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This page is where you can read the wonderful poetry of Hanson's fans, beginning with the first page! If you would like me to add your poetry, just email me your work! Poems do not have to be about Hanson. It can contain any subject matter.


This page is where I will display your Hanson Poetry. Just email me your Hanson Poem with your Name, Title of Poem and addy of your homepage. Thanks!

This poem was written by Sarah M.!


Why does it feel like I know you?
Why does it feel like love?
Why, when I try and sleep at night
Is it constantly you I'm thinking of?
Why does my heart ache
When I think of you with another?
Why am I so sure
That we were made for each other?
Why is it that when you speak
I shiver from head to toe?
I just have to know this
Why do I love you so?
You're in my blood
You're in my soul
It's like a disease
It's taking control.
Oh I wish you could understand,
Tay, if you only knew,
It hurts deep inside,
When I think of how I love you.

by Sarah M.

This poem was written by Cheryl Korfman!


Just a handshake
was all we shared
Electric pulse
Magnetic stare
Moving on
throughout the crowd
A passing glance
was all time allowed
Sunlight dancing
on golden strands
Radiant smiles
to wow the fans
Gone in an Mmmbop
Disappearing too fast
On to the concert
Long awaited, at last.

by Cheryl Korfman - Hanson Page

This poem was written by Lynn Sagerdahl!

SWEET DREAMS (A real dream about...ZAC!!)

I had a dream last night of you
I dreamt I knew your secrets
And I even knew your dreams
I knew what made you , you
You opened up your heart to me
And I just drank it in
I hung on every word you said
And took it all within
Your eyes were shining brightly
In the dim of candlelight
And when you smiled you were beautiful
And your face became so bright
And when you spoke your voice was sweet
And when you sang my world was complete
Because your songs can reach my soul
In a way no others could
And you fill my heart with joy
And you make me feel so good
And though dreams cant last forever
This dream lasted through the night
Because you had so much to tell me
And you filled my world with light
And my reality just slipped away
As you and I sat dreaming
And I wanted so much to never wake up
And never have to watch you leaving
But as morning broke over me
You faded into darkness
And I watched your image drift away
And my heart was filled with saddnes
But I'll always have this dream of you
When I sat all night untill the sky turned blue
When you spoke to me and I to you
And I pray in my heart for this dream to come true

by Lynn Sagerdahl..1999 - Hanson Inspiration

This poem was written by Laura!


Angels we have heard on high
Sweetly sing with golden manes
And their fans scream in reply
Making their ears throb in pain

Girlfriends? Why this craziness?
Why is their hair oh so long?
What is all the cause of this
That we all love their joyous songs?

Come to a concert and see
Hear the songs the angels sing
Come adore and see the three
Isaac, Taylor, Zachary

Listen to their first cd
Blast it on your stereo
Singing "Man From Milwaukee"
You can hear the great trio.

by Laura

This poem was written by Leah Conte!


Another dream, Another night,
To meet the Hanson's, I wish I might,
To see their smiles, to feel their touch,
I pray for this day very much,
But this day will it ever come,
It only comes to a lucky some,
Will I get to meet them?,
Will I get to say a "hi"?
Would I get to talk and laugh with them then say a sad Good bye?
Will they ever hear my name?, Will they ever get to see,
That such a caring, loyal fan is here inside of me?,
For now the days are long,
The nights are filled with glee,
For now there's only a fewmonths 'till Hanson's next near me,
I'm counting down the days and months,
I'm looking forward to when,
All the days are passed and the chance may come again,
For now my heart is lonley,
I have to meet ike, Tay and Zac,
I'm forever a true Hanson fan, and never going back

by Leah Conte - Hanson Avenue

This poem was written by Monette Olheiser!


I'm listening to the music.
That touches me deep inside.
They make me feel emotion.
Emotions I can not hide.

I listen to the words they sing.
And the music that they play.
They write the songs that's in their hearts.
We listen to what they say.

Three voices that blend together.
Hearing them singing with all their hearts.
They make us feel the songs they sing.
We feel like we are apart.

When I listen I feel such joy and passion.
I know I am no longer sad.
Songs about loved ones lost, relationships and love.
And nothing ever bad.

It's hard to believe that three young men.
Can reach us all inside.
Bringing such joy and happiness.
To all of us far and wide.

You see them on the stage.
They are enjoying every moment.
Singing and playing their music.
All feeling their enjoyment.

Zac is on the drums.
Making us feel the beat.
He keeps the rhythm going.
Bringing everyone to their feet.

Ike's on the guitar.
Strumming to their songs.
Singing with all his heart.
His voice so clear and strong.

Tay's fingers playing on the keyboard.
Foot thumping to the beat.
The music is playing.
And we can all feel his heat.

Tay's singing with such passion.
We see it in his face and eyes.
We feel we are in heaven.
Everyone's emotions are flying high.

The music is filling our hearts.
Nothing can go wrong.
Such joy is in the air.
Surrounding us with Hanson's song.

by Monette (Geist) Olheiser - My twin sister

This poem was written by Mary!


I don't understand why it is we see them not as people, but as images. We see in ourselves the fans we have become without knowing what it is we truly love. Is it the sound? Is it the picture? Is the hope that this talented young soul will reach out and in some faint moment love us back? What are we searching for in them? The music, the person, or the hope for love?

by Mary Mary's Poetry Page

This poem was written by Mary!


How easily you can capture a single thought into the most incredible song. With each beat, each new lyric and each overwhelming melody I am embraced by so many joyful thoughts. Your words have inspired me to become what I know I have the ability to do. You are the only ones that have this power. With that power comes certain responsibilities, however. Do you like what you have become? Is it hard to walk down the street knowing that your streets are far more smaller with the multitude of fans taking up your space? However magical or difficult your world has become, know that my world is far better than it was now that you have entered it.

by Mary Mary's Poetry Page

This poem was written by Paige!


Blonde a wheat and cute as pie.
Pop as Crush®, my favorite guys.
Smiles so true, they make girls
blush; with sweet expressions
and lips so lush.
Three voices that make old pop
sound. new.
Caramel eyes, and one set so blue.
Words with harmonies like heaven
above, cute boys that chirp about
puppy love.
For every girl. A crush they never
will meet, it's not all that hard
to fall head over feet.
Mothers who love to hear that sound
again, remind them of just how long it
has been.
Cute spaces in teeth, and sweet little
noses adorn the pink cheeks that remind
you of roses.

The above are directions to tell someone who
just doesn't think like me and you.
Read thoughtfully over at least once a week,
so the next time someone calls you a freak,
you can explain them to someone who can't
understand, that Hanson is not just another
boy band!!

by Paige

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