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This page is where you can read the wonderful poetry of Hanson's fans, beginning with the first page! If you would like me to add your poetry, just email me your work! Poems do not have to be about Hanson. It can contain any subject matter.


This page is where I will display your Hanson Poetry. Just email me your Hanson Poem with your Name, Title of Poem and addy of your homepage. Thanks!

This poem was written by Melissa!


If I ever hear the word
That I once heard you speak.
My ears perk up, my heart skips a beat.
And into my memories I peek.

Some people might think I'm crazy.
But I swear to God it's true.
My mind will race, my breath will stop.
If I see a picture of you.

On the palm of my hand
Your name's written in a heart.
Pointing out your perfection's,
I wouldn't know where to start.

Your lips are red like roses.
Your skin as smooth as silk
But on the tone of your sugar like voice
Is where my love is built.

You're the eye of the tornado
That's spinning all my time.
I wonder all the heights I'd fly
To spend your life with mine.

Just one of your kisses
Or a look into your eyes,
All the hurt that ever was.
Will be so quickly denied.

by Melissa

This poem was written by Juliette Priesing!


He is gone
He won't be back
Where is the love
That I now lack?

My soul is crying
My soul is torn
In my heart
I shall always mourn

It's too hard
To say goodbye
To let him go
It's too hard to try

In my heart
He'll always be
As we cry together
You and me.

by Juliette Priesing

This poem was written by Maggie!


Poem by Maggie

by Maggie - Track 9
The Official Blue Background Website

This poem was written by Avery!

STARS (about them all, but for me, Tay)

You can lean on him
Knowing he'll never
Let you fall
Just a smile makes
Everything seem all right
You turn to him when
You feel like crying
But when your tears
Are gone, you look around
And he's not there
Somehow it seems like
He's always listening
But he's so far away
All you can do is hope
And all you can do is wait
And (all you can do is) pry
That he was here
He doesn't even know your name
But somehow in your heart
You know you're his even if
He's never yours

by Avery - Avery's Hanson Stories

This poem was written by Emily!


Your hair falls just so
And your eyes sparkle, oh!
You give me the shivers at every glance.
If I stare too long I'm in a trance.
Your brilliance has me spellbound.
Your head is always crowned
With the angels I see around.
Forgive me for worshipping the ground
Upon which your feet trod.
With one, just one nod,
You could have me in your arms.
For I can fly like a dove.

I'm not a flirt; it's just to bold
For me. I don't want you sold
On me or my body. To me, you're gold.
Please just love me 'til I grow old.
You're so, so sweet;
In the tares and grain, you're the wheat.
Please, hear my plea
And come to me, love, me.

I love you so much baby,
But with no object, love goes to waste.
See past what may be keeping you back
And show me the magic of love.

Oh the power of yes!
Oh the power of one kiss!
In my dreams, your lips touch mine,
Sweetly; then I awake and sigh.
Please, acknowledge my existance
And don't leave me out in the

by Emily

This poem was written by Sara!


I go back down the years
Remembering all my tears
My grandma's in the hospital and I'm unprepared
I had a chance to see her but I was too scared.

Hospitals make me worry and they make me sad
But now that I didn't go, at myself I'm mad
After shopping that day, I walk into my house
It was in darkness and quiet like a mouse.

I looked up to my dad, he looked down in dismay
Trying to hold in the tears he said 'Granny passed away'
My heart went weak, I began to cry.
I ran to my room and began to wonder why.

Why did God take her when she belongs here?
Why is she so far when I need her so near?
Why couldn't she stay for a little longer?
I can not accept this, I need to be stronger.

At her funeral, I'm lost, and so sad
Some people are laughing, so I'm mad
How could they be laughing when I'm covered in tears?
They're talking about her life and the 'good old years'.

I'm walking around, I feel like I'm losing air
I walk to a corner and then up the stairs
I look towards the back, Ash is at a table
I begin to walk to her, but I'm stopped by my Aunt Mable.

'Cheek Pincher', I thought, and then she pinched my cheek
I tell her I needed to sit because I was so very weak
I sit by Ash, and our other cousin too
Ash looks sad, Becky looks blue.

We try to talk about Granny, but burst into tears
Living without my Granny is like facing your biggest fears
On my way home I begin to think
About my loving Granny and her hate for anything pink.

She wouldn't want me crying, she'd want me to move on
But that's kind of impossible when the best person in my life is gone.

A year and a half later something catches my eyes
Three whoa-baby-incredibly hott guys
When I finally get their CD I listen to it forever
Turning it off for nothing - nope - nada - never.

And then one night, I decided to listen to the words
Because for all I know they could be singing about birds!
Number twelve comes on and the tears begin to flow
I think about my Granny and don't know where to go.

