's not fair, that i can't reach you baby
it's not fair, 'cuz i'll never be your lady

i know i love you, i know i need you, i know i want you, i know i can't live
without you

it's not fair
i can't touch you
not fair
you don't know
not fair
i can't reach you
it's not fair---------!

by Veronica

This poem was written by Emily!


I think of beaches, of tides, of sand.
I think of walking, hand in hand.
I think of boardwalks, of you and me.
I think of the sun, setting over the sea.
The fragrance of flowers, the colors, so many.

Then I stop myself..

It's impossible.

I'm thinking of you this time of day.
It seems foolish, you're so far away.
All too unlikely that we'll ever meet,
But, then, as I walk along the lonely street
In the dead of night, I stop and ponder..
Could it happen? My mind wanders..

I think of wonderful nights with you.
I think of the feelings we'd get so used to.
I think of the time when all of it stops-

I think of what I'd feel if we just let it drop.
What would happen? Would I see you again?

Then I come to my senses..

It's impossible.

All of the time, now, I find myself wondering.
If you and I were we, would it work?, I'm pondering.
No, you're so far away, I finally see.
You and I can never be 'we'.
Yet in the dead of night, I stop and ponder..
Could it happen? My mind wanders..

Then I turn around to go home..

It's impossible.

by Emily

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