How can they tell me not to cry?
When I had to tell my Granny bye.

I listen to it over and over, until I got the message of the song
I begin to smile a little, why'd it take so long?

I hope I can meet you guys - Ike, Tay, Zac
For helping me get through this and not to slide off track
I may have lost my Granny, but I gained something as well
I've always had this inside, I just could never tell.

You guys helped me find this and bring it out to shine,
My Granny has been within me throughout all of this time.

I never knew this, but now I know I'm not alone,
My home is my heart and my Granny's forever in my home.

by Sara Laughlin

This poem was written by Fishy!


Running blindly through the night

Through the rain


Leaving all behind

A boy darts across the street

Angry honks

Vulgar shouts

Only succeeding

In driving his suicidal mind

Towards the end

No will to go on

He collapses

Falling to his knees

Life always

Knocks him down

Hurts him

Scars him

Crouching in the darkness

A single tear falls from his eye

I reach out to him

To hold him

To comfort him

To love him

But he looks up fearfully

His eyes dead

Windows to a broken soul

Please, get away

I don’t want anyone to see me cry

But what’s happened to him

Can’t be worse than my past…

Woah…and so we walk

Down this road hand in hand

There’s no turning back

Don’t you understand?

We’ve both been hurt

In the past been treated wrong

Life gave up on us so now where do we belong?

Backing away

He tries to run again

Like he has

So many times before

But I won’t let him

I can’t let him

Not now

Grabbing his shoulder

I bring his face near mine

His breath hot on my skin

A flicker of hope

Shining deep within the blue of his eyes

I want to help you

No response


Did he even hear me?

Seconds, minutes

Time has no meaning

And still we stand

His lips inches from mine

Until he speaks

Whispers so softly

How can I expect you

To understand me

When I can’t even

Understand myself?

Woah…and so we walk

Down this road hand in hand

There’s no turning back

Don’t you understand?

We’ve both been hurt

In the past been treated wrong

Life gave up on us so now where do we belong?

His inner turmoil

Suddenly clearer

So many faces

Staring back at me

And sometimes

I can’t help but wonder

Am I the person

That they want me to be?

Cause it is them

Whom I’m shining for

Rendered speechless by his words

Spoken from the depths

Of his very being

I’m not aware

Of his subtle movement

Until I feel his lips

On mine


He can’t do this

He has to stop

But I respond

Oh god I can’t do this to myself again

Woah…and so we walk

Down this road hand in hand

There’s no turning back

Don’t you understand?

We’ve both been hurt

In the past been treated wrong

Life gave up on us so now where do we belong?

Please, stop

I push him away

His hurt expression

Moistening my eyes

He just doesn’t understand

His lower lip quivering

He turns heel and runs

His sneakers slipping

On the damp concrete

I not far behind

But I can’t catch him

Why should I care about him?

I have my own battles to fight

My own fears to face


Oh god

I can’t love him

Can I?

Woah…and so we walk

Down this road hand in hand

There’s no turning back

Don’t you understand?

We’ve both been hurt

In the past been treated wrong

Life gave up on us so now where do we belong?

Fueled by an inner desire

I reach his side

Tackling him to the pavement

Pinning his arms

As he struggles below me

Get off me

You can’t do this to me

Please not again

Please it

It hurts

Releasing my hold

I stare at him

Eyes wide in disbelief

Cowering against a brick wall

He stands panting

So scared

My knees weakening

Eyes darting

He refuses to meet my gaze

Placing a hand on his cheek

Feverish to the touch

I feel his pulse soften

I made a mistake before

One I’ll always regret

But maybe

This is the real thing

And maybe it’s worth the chance

by Fishy

This poem was written by Kristen!


When our world was filled
with no hope and fear
When every person shed a tear
Along came a band
With hope for many
They have touched our lives
In ways we can not describe
The voices they have are unbelievably clear
When you listen to them you have no fear
Take in what they say
For a lesson you may learn
Their music is an inspiration
For some a sensation
If we take the chance to listen
What shall we see?
Voices that touch down deep in thee.

by Kristen - Simply MOE

This poem was written by Kristen!


I heard a song
that brought me fear
Why must they play this?
I wondered in tears
As the year went on
To my surprise
A band came along
That put hope in my eyes
Their songs brought hope for many
For me, I will always be
one of their fans
I hope that others can see
What this band has brought us in the darks of night
We are all forever as one
I hope that we all learn to live together
For fear in this world
We all need to learn to accept each other
And with songs like these
We do as we please
We also learn to accept and live with each other
And lend an ear in times of fear
What more can we ask for?
The song

by Kristen - Simply MOE

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